Justice Minister Varga attacks Lewis Hamilton for his condemnation Hungary’s “cowardly” anti-LGBTQ+ laws

I pinched myself when I read the very personal (and very public) attack by 40-year-old Hungarian Justice Minister, Judit Varga, against 36-year-old Formula One race car driver superstar, Lewis Hamilton.   Is she serious?  Attacking Hamilton’s character and competence because he condemned Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ legislation?

Judit Varga (left)

Here is this strange story.

British-born Hamilton is a seven-time world champion and eight-time winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix.  He is in Budapest this week to participate in Sunday’s race that attracts tens of thousands of fans from all over Europe. Hundreds of journalists cover the event.

Hungary recently introduced a “child protection” law limiting the discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools.  The law connects homosexuality to pedophilia; Hungary will hold a referendum on the issue by early 2022 at the latest.

Gay bashing is official policy in Hungary and the Orbán Government has no openly gay members. PM Orbán’s one-time cultural advisor Imre Kerényi wanted to stop “the faggot lobby,” ex-Budapest Mayor István Tarlós said that homosexuality is “unnatural and repulsive” and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén called homosexuality “a deviance” and “an aberration.” The country’s new Constitution defines marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

Before the race Hamilton released the following statement.

“To all in this beautiful country Hungary. Ahead of the Grand Prix this weekend, I want to share my support for those affected by the governments’ anti-LGBTQ+ law. It is unacceptable, cowardly and misguiding for those in power suggest such a law.

Everyone deserves to have the freedom to be themselves, no matter who they love or how they identify. I urge the people of Hungary to vote in the upcoming referendum to protect the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, they need our support more than ever.

Please show love for those around you because Love will always win. Sending positivity.”

Lewis Hamilton

Judit Varga is Hungary’s Justice Minister with thin legal credentials yet she gained influence by being one of the most loyal supporters Viktor Orbán’s authoritarian policies. The European Commission already voiced serious concerns about the rule of law in the country and the EU opened infringement procedures against Hungary.

Justice Minister Varga felt that she has to defend the homophobe legislation and penned a response to Hamilton:

“I regret to see that today Lewis Hamilton joined the camp of international fake news producers by attacking our child protection law. The protection of Hungarian children remains the task of Hungarian parents and not of foreign racing drivers.

I myself learned the rule of the road from textbooks and not by following the media. Let me recommend Lewis Hamilton to read the Hungarian Child Protection Act before saying nonsense. Let the cobbler stick to his last and F1 driver to his race.

Good luck with the Hungaroring race!”

Varga is trying to intimidate Hamilton with a paternalistic personal attack.  She thunders that “Let the cobbler stick to his last” yet avoids talking about the issues. Instead, arrogantly attacks Hamilton by depicting him as someone who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

This is the Orbán government’s usual strategy of cynical (and childish) character assassination of those who dare to criticize Orbán’s policies.  The strategy is not working anymore and they know it.

Orbán’s chief of staff Gergely Gulyás stated emphatically to Hungarian reporters that the government will not withdraw the legislation.  He said that “Brussels’ efforts to have us allow LGBT+ activists into schools and nursery schools are in vain. We are not willing to do that.”

My translation is that Orbán is desperately trying to save face and figure out a way to withdraw the law with minimal political damage.  In the meantime the attack dogs keep mauling everybody who dares to criticize the anti-LGBTQ+ law.  Lewis Hamilton is not exempt.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Dr, FODOR ANDRÁS says:

    Mr. Lázár must be a believer of the Ptolemaios philosophy in biology and sex determination. I am on the Copernicus and Galilei side. I am sorry, but I am a geneticist, getting my diploma at Eötvös University in Budapest in 1964.

    Why I am saying that?

    “Hungary recently introduced a “child protection” law limiting the discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools”. – condemns Lázár his homeland bitterly and angrily.

    Lázár’s condemnation is correct.

    Yes, we did it and we have been right. Budapest neither is a Sodoma nor is a Gomora.

    In our country, half of the population carries 2 X sex chromosomes, (XX + 23AA (- A means autosome) KARYOTYPE and they are called “women”, or females.

    The other half of our population (including Lázár György) carries one X and one Y sex chromosome (XY + 23AA karyotype), and they are called “men” or “males”.

    Sexual distribution to males and females is the basis of human (and mammalian) reproduction.

    There are also SECONDARY SEX characters, which are influenced by the hormones, and can be artificially also influenced by exogenously administered hormones. The male-looking females or female-looking males are called intersexes, but genetically they are unchangeably males or females. *Frigidity, impotence, sex-self/identification are also secondary sex characters, which can be influenced from outside.

