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Budapest Pride? Munich 1938? No, it is Saint Stephen’s Day 2021 in Budapest

Half-naked body-painted men are pulling a giant aluminum Turul bird on Budapest streets.  Shamans, elk-costumes and a Greek female phalanx are marching.   Bystanders are scratching their heads.  What is going on? August 20th is Saint Stephen’s Day in Hungary. It is the celebration of the foundation of the Hungarian State.  It is also known as Constitution Day, the end of […]

by · August 27, 2021 · Culture
Tucker Carlson listens intently to Mr. Orbán.

Hungary teaches Tucker Carlson a lesson

Anyone who watches Fox News entertainer Tucker Carlson’s shows recognizes that the popular right-wing television host is a frequent and vociferous critic of China. Mr. Carlson refers regularly to Covid-19 as the “China virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” mostly as a type of verbal nod to his viewers who are irritated with political correctness. Mr. Carlson cultivates a “tell it […]

by · August 11, 2021 · Politics
Pope Francis, President Biden and Viktor Orbán the “totalitarian thug”

Pope Francis, President Biden and Viktor Orbán the “totalitarian thug”

Tucker Carlson from Fox News was in Budapest and conducted an interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. I found part of their conversation intriguing. Here is the official transcript. CARLSON: When the President of the United States describes you as a totalitarian thug, it’s a very serious thing to say about somebody, I would note. I mean, that suggests that, […]

by · August 11, 2021 · Politics
Judit Varga (left)

Justice Minister Varga attacks Lewis Hamilton for his condemnation Hungary’s “cowardly” anti-LGBTQ+ laws

I pinched myself when I read the very personal (and very public) attack by 40-year-old Hungarian Justice Minister, Judit Varga, against 36-year-old Formula One race car driver superstar, Lewis Hamilton.   Is she serious?  Attacking Hamilton’s character and competence because he condemned Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ legislation? Here is this strange story. British-born Hamilton is a seven-time world champion and eight-time winner of […]

by · August 2, 2021 · Culture
Meet Ambassador Maria Vass-Salazar, Hungary’s new top diplomat in Ottawa

Meet Ambassador Maria Vass-Salazar, Hungary’s new top diplomat in Ottawa

Little is known about the new Hungarian Ambassador to Ottawa; she keeps her cards close to her chest.  To be honest, I was surprised to learn that she got the job, a fairly important diplomatic assignment.  I have a feeling that she was also surprised. Ambassador Vass-Salazar is in her late 40s, married, has two girls and had numerous diplomatic […]

by · July 25, 2021 · Politics
An invitation to participate in a research project on Hungarian refugees to Canada

An invitation to participate in a research project on Hungarian refugees to Canada

The Hungarian Free Press received the email below from researchers at the University of Toronto who are conducting a project on Hungarian refugees to Canada. Participants are paid an honorarium. We invite you to consider the invitation below if you arrived in Canada as a refugee. Dear Christopher Adam, We are recruiting individuals aged 50 and older, who are Hungarian […]

by · July 21, 2021 · Diaspora
Orbán, Ceferin and Csányi

Hungary’s latest enemy – UEFA the European soccer’s governing body

On July 9 the UEFA Control Ethics and Disciplinary Body issued a statement related to events on the EURO 2020 group matches. Hungarian fans exhibited “discriminatory behavior” and article 14(2) of the Disciplinary Regulations was violated. The Hungarian Soccer Federation was ordered to play its next three matches as a host association behind closed doors and was also fined €100,000.  The Hungarians […]

by · July 16, 2021 · Politics
Valér Palkovits

“Homophobia has been central to Viktor Orban’s fascist ideology” — Jerrad Peters vs. Valér Palkovits

In recent years Hungary’s Orbán government has targeted the Roma community, Hungary’s Jews and now the LGBTQ community.   Racism, anti-Semitism and Holocaust falsification are institutionalized in Budapest and now homophobia has been legislated in this EU-member country.  Hungary’s new “pedophilia law” connects the country’s LGBTQ community to pedophilia. Pro-Hitler Hungarian dictator of the last century, Miklós Horthy is profusely praised […]

by · July 6, 2021 · Diaspora
The tragic life of Hungarian American film star Charlie Puffy (Huszár Pufi)

The tragic life of Hungarian American film star Charlie Puffy (Huszár Pufi)

As part of our series on lesser known Hungarian Americans, we introduce Charles Puffy, the oversized silent-film-era comedian who became popular in the US in the 1920s. Charles Puffy was 40 years old when he arrived to the US in 1924 and soon became a household name.  Although he barely spoke any English, he frequently appeared in US tabloids and […]

by · June 24, 2021 · Culture
Protest in Budapest against Fidesz's homophobic law. Photo: MTI.

Hungary’s QAnon government

“Save our children!” This exhortation appeared on the bumpers of dusty North American pick-up trucks, on the darker corners of the Internet and occasionally on Facebook newsfeeds, signaling that many of us have acquaintances, friends and contacts who have bought into the worst and the most irrational of conspiracy theories. We’re talking about the likes of “Pizza Gate.” The European […]

by · June 15, 2021 · Focus