Orbán’s propaganda calls Ukraine’s President Zelensky a “Jewish comedian”

Viktor Orbán’s vicious propaganda machine is in overdrive.  Lately, it surprised me again. The recent attack on Ukraine’s hero President Zelensky is a new low.  Pro-Orbán media calls him a “Jewish comedian” and the ongoing anti-Ukraine propaganda, mixed with a healthy dose of anti-Semitism, is well received by Orbán supporters.

President Zelensky

The Hungarian Prime Minister never made it secret that he admires Russian President Putin.  His recent re-election campaign added a new color, a strong anti-Ukraine sentiment.

Orbán won and thundered “We have such a victory, it can be seen from the Moon”.  Well, international observers were more restrained and raised serious concerns, saying the electoral conditions were not democratic; the field was heavily tilted in favor of Orbán’s Fidesz party. Nothing is new here. Orbán enjoys an unfair advantage after he successfully rigged the country’s electoral system and controls much of the country’s media.

Orbán also attacked the long list of his enemies, “Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros empire – with all its money – the international mainstream media, and in the end, even the Ukrainian president. We never had so many opponents at the same time.”

To set the stage to re-election Orbán introduced an anti-LGBTQ+ referendum which labelled gay people as pedophiles.  The referendum’s questions were so distasteful (and confusing) that the majority of voters decided to ignore it and the referendum failed.  Earlier Orbán claimed that the success of the referendum is essential to protect Hungarian families.

Zelensky has repeatedly asked for Hungary’s help and said that sooner or later Orbán has to choose between Moscow and the “other world.”  Kiev’s ambassador to Hungary, Lyubov Nepop also criticized Orbán for not helping in the war against Putin and she warned “You will be next, Putin won’t stop!”

Ambassador Nepop

After that the gloves came off.  Orbán called Zelensky “a soap-opera actor” and Ambassador Nepop was summoned by Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó ”over insulting remarks by Ukrainian authorities directed against the Hungarian leadership.”  This was a bit bizarre since Orbán had insulted Zelensky. “The Ukrainian leaders should stop insulting Hungary and recognize the will of Hungarian people,” Szijjártó also added that “we won’t deliver arms nor vote for energy sanctions” against Putin.

Zsolt Bayer and Viktor Orbán

Clear words. Orbán’s new Master is now Putin and Zelensky is Orbán’s enemy. Orbán is Hungary, representing the will of all Hungarians. (The older folks might remember Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Führer!…)

After that Orbán’s media attack dogs were let out from their cages.  Zsolt Bayer his far-right star journalist friend and founding member of the ruling Fidesz party started to refer to Zelensky as the “Jewish comedian.”

Orbán’s propaganda reached a new low.


George Lazar

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