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Marc Dillard

Marc Dillard likes absurdity and he now is the Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Budapest

On October 27th, 2020, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presented the Hungarian Order of Merit, Middle Cross with the Star, to 82-year-old US Ambassador David Cornstein “for his role in strengthening Hungarian-U.S. diplomatic, economic and trade relations.”  Ambassador Cornstein’s tenure has ended and currently there is no US Ambassador in Budapest.  It is not clear when the new Ambassador will be named by […]

by · April 5, 2021 · Politics
Amb. Cornstein (second from left) with previous Ambassador Ms. Colleen Bell (second from right) with their spouses.

A letter to Ambassador David B. Cornstein from Professor János Kertész

Mr. David B. Cornstein, the new US Ambassador to Budapest, recently gave a lengthy interview to the Hungarian magazine Szombat. Amb. Cornstein discussed his mother’s Hungarian family roots, his career goals and several issues of US-Hungary relations. In general, Cornstein does not see problems with Hungary’s Human Rights record, press freedom or separation of powers. In fact, he insists that […]

by · September 9, 2018 · Politics
Daniel Berg

Daniel Berg’s letter to the American ambassador in Budapest, David B. Cornstein

Dear Mr. Ambassador, My name is Daniel Berg, and I am a Board Member of Momentum Movement, a new Hungarian centrist party. Today I am writing to you not only in this capacity, but also as a concerned dual citizen of the United States and Hungary. As a staunch believer in the transatlantic alliance and Hungarian-American cooperation, I felt it […]

by · July 4, 2018 · Focus