    There are chromosomal ABNORMALITIES like 1X and 0 Y chromosomes, (called Turner syndrome), these poor LADIES are infertile, but they are still WOMEN.

    The so-called “gender-changing operations” cannot change the male to female neither the female to male. IT IS A LIE.

    88% of those poor young girls in Sweeden who were operated “to the boy” because they, as infants, were cruelly and cynically influenced by the LMBTQ CRIMINALS propaganda – COMMITTED SUICIDE and lived an unfortunate tragic life. The LMBTQ is of a gang of mass murderer fascists, who must have to be placed in life/time prisons.

    Hamilton must be well paid for his disgusting statement, but NO HUNGARIAN WILL FOLLOW his guide, not even his fans.

    I wonder what would Mr. Lázár do if a pedophile LMBTQ activist would approach his daughter or son.

    What would you do, Gyuri? Be frank, if you can!

    Will you answer this question, tovarish LÁZÁR?

    I do not think so. He is a coward and simply will not allow to appear my comment because he is also the fighter for free opinions and free press. He means he feels free to press other’s opinions.

    He is a great pharisee in both issues.

    • You may have gotten your diploma in 1964 but it is clear that you have not learned anything since that time. Science has advanced a great deal over the years and we know that although the chromosomes looked the same as they did then, the sequences code for proteins that may be somewhat different. Furthermore, the mechanisms that regulate the expression of these genes may be different in different individuals.

      In other words, what you say is basically “horse pucky”. Could you please site your reference to Swedish LMBTQ CRIMINALS? Quite obviously you cannot because there is no such reference.

      Interestingly, the majority of pedophiles are not members of the LGBTQ community but are people like the Fidesz diplomat who was in Peru as well as some clergy of the Roman Catholic church.

      I draw the conclusion that you are much more a Fascist than any people you accuse of being such.

  2. Why are so many Liberals pandering to LGBTQ insanity? The message should be about building family structure, not anarchic mentally ill nonsense!


    I’m afraid it’s wishful thinking to suppose that “Orbán is desperately trying to save face and figure out a way to withdraw the law.” But what he is definitely doing across his years of power is drawing more and more worldwide ignominy and opprobrium on Hungary through his shameful depredations. The effect is indelible until and unless he is ousted and punished through either an overwhelming popular vote or an equally powerful popular revolt. Without one or the other of these the nation will bear the historical taint for all time.

  4. Did Hamilton read the law? It is obvious that Hamilton got his information from leftwing media. There is no discrimination nor should ever be any discrimination against adult members of LGBT. It is the parents’ responsibility to bring up children. Information is available on different life styles in libraries and the net. Furthermore, children under 18 are not allowed to drink, vote or even held fully responsible for crimes they commit because children’s brains do not fully develop until the twenties, therefore no life changing decisions should be made by children.

    Ms. Varga was correct in censuring Hamilton.

  5. Avatar Koldo Nafarroa says:

    Orban and Varga are perfectly right, since both are trying to protect their country from the globalist interests in a similar way as the poles. Who’s Hamilton?

  6. Well, does Hamilton actually know what he is talking about? The law is meant to regulate what information should and should not be allowed to be targeted at children. Not sure how it links homosexuality to pedophilia. Yes, it was passed as part of the anti-pedo law, but things are attached to all sorts of laws in the US as well and elsewhere, that are not necessarily related to the main law. For instance, a $1 trillion COVID bill had $30 billion in defense spending attached to it. Attack a virus with missiles? Perhaps they feared the virus will eventually turn infected into zombies so they figured they should re-stock the napalm ammo stockpiles?

    Also, not sure how it affects the rights of adult gay people, given that it is aimed at minors, so not sure how it is an overall Alphabet rights issue. Yes, it can be argued that certain information can help children that are born gay. Yes, it can be argued that it may help those children who have two daddies or two mommies, instead of a conventional family, in terms of more peer acceptance. On the other side of the equation, a recent survey has found that 1/6 of Gen Z cohort in US identifies as something along the Alphabet spectrum, with expectations that the next generation growing up will be even higher in this regard. Doubtful that it is natural, given that humanity would have most likely gone extinct in its prehistory, given all other factors. There would have been simply not enough babies born to sustain the species. An anthropologist once told me of a study of cave-people (pre-agricultural), where it was estimated that it took on average 100 years for a group of 100 members to grow to 101 members, based on mortality, fertility and other factors. They certainly did not factor in young people not engaging in hetero loving due to Alphabet preferences at such high rates. So it is more than likely that we reached a point where homosexuality has become not only accepted but rather idealized, evidenced recently by the flood of celebrities claiming to be something sexual that is not hetero.

