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One of many fast food restaurants run by immigrants in Budapest.

Arabs, Afghans, Blacks and others in Hungary

While the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Hungary strongly oppose the European Union to settle thousands of migrants from the third world, quite a few Arab, Afghan and Black African people live continually or settled permanently in Hungary. How do they feel like in our country, how do they see us, and what they think about the migration crisis? […]

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The statue and tomb of  Ottoman poet Gül Baba in Budapest. The tomb was constructed between 1543 and 1548.

Hungarian Islamophobia and the anti-migrant referendum: A review of an essay by Zoltan Pall and Omar Sayfo

This week, the Bratislava-based Visegrad Revue published an essay entitled “Why an anti-Islam campaign has taken root in Hungary, a country with few Muslims,” co-authored by Zoltan Pall, a research fellow in the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore, and Omar Sayfo, contributor to the pro-Orbán Demokrata weekly magazine, who defended his PhD at the University of […]

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Omar Adam Sayfo

Omar Sayfo: On Islamophobia and on its beneficial effects

Omar Adam Sayfo is a PhD candidate at the University of Utrecht, and foreign affairs columnist at Hungary’s pro-Orbán Demokrata weekly. His most recent piece, published on the Mandiner website and translated into English below for HFP’s readers, offers a glimpse into the thinking of supporters of Hungary’s Orbán government, when it comes to issues of racism, Islamophobia, liberalism and […]

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Omar Adam Sayfo

Omar Sayfo: I strongly refuse far-right label for the Demokrata weekly

Dear Mr. Christopher Adam, First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for offering me a space to respond to your piece in the Hungarian Free Press. I was delighted to read your review of my article about the global phenomenon of religious persecution. I am especially happy that your comments fueled a constructive dialogue on the Mandiner blog, […]

by · January 22, 2016 · Politics
Omar Adam Sayfo

Omar Adam Sayfo on Islam and religious persecution

Omar Adam Sayfo is the foreign affairs editor columnist* at Hungary’s pro-Fidesz regime Demokrata weekly news magazine. He is of part-Syrian origins and is a graduate student at Utrecht University, with his research focusing on socio-political developments in the Arab world. The Demokrata, where Mr. Sayfo works, is among the worst of the worst, when it comes to the Fidesz far-right. The […]

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