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Nicholas (Miklós) Nyaradi

Nicholas (Miklós) Nyaradi – from banker to anti-Communist crusader

As part of our series on lesser known Hungarian Americans we introduce Nicholas Nyaradi or Miklós Nyáradi (Scheidl) the Hungarian banker and politician who became a significant voice in the anti-Communist movement in the United States. Miklós Scheidl was born in 1905 in Hungary and after receiving his law degree in 1928 he had a long career in banking.  He became […]

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Budapest, 2007. március 14.
Torgyán József, a Megújuló Magyarországért Mozgalom elnöke a szervezõdés céljairól tart sajtótájékoztatót a Marczibányi téri Mûvelõdési Központban.
MTI Fotó: Földi Imre

Hungary’s last Smallholder leader József Torgyán dies

Anyone who followed politics in Hungary during the nineties and in the early years of the current century remembers József Torgyán–the colourful chairman of the Independent Smallholders’ Party, former Minister of Agriculture and a true connoisseur of hyperbole. Mr. Torgyán’s wife and also a former Member of Parliament, Mária Cseh, confirmed that her husband died at their home in Budapest […]

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