Queer Budapest 1873-1961

Queer Budapest 1873-1961

The publication of Queer Budapest 1873-1961 by Anita Kurimay fills a gap in the history of homosexuality in Hungary. This is the first book in English dealing with the history of homosexuality in Hungary and Ms. Kurimay places the story in the context of Hungary’s turbulent history. At the dawn of the 20th century, Budapest became a growing cosmopolitan metropolis […]

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From Ferenc Andai’s memoirs to Ottoman expansion and Hungarian revolt — An invitation to two roundtables

From Ferenc Andai’s memoirs to Ottoman expansion and Hungarian revolt — An invitation to two roundtables

The Hungarian Studies Association of Canada is hosting a book roundtable discussion and a book launch as part of its annual conference, held under the aegis of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, and moving forward in a virtual format this year. While other sessions of the conference are open to registered members, the two book sessions are […]

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The Benedictine Abbey at Tihany with the Lake Balaton, Hungary in the background.  Photo:

An HFP contributor and his winemaking past featured in The New Yorker

András Göllner’s son, Adam Leith Gollner, wrote a long-form essay for The New Yorker entitled “Does Your Wine Really Taste Like Rocks?” with a focus on vineyards and wines in Hungary. The piece, at times quite atmospheric and lyrical, takes off from the land of memories, before weaving its way through the mysteries of wine. The author’s father owned a […]

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March 15 National Day in the time of the Coronavirus

March 15 National Day in the time of the Coronavirus

On March 15th Hungarians commemorate the Revolution and the War of Independence against the Austrian-Hapsburg rule in 1848–49.  Normally, on this day there are commemorations and family programs all over the country and in Hungarian communities all over the world.  In Budapest the main event takes place on the steps of the Hungarian National Museum just like on March 15, 1848. Today […]

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Gábor Iványi in 2019. Photo: Facebook

Hungarian faith communities that suffered discrimination finally receive good news

The Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship, a Methodist community led by Reverend Gábor Iványi, was one of two faith groups to receive positive news this week. The other community is a Buddhist organization called Dzsaj Bhím (Jai Bhim), which ministers to the Roma minority and operates a school. After having been stripped of both their status as a church and of their right […]

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Merry Christmas from the Hungarian Free Press

Merry Christmas from the Hungarian Free Press

They might have different shapes, different dough preparation, different filling ratios, different additional ingredients, different finishing touches… But at the end in all of these countries delicious Christmas poppy seed rolls are an indispensable part of the Christmas feast. Have a wonderful mákos bejgli. Happy Holidays.

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Celebrating a fascist icon.

Géza Szőcs has died

Géza Szőcs, poet and former Secretary of State for Culture in the early years of the Orbán government, has died at age 67 from COVID-19. Whenever I read his name I am reminded of Elie Wiesel’s words: “It is with profound dismay and indignation that I learned of your participation, together with Hungarian Secretary of State for Culture Géza Szőcs […]

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Fr . Pierangelo Paternieri C.S.

The last will be first — Fr. Pierangelo Paternieri’s homily at Our Lady of Hungary Parish

Our Lady of Hungary Parish in Montreal, which currently does not have its own Hungarian-speaking pastor, is being served by visiting priests from the Archdiocese of Montreal. As a sign of the diversity of Canada’s second largest city, clergy of different backgrounds have celebrated Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Hungary Parish since the church’s reopening in July, following the […]

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Steve Kovacs

Artist Revolt Against Orbán

For the last few days an unprecedented strike has taken place in the center of Budapest.  600 students and faculty of the University of Theater and Film (SZFE) have joined forces to oppose the government’s “privatization” of the University.  They have taken to the street, resolved not to allow the newly appointed head of the University to enter. The man […]

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Ms. Réka Pigniczky (left) and Ms. Andrea Lauer Rice

Cold Warriors – a documentary film about right-wing nostalgia in America

Réka Pigniczky has made an important documentary film based on the “original idea” of Andrea Lauer Rice.   The film was released in 2017 and now it is available on the Web. Cold Warriors is about the friendly shooting reunion of small group of aging Hungarian immigrants on a rural farm in Pennsylvania. In 1960 they were members of a militia […]

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