President Biden nominates David Pressman as US Ambassador to Budapest

On Friday, May 13, 2022 President Biden announced his intent to nominate David Pressman, Nominee for Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Hungary.

The official announcement reads:  “David Pressman is the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs.  At the United Nations, Pressman represented the United States on the United Nations Security Council and led U.S. negotiations on a range of threats to international peace and security, with a particular focus on issues involving Europe, Russia, East Asia and the Pacific, and Africa.

Earlier, Pressman served at the Department of Homeland Security as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, at the White House as Director for War Crimes and Atrocities on the National Security Council, and at the Department of State as an aide to Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright. Pressman is currently a partner at Jenner & Block LLP where he represents clients in national security and human rights related litigation. A prominent international human rights lawyer, Pressman has held leadership roles in multiple nonprofit organizations committed to advancing international human rights and is the past co-chair of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Law Committee.

Pressman received his Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and his Juris Doctor degree from New York University School of Law.”

Pressman is 45 years old.  He was raised in a Jewish family and involved in the work of AJC (American Jewish Committee).  Pressman is also close with Hollywood celebrities; in the past he worked with the  George and Amal Clooney’s family foundation and also co-founded a human rights organization with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

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  1. Avatar Göllner András says:

    A much better, wiser choice for America, and for Hungarians who oppose the criminal gang that’s running their country, than the one engineered by the Artificial Blond Bomber (aka Donald Trump,) when he appointed his, Arthur J. Finkelstein’s and Rudy Giuliani’s partner in crime, New York diamond merchant David B. Cornstein in 2017, as his back-channel to Orbán in Hungary and to the autocrats Finkelstein helped to catapult into power in Putin’s Eastern orbit.

    Trump’s ambassador, Cornstein played an active role not only in legitimizing Putin’s Trojan Horse within the Western alliance (Orbán), in prolonging Hungary’s corrupt autocracy, or in undermining Hungary’s civil rights movements, but in those disgusting attempts by Trump and Giuliani, to undermine the credibility of the Ukrainian government of Volodymyr Zelensky prior to the start of the 2020 presidential campaign and in emboldening Putin to embark upon his inhuman, unprovoked war crimes against her smaller and militarily weaker neighbor. Let’s hope the enabling of fortune hunting autocrats by Donald Trump’s Republicans (see this space for a follow up on CPAC’s Budapest summit this month) will be resisted by all those who recognize the threat posed to equal rights, justice, world peace and the survival of the planet, when diamond merchants are allowed to posture as diplomats in support of “freedom” and “democracy”.

    For additional insights please see:

    • Yes, much better if one wants to further the agenda of the globalist oligarchs. I am truly puzzled why ordinary people want to support that agenda. Just looking at what oligarchs like Bill Gates have been saying “by 2030 everyone in the western world should give up on eating meat and eat fake meat instead”, or “I can fly my private jet because I am rich and I can offset emissions, but everyone else who cannot, should stop flying altoghether”. It is basically the ESG score plan. Add to it the cancel tyranny, and it is like, 1984, Elysium and Soylent Green nightmares, all packaged into one neo-Marxist dream. Not sure why so many ordinary people want to subscribe to that dream. I can understand why Bill Gates does, along with all the other globalist oligarchs.

      By comparison, petty local Hungarian oligarchs seem benign. Their dream does not involve any such mass-social-engineering. They just want to get money so they can get a yacht, so they can spend on expensive prostitutes to enjoy on that yacht, along with some expensive drinks and some luxurious food.

      Why some neo-Marxist expat Hungarians want to see regime change in favor of globalist oligarchs in Hungary is beyond me. Must everyone be subjected to your nightmare?

  2. Avatar Andras Boros-Kazai says:

    Turn down the hatred a bit. Orban may not be as good as his voters think, but he sure as hell is better than the Gyurcsany crew. Otherwise he would not keep getting re-elected with such ease.
    We would welcome a useful-acceptable alternative: Where are they?
    I base this opinion on what I see during frequent visits to Bp. and the daily use of Hungary’s hugely diverse press and media.

