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A Hungarian pensioner.

No apology — Hungarian pensions delayed due to “glitch”

It would be a tad hypocritical to lambaste the Hungarian government from across the pond in Canada, for what appears to have been a technical glitch resulting in a delay in pension and various social solidarity disbursements. Canadian readers will recall the Phoenix payroll debacle. Tens of thousands of federal civil servants were underpaid, not paid at all or in […]

by · January 14, 2019 · Politics
Two Erzsébet vouchers totalling 4,000 forints (C$18) specifically designated to purchase food.

Can Hungarian voters be bought for just $45?

The Orbán government is giving Hungary’s 2.7 million pensioners a Christmas gift in the form of vouchers worth 10,000 forints (C$45). The vouchers, called Erzsébet utalvány and named after the thirteenth century Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, can be used to pay for food, goods and services at thousands of restaurants and shops in Hungary and at some domestic hotels and […]

by · December 18, 2016 · Politics