Orbán attacks “race mixing” of the West, preaches Hungarian version of racial purity

Viktor Orbán’s annual speech in Romania, at the resort Băile Tuşnad included a lengthy discussion about race. The Prime Minister claimed that Hungarians “are not a mixed race” and explained that countries where different races mix, e.g., European and non-Europeans, are “no longer nations.”  He continued that Hungary under his leadership will fight race mixing because “we do not want to become a mixed race.”

This happened on July 23, 2022, at the annual event called Tusványos, a summer camp.  The annual gathering takes place in Transylvania, on the territory of Romania, an area with a significant Hungarian minority.  It was organized by Mr. Zsolt Németh, one of the founders of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party.

In a statement Hungary’s Roma Parliament called Orbán’s speech a fascist manifesto reminiscent of an “Arrow Cross speech.” (The Arrow Cross Party was Hungary’s murderous fascist movement during WWII.)  Hungary’s Jewish leaders were stunned.  Mr. Heisler, the leader of the Jewish Communities felt that the speech was threatening.

The European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen said that “all EU member states, including Hungary, have subscribed to global common values” which are non-negotiable.  “To discriminate on the basis of race, is trampling on these values. The European Union is built on equality, tolerance, fairness, and justice.”

Nothing is new here.  In the last couple of years Orbán’s far-right government has institutionalized racist speech, antisemitism and Holocaust falsification.  His comments about race mixing are just the latest addition to his appalling statements. Orbán’s anti-Semitic tendencies are also widely known.  As an opposition politician, in June 2009, he warmly greeted the statue of Albert Wass at the city of Pomáz. Wass, a writer and convicted WWII criminal who called the Hungarian Jews, “rats”.

On the July 28 US State Department press briefing a journalist asked the following question.

On something completely different, Hungary. Prime Minister Orbán has drawn some attention and criticism, some comments talking about how Europeans are not – I think his words was “mixed races with people of other – of non-European ancestry.” Does the United States have any – does the United States want to weigh in on this?

US State Department spokesperson, Ned Price had the following to say:

Well, individuals from this building have commented. Deborah Lipstadt, our special envoy, commented on this. She called these comments – she said she was deeply alarmed by this rhetoric. She made the point that rhetoric of this nature is inexcusable in some 75 years after the end of the Holocaust.

What I would – the only element I would add is that – and this is a point we’ve said before – what binds the United States and our allies around the world with Hungary being an important ally, not only shared interests but also shared values. And the remarks that we heard from Prime Minister Orbán are not reflective of the shared values that tether the United States to Hungary, that serve as a foundation between the relationship between our two peoples, and that serve as the basis for the relationship between the United States and our other allies, whether it’s in Europe, the Indo-Pacific, or elsewhere.

Deborah Lipstadt, the US Government’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism wrote “Deeply alarmed by the Hungarian Prime Minister’s use of rhetoric that clearly evokes Nazi racial ideology. Nearly 75 yrs after the end of the Holocaust, it is inexcusable for a leader to make light of Nazi mass murder, especially one who claims zero tolerance of antisemitism.”

It is not surprising that Budapest’s unrepentant racist message is unconditionally supported by his Diplomats, Honorary Consuls and paid activists in North America.  Orbán appointed Hungarian Diaspora Council Presidents, Ms. Andrea Lauer-Rice in the US and Ms. Anna Szenthe in Canada are mum.  Lauer-Rice and Szenthe claim that their “umbrella organization” represents Hungarian Americans and Canadians.  Nothing is further from the truth.  The vast majority of US and Canadian citizens of Hungarian origin distance themselves from the Diaspora Council and firmly reject Orbán’s racism.

It is high time to eliminate the Hungarian Diaspora Council which is nothing more than Budapest’s vehicle to export far-right ideas to North America.

György Lázár


  1. Again and again we see the horns of this beast protruding from under the various mantles and arrays this bunch is cloaking itself in.
    Fascism it is, folks!

  2. Avatar Andras Boros-Kazai says:

    After reading the 7-page Orban speech in Hungarian (and in the somewhat clumsy English “translation”) I find that it contains little on ethnic/racial mixing and nothing particularly offensive. Even Zsuzsa Hegedus, a Leftist sociologist who resigned her govt position the day after the speech, re-considered (perhaps re-read the text) and cancelled her resignation in a letter to Orban that ended “Szeretettel, Zsuzsa.”

    As for the relationship between Hungary and the West, specifically the US, it is quite normal to have shared interests without enforcing “shared values.” After all, the Western Alliance sacrificed billions and some blood in their cooperation with Stalin’s evil empire without ever seriously mentioning “values shared” by, say, the US and the USSR.