    Thus we now have straight children probably increasingly engaging in sexual acts that are in fact not natural to them. Is that not damaging to children and to society? So really, does Hamilton know what he is talking about? Do most people, given that Western society is by no means equipped to have a discussion on the possibility that we may in fact be dealing with a situation where homosexuality is now idealized and damaging some young children? Who would dare to face the cancel mob and raise the issue? Who would commission a study? Academia has become a hard-core leftist ideological monopoly, so certainly we will not see academics rise to the occasion. Why with its proud tradition of free flow of ideas and information…. Well, free-flow, as long as ideologically correct!!! Not long ago a certain academic on this site was proudly proclaiming how him and his students would unleash a torrent of intolerance towards anyone who would dare to disagree with ideological correctness. So yeah!!!

  7. Thanks György for this. Absolutely incredulous. I guess the Minister feels personally attacked although he is very kind and conciliatory, but that response, is partly laughable and partly frightening. The gov. is definitely on their back foot pivot and probably by now, they realise they have no A1 list allies. No one wants to play with the bully.
    I did want to add some comments, there was one member of FIDESZ who has caught out being (very) day, EU FIDESZ leader – Szajér Jozsef, interesting Hungarian media deliberately omitted the gay sex orgy and rather blamed a Soros inflated Brussels harassing an MP story.
    I think he didn’t expect the EU pushback nor the German football team all wearing rainbow flags.
    Its time for Hungarians to see through Orban`s skimming of the EU pots and call him out on his scaremongering campaign. They acting like the world is out to get them.

  8. “Lazar” immediately sounds Jewish. In America, Jews peddle “gay” this and “BLM” that…to “replace Whitey”…and they hold all positions of Government and Media control. I smell the usual
    “rat in the wood-pile”…
    Why must Jews always worship at the “Church of the Unusual”.
    They say “Fairy-Cakes” in the U.K.

    • Even as the number of murders increased by thousands in the US, mostly because police are now too demoralized and scared to intervene, Soros continues to pump money into groups that continue to advocate for defunding the police. At the same time there are plenty of Jews who are fiercely opposed to the Neo-Marxist agenda that Soros and too many others of all sorts of backgrounds serve. It makes sense to oppose the destruction of societies basic institutions, ranging from traditional families to law and order. Since they are also Jews can’t even accuse them of antisemitism. You however are an anti semite and you are not helping to oppose the Neo-Marxist evil that people like Soros feed. Your comment helps them to paint all who oppose this evil as “antisemites”.

      • What you say here is totally not true. the numbers of murders in the US are not increasing by the thousands. A significant number of murders of minority individuals are by police officers. This does not sound like they are too “demoralized and scared to intervene”. Soros is not pumping money into groups that advocate for “defunding the police”. You clearly do not understand what the phrase means. It means stop funding the militarization of the police who in many cities are better weaponized than the armies of most countries. It means teaching them to intervene in ways that do not involve killing people.

        You seem to be major antisemite around here.

        • How dishonest!!!


          Even the leftist MSM media does not dare to support the nonsense you are spewing. Here and there they try to, but they know it won’t fly. It is only put out there for people like you to latch on to.

          Fact is that if you do the math, since the George Floyd fiasco, murders have taken the lives of about 5,000 more people than would have died if murder rates would have remained at 2019 levels. And most of those murders were blacks and latinos. And no, the police are not out there moving people down. Every year there are a few dozen incidents where police shooting someone was not justified. At the same time, plenty of police officers also die in confrontations with criminals.

          What you Marxists did, will cause the violent deaths of tens of thousands of people this decade. Other crimes will also surge, creating a decline in living standards for tens of millions of people. After the garbage perpetrated last year, with endless lies and distortions, no one will want to do the job of policing anymore, while existing police are retiring early or resigning in droves. We are probably a few years away from a complete breakdown in local law enforcement in the US, despite the fact that efforts are now underway to try to stop it.

  9. The author is greatly influenced by the American policy, which becomes more of a communist approach. All of this is nothing but a way to build hate in between people, and make them fight, forgetting what is really important in their lives.

  10. Victor Orban is keeping Hungary for Hungarians. Why do so many of you Libtards attack him? If you don’t like the way he is running the government in Hungary, leave. Go to Western Europe or North America where Marxism is having a revival. I’m sure you would be happier in a dysfunctional anti-Western Civilization setting. so do Hungarians a favor and bugger off!

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