Slovak neo-Nazi Marian Kotleba supports Orbán’s “brave steps” on immigration

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has a new admirer just north of the border in Slovakia.

The regional governor of Banska Bystrica (Besztercebánya in Hungarian) Marian Kotleba, sent an open letter to Mr. Orbán on July 28th expressing his support for Orbán’s “brave and effective steps aimed at saving European countries from an inundation of immigrants.”

“I express full support for your efforts to build a security fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border,” writes the far-right leader. Mr. Kotleba believes that the Hungarian fence, “a palisade of European civilization,” will be an inspiration for other European countries, and he hopes that Orbán won’t be put off by criticism from Brussels. “With your firm immigration policy you are protecting not only Hungary but in the end the whole of Europe, including the Slovak Republic,” states Mr. Kotleba.

Mr. Kotleba is 38 years old and an unapologetic fascist. In the past he wore Nazi style uniforms and, as leader of Slovenská Pospolitosť (Slovak Solidarity) paramilitary organization, marched in formation with his “storm-troopers.” He has praised onetime Slovak Nazi puppet state leader Jozef Tiso, and referred to Slovakia’s Roma, about 10% of the country’s population, as “parasites.” (Slovenská Pospolitosť was banned by the Slovak Interior Ministry.)

Marian Kotleba supports Prime Minister Orbán.

Marian Kotleba supports Prime Minister Orbán.

Last year he won the local election in a runoff where he took 56% of the vote, defeating the incumbent Vladimír Maňka of the ruling Smer party. The Slovak political establishment was shocked. They are still trying to come up with a response to Mr Kotleba’s victory.

In the past Mr. Kotleba had an uneasy relationship with Slovakia’s large Hungarian minority, now it seems that is in the past. He is ready to work with Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán on the refugee issue.

Mr. Kotleba’s endorsement of Mr. Orbán’s policies couldn’t have come at a worse time; the Hungarian Prime Minister is under intense international criticism because of his handling the refugee crisis.

György Lázár


  1. So my question is really simple: after this, after it has been shown that Orban’s views are in line with the views of neo-nazis, how long will the European Peoples Party keep protecting and defending the Hungarian prime minister? They are guilty if they tolerate this any further.

  2. For a minute I thought that Kotleba was a member of the Magyar Gárda. They dress almost the same. I think its ok to assume that after Kotleba made this congratulatory comment about Orbán, the Hungarian PM didn’t distance himself from this Nazi scoundrel.

    I hope all the Hungarian nationalists who like to speak out about Hungarian rights in felvidék and who think all their problems are caused by the left are listening. The Prime Minister of Hungary, the PM of 15 million Hungarians, is on the same side of an important issue as a man who loathes and despises Hungarians in Slovakia.

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