    Many of us out here are not wholly supportive of the FIDESz coalition, and would welcome a sane Hungarian electoral alternative. The Gyurcsany crew had years to tack together something the voting majority could stomach, and failed. Parroting dogma and name-calling did not work in the 1950s, and is not likely to work now.

  3. Avatar Peter Medveczky says:

    Dear Hazaarulo Lazar, Obviously you are a traitor likely a good friend of Soros and ended up in the US probably as a spy for the former Hungarian bolsheviks. I am not intrersted in your stupid trashing of the Prime Minister of Hungary who is overwhelmingly supported by Hungarians.

  4. Avatar Göllner András says:

    While I agree with MR. Lázár’s comments I would draw our attention to the fact that Mr. Orbán is the darling not only of the Hungarian Diaspora Council, the Hungarian Foundation (headed by Anna Stumpf , the daughter of one of Orbán’s oldest cronies) the Hungarian Coalition, the Hungarian Initiatives, or dozens of other Hungarian organizations in the US and Canada but the entire Republican Party, led by the “Artificial Blond Bomber” at Mara Lago. himself. CEPAC held its national Congress in Orbán’s bedroom in June, Tucker Carlson and the entire highbrass at Fox are devotees, he is being fetted at another CEPAC event in Texas as I write this. The racist little crook is adored by millions around the world who have lost their ability to distinguish fact from fiction, illusion from reality. And of course, he’s in like Flynt with Putin, Xi jinping, and the Saudi meatgrinders. Just read the trolls that follow – he is the darling even of this rather forlorn underpass.

  5. Well, given that the US was built on colonists who demographically overwhelmed the native population and built a nation on those values, it is understandable why US does not agree with the concept of natives having the right to preserve their own national & ethnocultural identity. Although the remnants of those native cultures do in fact practice currently non-mixing by revoking native status from those who are too diluted with colonists. Maybe they are racists too for trying to salvage what is left. Hungary, as well as most East European societies, are largely trying to avoid following down this same path, but it may indeed be too late for many distinct West European distinct native nations. Colonists from ME-Africa and elsewhere already make up the majority population in many major towns in Europe and the trend is only accelerating it seems. By the end of this century, natives will make up just a small part of the population in most of those countries.

    Other than that, just to clarify, putting aside leftist interpretation of it, it is not really about racial purity and all that nonsense. It is about not taking the same demographic path that native Americans suffered due to Europe’s demographic overflow. In other words, it is OK to have some person in Hungary 200 years from now say “hey I am 1/8 Chinese”. It is not OK to get to the point where most of the population will be non-European and here and there will be someone saying “hey I am 1/8 native Hungarian”. That is in fact mathematically where most of the Western European nations are headed. They took the path without realizing it, and they are unlikely to get off of it. Most have been brainwashed into believing that even having any thoughts that this may not be OK is completely evil and unacceptable.

    Sad!!! For whatever reason Western Marxist globalist oligarchs seem to prefer a world where dozens of distinct native European cultures will be missing from the World’s beautiful diversity. They want to eventually homogenize the world’s population into a Multikulti soup, with no distinguishable ingredients left to identify in it. Same overboiled soup to be served in Tokyo, Tiblisi, or Tashkent. Of course, the globalist oligarchy will be in charge of this homogenous one global coombaya (A Stalinist gulag, with complete control over everyone’s life, with nowhere left to escape and take refuge).

  6. Orban does have a point….name one European country or European founded country that’s benefited from non European diversity.

  7. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    A very good and extremely important article, Gyuri!
    There is only one minor point you should correct: Orban’s antisemitic neo-Nazi words are not those of Budapest. Hungary’s capital was the only region of the country that, to a nearly 100-percent extent, voted against Orban’s party in the April elections that gave him a 2/3 absolute majority in the parliament.

  8. Avatar D, Fodor András says:

    Nagy (*moderated due to obscene language*) vagy Te, Gyurikám Lázáréktról, és Te is jó Kristófom, ha meg nem sértelek benneteket. Orbán Viktor beszéde annyira volt sem rasszista, mint a Talpra magyar, vagy a Megkötöm lovamat.

  9. Avatar D, Fodor András says:

    Az Orbán Viktort antiszemitizmussal vádoló megjegyzések igaztalanok.

