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On Tuesday, November 8th, Americans – among them 1.5 million with Hungarian roots – will go to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. Secretary Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination and she is the most qualified candidate.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins both will present challenges for relations with America’s European Union allies. US foreign policy under the new president will be especially important for Hungarians. We feel that Hungary was at times somewhat neglected by the Obama administration and we support more active US involvement and cooperation with Hungary in the future.

Trump said that NATO is “obsolete” and he admires Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a great leader. Secretary Clinton supports NATO and doesn’t trust Putin. She supports the economic sanctions against Russia.

We believe that NATO is not obsolete. For Hungary NATO means the only defense mechanism which can provide security and stability. President Putin’s own “illiberal democracy” is not something the US should support.

Hungary’s direction over the last six years has taken a dangerous turn. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is building the Hungarian version of “illiberal democracy” by stifling the free press, the NGOs and restricting civil rights. Mr. Orbán admires authoritarian leaders Russian President Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and promotes nationalism and racism, rewrites history and has anti-Semitic tendencies. Numerous international groups have urged the EU to address Hungary’s attack on human rights. The EU, however, has not only proven incapable of anything beyond the occasional verbal reprimand, but continues to bankroll the Orbán regime through lavish subsidies, which line the pockets of Fidesz oligarchs and with which Mr. Orbán buys the loyalty of people around him. This is not the kind of Hungary the US should support; these values are far from the American ideals most Americans of Hungarian origin cherish.

Every European government has signalled their nervousness about Donald Trump’s policies and favours a win by Hillary Clinton. The only exception is Hungary’s right-wing nationalist government which to the amazement (and dismay) of most Hungarian Americans declared its support for Trump, only to have Prime Minister Orbán later claim that it never did such thing, once Mr. Trump’s electoral fortunes began to fade.

Traditionally about two-thirds of Hungarian Americans vote for the Democratic Party. Ninety percent of Hungarian Americans don’t speak the native language and have little or no contact with Hungary or Hungarian matters. We believe that in this election the ratio will be higher; we estimate that perhaps up to four-fifths of Hungarian Americans may support Secretary Clinton.

Secretary Clinton understands that Hungary’s “illiberal democracy” is a dangerous political adventure and the US should take action to reverse the suppression of true liberal democracy. Mr. Orbán’s policies undermine stability in the CEE region and are also against long-term US interests in Europe.

Secretary Clinton is our choice and we suggest that she will get the support of responsible Hungarian Americans who care about the future of Hungary.

Hungarian Free Press


  1. Hilary Clinton: A despicable, liar, power and money hungry and above all a criminal. If elected, she could lead to a WWIII. Accepting significant donation by Saudi Arabia, “Sharia Law” and the Socialist, Communist, parasite, Soros and many other liberals. I am not surprise of your choice; this new paper, with Socialism and liberalism ideas,
    Eventually, destroyed cultures and transformed identities forever.
    A dangerous and sad prospect for the future. Hungary must protect the only real leader Viktor Orban. I will add, Vladimir Putin will be the only head of the world to deal with that abominable, disgusting women.

    • Monique,
      For this sort of offensive rubbish you should be sued, as u don’t have a leg to stand on.

      And talking about lying you’ve picked the all time, undisputed winner, the lying toads champion Viktor Orban.
      And this his more innocent vice, after cheating, embezzlement and tyranny.

  2. Avatar Child of survivors of the Holocaust says:

    I’m shocked that you would endorse a criminal, an Arafat kissing opportunist, a real “fakutya”!!!
    Trump is a great business man who not only will bring respect and fear from the American hating nations throughtout the world – but is also going to bring America back to the great way of the 50’s ( with a new century progress) just the way it made all those 1.5 million Hungarian refugees want to come to these shores!

  3. I am going to vote for Trump, although I hate him for declaring Jerusalem the capital of the apartheid and colonial Israel, and for his ridiculously hostile stance on Iran, at the behest of Israel. But he is far, far better than this woman.

  4. Don’t be afraid, at least once in a while, of an illiberal comment. It will increase the number of comments, anyway.

  5. Trump is from the low side of business and even lower personally. He has never given a… for anyone, a snake oil salesman.

    Check out the Tony Schwartz revealing story. He knows Trump, he wrote The State of the Deal.

  6. Sorry,
    The Art of the Deal

  7. Adam,
    You should screen the comments (or not have any ) your platform should NOT be used for spouting trash like “MM” above did.

  8. Brown nose order of first class for whoever wanting to vote for this unscrupulous corrupt shrill in a US election.

  9. It’s voter’s choice weather they vote for Hillary Clinton to avoid being humiliated as deplorable — until the next humiliation comes — or they understand that they are only deplorable for Hillary Clinton and it’s better to unite and vote for Trump.

  10. Congratulations HFP, for supporting the candidate that is qualified for the job !!! It’s bad enough, that the ignorant hate monger, Trump, has managed to generate as much support as he has. He has sullied the reputation of the GOP, and has given American conservatism a horribly black eye. Were he to win, America and the western world would face a political-economic calamity, which would pale the global fiscal crisis of 2008 by comparison. If the uninformed and bigoted twits of the Twitter generation gain access to the White House we better duck and pray, the outfall won’t reach us in Canada.

    As for the influx of Trump/Orbán trolls into the comments section – just scroll past them. They’re here to turn people off with their stupid remarks. They belong in that basket, Hillary Clinton dubbed as Donald Trump’s “basket of deplorables”

    • In addition to the 260 economists who expressed their anxiety about the prospects of a Trump in the WHouse, the stock market was pretty nervous too. With the last polls showing HC ahead the confidence returned and the indexes jumped more than 2% in a day.

      Hopefully the sane US voters will prevail and save the country from a painful and costly experiment with an ignorant and dishonest buffoon.

  11. doskozill= zilch! whatever your comment name is: if I could I would spit in your antisemitic face! Jerusalem is in our Jewish prayer books from beginning of time mentioned thousands of times -and it is our capital and homeland -now go kiss the sand!

  12. Hehehehehe. Your choice – be happy with her, now.

  13. We Are Deplorable

  14. No follow-up from the clintonite progressives/liberals/whatever losers? What a shame…..

    • Not even a standard courtesy congratulation to the winner — to the president of the United States, the basic principle of democratic and gentleman-like behavior, for We Are Deplorable.

      Deplorable but not because the majority wants Trump, but because they don’t want Clinton. What a difference. Some people took democracy seriously and took their choice. Deplorable.

      I am deplorable too, because I don’t like Clinton.
      Some people needs to learn about democracy before lecturing others about it.

      They are not gentleman losers.

  15. Some people needs to learn about democracy before lecturing others about it.
    Perish the thought. Even the suggestion is racist/xenophobic/intolerant/divisive, etc.

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