  3. Avatar Göllner András says:

    I guess I’m left to deal with the two dedicated losers that are sent down here by Orbán’s troll-farm managers every-time something passes overhead that is not to the liking of Mr. Putin’s Hungarian Trojan Horse, Viktor Orbán.

    Joey: Thank you for sharing with us the Orbán oligarchs’ fondest dreams. I didn’t say it you did: “They just want to get money so they can get a yacht, so they can spend on expensive prostitutes” If that’s not an echte neo-Marxist f-bomb then I’m the virgin Mary and you’re St Stephen’s holy crown.

    Boroska: You’ve out-performed your buddy Joey in your haste to reveal your stupidity. Your description of Hungary’s media coverage of the news as “hugely diverse” is as close to the truth as Trump’s claim that he scored a “huge” victory over Biden in the 2020 Presidential elections or his claim that women love it when strange men “grab ’em by the pussy”.

    Hey woke brothers ! Joey, Boroska! Listen to me now and hear me later ! Woke is the past tense of wake. Cut to the chase, get ahead of the game. Bros ! I’m turnin’ down the hatred a bit now to get a bit of a rise outa you two. You don’t deserve to be hangin’ around down here with the neo-Marxist riff-raff. Why don’t you just git outa here and head down to the Adriatic, git on one of those big fancy yachts favored by the Hungarian oligarchs, and “grab yourself some pussy” after the big boys have done playin’ with ’em ? Huh ? You can live like your heroes without spending a penny….. jest don’t get caught red handed wokes and come back whining to us neo-Marxists down here. Twice bitten, four more to chew….

    • “Joey: Thank you for sharing with us the Orbán oligarchs’ fondest dreams. I didn’t say it you did: “They just want to get money so they can get a yacht, so they can spend on expensive prostitutes” ….”

      Yes, I can see things for what they are, because I am a realist. You do not see your oligarchs for what they are, because they speak the right language to tickle your ideological inclinations, which leaves you completely disarmed. You are an idealist, in other words easy to manipulate, AKA “Useful idiot”.

      “Why don’t you just git outa here and head down to the Adriatic, git on one of those big fancy yachts favored by the Hungarian oligarchs, and “grab yourself some pussy” …”

      You truly are completely removed from reality. Trolls are kept on the troll farm, they are not invited on the oligarch yachts. Us trolls get our pussy the good old-fashioned way. We start with some charm to gain access, then keep access to it by showing affection, compassion, understanding, and of course commitment.

      And us trolls just want our oligarchs to leave us the fuck alone, while they do whatever the fuck they want to do. We do not want them to impose ESG scores on us, which will dictate whether we have the right to board a plane, or eat a steak.

      So yes, we do not get invited on that yacht. Just like you will not get invited on Bill Gates’ private jet, as he zips off to some oligarch island, where they will all fly off to eat a steak for lunch. Remember? They are rich and they can afford to offset their emissions footprint. Your oligarch in his own words:

      “I am offsetting my carbon emissions by buying clean aviation fuel and funding carbon capture and funding low cost housing projects to use electricity instead of natural gas” This was his answer when asked about his use of private jet, even as he preaches against us serfs flying on a plane.

      But I guess, even though you might not get invited to join one of your oligarchs for a steak lunch, you are on the right side of the higher ed racket, so you might earn just enough to invest in achieving an ESG score that will allow you to eat real meat, perhaps once a month, as a treat (a treat, compared with the version of Soylent Green that Bill Gates wants to feed us). But how about all the underemployed former students, with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, working at Timmies to keep with the minimum payments? How will they ever get an ESG score that will allow them to do much of anything? And BTW, what is that underemployment rate for those graduating from your department?

      Here is for some reference:

      Now, this does not include those who are not considered under-employed, because they get a job in the field, but end up underpaid, earning wages similar to someone working a job that does not require a degree. There are also many of those!

      So really? You think that the petty local Hungarian oligarchs are worse than your enlightened globalist oligarchs? They even say it out loud, like Bill Gates does. I guess a PhD is not enough to pick up on it. Clearly, one needs the special education one receives on a troll farm to understand the implications.

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