  10. Avatar Peter Medveczky says:

    Bolsheviks have been actively supporting unregulated migration of millions of uneducated people to The USA, Canada, most European countries and Hungary. The result is predictable and the generous recipient coutries face very serious shortages in economic, educational and health services. So, why leftist communists allow this invasion so enthusiastically? First, they are hoping that the “immigrants” vote for them. Second, they want to transform the ethnic composition of the country resulting in weakening of national identity and allow systematic increase of hatred among various inhabitants the leftists call “racism”. These manipulations will allow replacement of countries by a global superclass. Reconstitution of the Soviet Union. Hungarians are not stupid and will not allow the globalist trash to occupy their home!

  11. Jay 11.40
    In modern history the Europeans were primarily conquering and colonizing hence there was negligible inflow of people from other continents. Going back however you may look at Rome-Byzantium, the Iberian kingdoms. Rome even imported a religion from an obscure province,, which slowly conquered Europe drastically changing its culture, terrible, no?

  12. More wordsmith wokist language. I suppose as the open and democratically elected spokesperson for Hungarians in North America,your words are unassailable. Vampires live of negativity. If you ve got nothing better to do than portray Hungary as a pro Russian anti human rights racist country…..then don’t bother! There’s so much positives Hungary has got,like culture and history and lots if other stuff. The Hungarian free press is clearly an anti Hungarian CIA media bullshit operation. Are you sat confortabley in the US ,while slagging off Hungary and portraying Hungarians as blind racists? Victor and Putin ,and others are a clear moral example of leadership. Fuck me ,you espouse your pie in the sky veiw of wokist perfection then just concentrate on a personality attack. Victor is no angel ,but he’s not a Zionist masonic internationalist like you. Tell us all what the Hungarian free press stands for! Transvestism for junior school….the active promotion of homosexuality ,an abandonment of civil rights.??? On behalf of constructive objective truth ,could you stfu.All you are doing with your evangelical rabbinical enthusiasm is making people realise that old values are best.

  13. Jay 11.24
    I’m also against mass migration, but I’m against your new fascism as well. The European democracies have been controlling immigration for decades now, but they should be fighting the new fascists who use mss propaganda and blatant “big lies” to camouflage their goals of drastically and IRREVERSIBLY change the political, social and cultural life.

  14. Avatar Peter Medveczky says:

    Another nonsense comment by Gyuri! Hungary is a small country with a unique language, history and culture. This ugly envoy, old Debbie Lipstadt sent by Pocahontas can just turn around and go home. Lipstadt should read a book by TÁBOR BÉLA: A zsidóság két útja. Tabor was a Hungarian Jewish philosopher and he emphasized the importance of race which is an essential part of being Jewish. Race is also an important factor in the lives of many other nations. It is a fact and being part of a race is not nazism. There are many races; they are based on a large group of people often inter-marry therefore genetically related. Of course, there are no pure or superior races. Orban was elected by Hungarians and his job is to protect the Hungarian people, border language and culture, and yes, their race. Globalists, AKA communist criminals hate nationalism and not surprisingly, hate Hungary. Nobody cares…

  15. I left Hungary almost 40 years ago when it was essentially a colony of the Soviet Empire. You had to learn Russian, travel was restricted, at the workplace November 7 was the celebration all were required to participate in (remember this was the largest holiday for the Empire). Now we have a new Russian Empire, and they love Peter the Great and Stalin again.
    Just tell me one thing: why are the current Hungarian political elites so attracted to making Hungary a colony of the Russian Empire again? This is what the Orban lovers cannot explain. The racism, overt or covert, is of course unacceptable.

    • Can you reasonably explain why you believe that Hungary is becoming a “colony” of the Russian empire? Not to mention that this “Russian Empire” thesis is more of a propaganda slogan meant to maintain enthusiasm for our proxy war against Russia than reality. Before Maidan Russia was already busy setting the plans for its economic and geopolitical pivot towards Asia. One would need to be truly out of touch with reality to believe that Russia actually wants to forge an empire in Europe. To what end? The place is poor in natural resources, collapsing demographically, it is far behind the US & China technologically. What could Russia possibly gain out of it. The only reason there is a conflict in Ukraine is that we have been poking the Russian bear with that Ukraine stick intensely for a decade now in the hope that our oligarchs could get a puppet into power in Russia, so they can control the stuff that the Russian oligarchs are sitting on. Russia will secure its security by taking the ethnic-Russian areas and then move on to Asia in terms of its economic and geopolitical interests. I cannot get over the level of delusion among many people who think that Europe is still a prized piece of real estate. The place is surging in global irelevance with every year that passes. Hungary’s government recognizes it and is trying not to be completely excluded from the rest of the world by the Western EU neo-colonial powers that dominate the Eastern region.

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