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This image greets readers of Népszava.

Widespread solidarity after deliberate destruction of Hungary’s Népszabadság

Vienna Capital Partners, the Austrian private equity investor, which owns the firm that published Hungary’s now defunct Népszabadság daily, seems to be providing such a stark example of corporate greed and irresponsibility that political foes and economic rivals from all across the spectrum are joining together in protest. Hungarian conservative publications, left-centre publications, a newspaper in Slovakia and even Hungary’s […]

by · October 10, 2016 · Politics
A Hungarian worker at the Audi plant in Győr, Western Hungary.

Hungary’s labour shortage reaches critical level

The shortage of skilled labour in Hungary is gaining pace, as Hungarians in the northwest of the country not only opt to work in neighbouring Austria for higher wages, but more recently in Slovakia as well. Not too long ago, it would have been pure folly to imagine that Slovakia would become a desirable destination for Hungarian skilled labour. According […]

by · August 3, 2016 · Focus
Andrej Kiska

Liberal democratic values are not self-explanatory–We must talk about them

Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic, gave a speech at a forum called GLOBSEC, held in Bratislava this past weekend. The international symposium serves as a platform for European policymakers, especially those based in Eastern Europe, to address issues of global and regional security. It is now the largest regular gathering of foreign policy and security experts, as well […]

by · April 19, 2016 · East
Béla Bugár

Slovakia’s Hungarian party may join coalition with racist anti-Hungarian extremists

In a macabre turn of events, the disastrous results of Slovakia’s parliamentary elections mean that the country’s main Hungarian party, called Híd (Bridge), may end up in an unruly right-wing coalition government with none other than the anti-Hungarian and racist Slovak National Party (SNS – Slovenská národná strana). We provided an analysis of the disturbing results of the Slovak elections […]

by · March 8, 2016 · East
Marian Kotleba. Photo: Új Szó.

Slovakia’s nightmare election

Following Saturday’s parliamentary election, Slovakia faces a badly fractured parliament, an almost impossible task of building a functional coalition government, the decimation of the country’s two Hungarian minority parties and, perhaps worst of all, the entry into parliament of an openly neo-Nazi movement, which makes Hungary’s Jobbik pale in comparison. Slovakia’s current Prime Minister Robert Fico and his populist centre-left […]

by · March 6, 2016 · East
Marian Kotleba supports Prime Minister Orbán.

Slovak neo-Nazi Marian Kotleba supports Orbán’s “brave steps” on immigration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has a new admirer just north of the border in Slovakia. The regional governor of Banska Bystrica (Besztercebánya in Hungarian) Marian Kotleba, sent an open letter to Mr. Orbán on July 28th expressing his support for Orbán’s “brave and effective steps aimed at saving European countries from an inundation of immigrants.” “I express full support […]

by · August 10, 2015 · East