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We don’t have Halloween in Hungary, we have All Saints Day

The politics of Halloween in Hungary

We don’t have Halloween in Hungary, we have All Saints Day! – states the poster. Halloween is not a desirable holiday for conservative Christian Hungary. In Hungary “Mindenszentek” (All Saints’ Day) and “Halottak Napja” (All Souls’ Day) have always been important Catholic holidays. Quite recently, in 2000, All Saints’ Day even became a National Holiday. Right wing political parties, especially […]

by · October 31, 2016 · Culture
Tom Hanks, with the Budapest Chain Bridge in the background, featured on a pro-government propaganda poster.

Oh, no! Tom Hanks is promoting Orbán’s xenophobe message?

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks is in Budapest for the shooting of his new movie “Inferno”, a sequel to the blockbuster “The Da Vinci Code.” He loves Budapest and says Mexican food is fabulous in the Hungarian capital. I know his favorite Mexican restaurant, but I cannot tell you. Hanks values his privacy and I swore to the owner that I […]

by · October 21, 2016 · Culture
Simulated terrorist attack in a Budapest metro station.

Strongman Orbán’s latest publicity stunt: a midnight terror exercise

I start to think that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his inner circle have lost touch with reality. Police forces conduct anti-terror training exercises in other EU countries, but it is unprecedented that a night-time police drill is staged as a propaganda tool for a sitting Prime Minister. A couple of days ago Mr. Orbán invited journalists and politicians to […]

by · October 9, 2016 · Politics
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was among the first to cast a ballot in the national referendum on "migrant quotas." Photo: MTI.

Referendum in Hungary: Low turnout suggests boycott is working

There is nervousness in Fidesz, Hungary’s ruling party, as very low turnout in a referendum aimed at rejecting EU-wide “migrant quotas” for Hungary means that the vote may be invalid, and thus an embarrassing defeat for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Nationally, turnout at 3:00 PM local time was just 31%, according to statistics released by the National Election Office. The […]

by · October 2, 2016 · Politics
Budapest explosion takes a strange turn

Budapest explosion takes a strange turn

The narrative surrounding the explosion that seriously injured two police officers in Central Budapest on Saturday night, exactly one week before the country’s anti-migrant referendum, is beginning to take a rather strange turn. It was odd enough that Hungarian authorities said nothing formally about the attack and no press conference was held until 20 hours after the incident, leaving the […]

by · September 26, 2016 · Focus
Hungary's national police chief, Károly Papp, speaks to reporters at a news conference Sunday evening, following the Saturday night explosion in Budapest. Photo: Screen shot from M1 live broadcast.

Attacker targeted Budapest police in bombing — Manhunt underway in Hungarian capital

There is “no doubt” in the mind of Hungary’s national police chief, Károly Papp, that police officers were the explicit targets of the explosion that occurred Saturday night just after 10:30 PM and which severely injured two officers on patrol near the corner of Teréz Körút and Király utca. Police Chief Papp held a news conference in Budapest early Sunday […]

by · September 25, 2016 · Focus
Teréz Körút closed off on Sunday morning, with investigators looking for clues following the explosion Saturday night. Photo: Péter Lakatos/MTI.

Mysterious explosion in Budapest seriously injures two

A bomb went off late Saturday night in central Budapest, seriously injuring two police officers. Preliminary information suggests that an explosive device was detonated in a store located on Teréz Körút and the nails found in the area indicate that it may have been a nail bomb. The two officers were patrolling the area when the bomb went off, shortly […]

by · September 25, 2016 · Focus
Plans for inner Budapest (1946) Source: Tér és Forma /

Modern Budapest–A 1946 plan to drastically reimagine the Hungarian capital

If architect József Fischer had his way, much of central Budapest as we know it today would have been gutted, making way for what may have been considered seventy years ago as a groundbreaking modern utopia. The Urbanista blog, associated with the Index news site, dug up some fascinating plans and proposals from 1946, for how Budapest might look in […]

by · September 23, 2016 · Culture
Budapest's Living Memorial vandalized late at night on September 9th. Photo: Péter Fávics

Antisemitic attack in Hungary — Holocaust memorial vandalised

The Living Memorial, a grassroots monument in Budapest’s Liberty Square, in memory to the 600,000 victims of the Holocaust in Hungary, was vandalised this weekend, shortly after the neo-Nazi website published an article threatening to destroy the monument. Photographs displayed at the site were torn and other items of remembrance added to the Living Memorial by survivors and descendants […]

by · September 11, 2016 · Antisemitism
Olympic Park in Budapest.

No Olympics for Budapest? Hungarian journalist proposes referendum to oppose 2024 Summer Games

Hungarian journalist Katalin Erdélyi submitted a referendum proposal to the National Election Commission, in the hope of giving Hungarian citizens the right to vote on whether Budapest should continue its bid to host the 2024 Summer Games. Both the Hungarian government and the Budapest municipal government are enthusiastically supporting the bid to host the Olympics in the Hungarian capital, even […]

by · September 6, 2016 · Culture