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From left Hungary’s Ambassador to Washington Szabolcs Takács, Balázs Orbán with his book, Daniel McCarthy, Helen Andrews and Sohrab Ahmari

Orbán brings his anti-West campaign to the United States

Hungary started an unprecedented campaign in the United States to bring Orbán’s xenophobic, homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic message to US audiences.  His government is isolated in the US due to Orbán’s pro-Putin and pro-China stand.  No active American politician (republican or democrat) would support him publicly. Budapest now relies on a small, “fringe” group of conservative individuals and organizations to deliver […]

by · October 31, 2021 · Politics
A meeting with dictatorial Viktor Orbán would tarnish Pope Francis’ reputation

A meeting with dictatorial Viktor Orbán would tarnish Pope Francis’ reputation

Will Pope Francis meet Hungary’s far-right authoritarian Viktator?   Well, it depends who do you ask. Orbán controlled Hungarian media claims that Francis will meet Hungarian President János Áder and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the morning of September 12 at the Museum of Fine Arts. (Click here to read)  The Pope himself never expressed desire to meet Orbán who desperately needs a […]

by · September 8, 2021 · Focus
Tucker Carlson listens intently to Mr. Orbán.

Hungary teaches Tucker Carlson a lesson

Anyone who watches Fox News entertainer Tucker Carlson’s shows recognizes that the popular right-wing television host is a frequent and vociferous critic of China. Mr. Carlson refers regularly to Covid-19 as the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” mostly as a type of verbal nod to his viewers who are irritated with political correctness. Mr. Carlson cultivates a “tell it […]

by · August 11, 2021 · Politics
Pope Francis, President Biden and Viktor Orbán the “totalitarian thug”

Pope Francis, President Biden and Viktor Orbán the “totalitarian thug”

Tucker Carlson from Fox News was in Budapest and conducted an interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. I found part of their conversation intriguing. Here is the official transcript. CARLSON: When the President of the United States describes you as a totalitarian thug, it’s a very serious thing to say about somebody, I would note. I mean, that suggests that, […]

by · August 11, 2021 · Politics
How to Cook Hungarian Democracy Goulash

How to Cook Hungarian Democracy Goulash

Tip: For this goulash, we recommend that you use a relatively young democracy as the main ingredient. We are basing this recipe on the most infamous of Hungarian master chefs – Viktor Orbán, the current Prime Minister of Hungary. Orbán is credited with turning a once burgeoning free democratic country into a cauldron of burnt citizens, soured dreams and grated […]

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Minister László Palkovics is trying to distance himself from Viktor Orbán

Minister László Palkovics is trying to distance himself from Viktor Orbán

Just as expected, politicians from Viktor Orbán’s inner circle have started to distance themselves from the authoritarian Prime Minister.  Orbán’s grip on power is a bit shaken. According to Hungarian media sources, László Palkovics, Hungary’s Minister of Innovation and Technology attempted to leave the government but Orbán repeatedly refused to accept his resignation. Now Palkovics has made an unusual statement.  […]

by · January 16, 2021 · Politics
Source: BELKA

Orbán Government insults President-Elect Joe Biden and his family

Hungary is a small country and now the Orbán government has picked a fight with Joe Biden. In a decade Viktor Orbán has transformed Hungary.  He commands blind trust from his officials, dissenting views are not tolerated.  Bellicose rhetoric is commonplace and his lieutenants are ready to pick a fight with anyone, at any moment, to “defend” Orbán. Speeches are […]

by · December 31, 2020 · Politics
Photo: Facebook Fan Site.

George Clooney’s response to the Orbán Government’s media attacks

By now you have all heard about Hungary’s recent attacks on American film star George Clooney.  Just as Clooney suspected, tightly controlled Hungarian media did not print his full response and we thought that it would be important to publish the full text. Just a brief background.  In November GQ Magazine interviewed Clooney who spoke about his movie The Midnight Sky and […]

by · December 2, 2020 · Politics
Richard Grenell in performance.

Leaving Las Vegas — Orbán Lobbyist Richard Grenell leads Anti-Biden Conspiracy Theorists in America

Without identifying himself, in spite of repeated questions from reporters, one of Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orbán’s top US lobbyists, Richard Grenell, held a press conference this week in Las Vegas and alleged that American Democracy is being hijacked by the deceased. Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence claimed on camera that this is “what’s happening in the state of Nevada”. […]

by · November 8, 2020 · Focus
Mr. Gergely Gulyás (right), Hungary's Minister of the Prime Minister's office with Rep. Kaptur. (Facebook photo of Rep. Kaptur)

Rep. Marcy Kaptur co-chair of the Hungarian American Caucus is favored to be re-elected

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is a Democrat and she is representing Ohio’s 9th Congressional District.  The 74-years-old politician has served in Congress longer than any other woman in history. Her congressional career started in 1983 and in November she has a good chance to be re-elected for another 2-year term. Her Republican challenger is 48-year-old Rob Weber, a lawyer, a West […]

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