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Photo: MTI / Noémi Bruzák

President Katalin Novák and the Christian Reformed “revival” in Hungary

Christianity, especially the Calvinist variety, is booming in Hungary — in stark contrast to western European and North American societies that are destroying their own churches. That’s President Katalin Novák’s most recent speech in a nutshell. Regrettably, but not surprisingly, what she had to say isn’t true. The Fidesz politician, currently fulfilling a ceremonial role that on paper ought to […]

by · September 11, 2023 · Focus
Katalin Novák with Pope Francis

What did Pope Francis say to Hungarian President, Katalin Novák?

A couple of days ago, Hungarian President Katalin Novák reported that Pope Francis received her at the Vatican for a private audience. President Novák posted photos on Facebook with the Pope and reported, “During the 45-minute long private conversation in Spanish, we touched on several topics. I officially invited the Holy Father to visit us again next year. He confirmed […]

by · August 29, 2022 · Politics
Left: Ms. Novák. Right: Ms. Rácz.

Hungary — Where a 22 year old Fidesz operative is appointed Deputy Minister of State

In most countries, it would be difficult to imagine a 22 year old who has yet to complete a university education and having no relevant professional experience being appointed Deputy Minister of State. Hungary, it would appear, is the land of such possibilities, provided one is a demonstrably faithful to Fidesz, the ruling party. This week, we learned that Katalin […]

by · December 4, 2019 · Politics
Family photo - Lord Ashcroft (left), Mr. Harper, Mr. Orbán, Ms. Novák and Mr. Rogán.

Orbán’s new pals – Stephen Harper, Lord Ashcroft and Robert Lantos

The International Democrat Union (IDU) is an alliance of right wing political parties, headquartered in Munich, Germany and currently chaired by Stephen Harper, the former Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Harper and his friend, Hungarian-born Canadian film producer, Robert Lantos travelled to Hungary to spend the August 20th National Holiday with far-right authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Lord Ashcroft, conservative […]

by · August 29, 2019 · Politics
Poster of the event in Los Angeles.

Katalin Novák – homophobe State Secretary for Family will speak in California

Ms. Katalin Novák is 40 years old, a mother of three and Hungary’s State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs. She is coming to Los Angeles to give a talk entitled; “Family, Country, Growth” and the trip is sponsored by the Hungarian Cultural Alliance of Los Angeles and two local Hungarian Scout groups. Why would a non-profit cultural association sponsor […]

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