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Ian Bradbury and Judith Petényi. Photo: C. Adam

Remembering the 1956 Hungarian Revolution at Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Canada showed great solidarity to Hungarian refugees in 1956/57, after the suppression of the 1956 Revolution, so this is an especially apt place to hold this commemoration–observed Ian Bradbury, founder of The Stand 2016 on the sixtieth anniversary celebration of the uprising. The Hungarian Forum of Ottawa organized the modest commemoration on Parliament Hill, in Canada’s capital city, and participants […]

by · October 24, 2016 · Culture
Ian Bradbury

Meet Ian Bradbury – A talk in Ottawa on international social responsibility and human rights

The Hungarian Forum of Ottawa is organizing an English-language talk with Ian Bradbury on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 6:30 PM on an international social justice initiative called The Stand. Those who follow the news closely in Canada will have come across Mr. Bradbury’s name in the media over the years. In 2015, both the Ottawa Citizen and the Toronto […]

by · October 5, 2016 · Culture
Ottawa commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution

Ottawa commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution

We’ve written about the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa previously in HFP, and our Hungarian-language sister publication’s report and photos on the community group’s most recent event are available here. This time, the HFO is organizing a commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, and has obtained a permit from the City of Ottawa to do so at […]

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A wine & cheese reception put on by the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa

An invitation from the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa

For those among our readers who are based in the Ottawa area, here’s an invitation that may be of interest to you… * The Hungarian Forum of Ottawa, a newly incorporated Canadian non-profit organization, cordially invites you and your partner to attend a wine & cheese reception to celebrate the establishment of an inclusive Hungarian community association in the nation’s capital. […]

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Judit Petényi

Working with diversity – Thoughts on the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa

We are ready to join a community. We share the love of Hungarian culture, its history and language but we are even more different than the same. Some of us like reading fiction and some like non-fiction, some have a good ear for music and some just don’t get classical. Some love the traditional dances and dressing up at folk […]

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Lighting candles. Left to right: Áron Gábor, Rózsa Tóth, Bálint Mészáros and Judit Petényi. Photo: C. Adam.

Commemorating the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Ottawa

Democracy is not a right. Democratic values must be fought for and protected every day, sometimes in seemingly small ways, and even in Canada. This was the overarching message of this past Sunday’s commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Ottawa’s  Beechwood Cemetery, organized by the Ottawa Hungarian Forum. The Forum is a fledgling grassroots community group in the Canadian […]

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Some of the Hungarians in Ottawa who showed up at the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre to oppose membership in the National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada.

Is it possible to build an inclusive, democratic Hungarian diaspora community?

First off, I should explain my silence on these pages over the past several days. In addition to a very busy period at work, I have also been involved in a new grassroots movement taking off here in Ottawa, within an ageing and–for many of us–not especially welcoming Hungarian community.  On October 18th, 2015, the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre (OHCC) […]

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A monument commemorating the 1956 Revolution and refugee crisis, as well as Canada's decision to accept 38,000 Hungarian refugees, on Maple Island, in Ottawa. Photo:

Inclusion and pluralism: Transforming Ottawa’s Hungarian community

Last Thursday, fifteen local Hungarians in Canada’s capital met at a “neutral” location to chart a course that would transform the small, but active local Hungarian community into one that is much more inclusive than it is now, welcoming a plurality of people, backgrounds, life experiences and views. This past Sunday’s Hungarian-language radio broadcast on CHIN 97.9 FM was a […]

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