A lesson in defeat — Hungary’s united democratic opposition suffers unexpectedly poor result

Election night in Hungary was as good as it could be for Fidesz and proved as awful as possible for Péter Márki-Zay’s United for Hungary. Not only did Fidesz sail to victory, but rather helpfully, a small anti-vaxxer hard-right party called Mi Hazánk — formed by former Jobbik members that disagreed with a turn to more moderate politics — managed to cross the minimum 5 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation. That’s not something any pollster predicted in the last weeks of the election. I say that Mi Hazánk will prove useful to Fidesz because the ruling regime can now point to a far-right wing bogeyman and return to the strategy it once used with Jobbik to convince people that a vote for Viktor Orbán’s movement is the only way to keep the extremists out. Of course, anyone with sense and knowledge knows that the Mr. Orbán’s party is the home of extremists — and oligarchs.

We’ll have to wait a few days for the final results — notably mail-in ballots and votes cast at diplomatic missions abroad. But the results we have now are abundantly clear (popular vote and seat count):

  • Fidesz-KDNP: 53%  (135 seats)
  • United for Hungary: 35% (56 seats)
  • Mi Hazánk: 6% (7 seats)
  • German minority: –% (1 seat)

Mr. Márki-Zay conceded defeat in a speech given in Budapest’s City Park. “I’m as devastated as everyone else, I don’t want to hide my disappointment — we never thought this would be the result. There’s no way around it,” he said. “We acknowledge the victory of Fidesz. We do not dispute that Fidesz won this election. But many dispute that it was a democratic and free election,” he added.

And indeed, it wasn’t. We’re not only talking about gerrymandering, but also about the massive media imbalance that skews to Fidesz, the partisan pay-offs and the Fidesz clientele — people whose livelihoods and financial fortune depend on the regime. As a state, Hungary is hollowed-out. There’s Fidesz — and, more accurately — there is Mr. Orbán and little else. Opposition politicians, for instance, rarely appear on taxpayer-funded public television — a platform that is nothing more than a conveyor of party propaganda for Fidesz.

Opposition politicians, activists and voters approached the polls with resolve and guarded optimism. The parties of United for Hungary also managed to stay on message and to avoid any major faux pas or in-fighting, despite the unprecedented political diversity of this electoral coalition. For 12 years, it was often repeated that only by complete unity can the opposition unseat the Fidesz regime. Finally, this unity — from Jobbik all the way to the Democratic Coalition — was achieved. And finally, it achieved nothing. Fidesz is as dominant as ever — and now it has a politically useful third party in parliament as well.

Some on the opposition side met the results of a Medián poll with fury — the poll showed a 10 percent Fidesz victory. The end result, of course, is much worse.

In the coming weeks and months the sentiment in opposition ranks that Fidesz cannot be removed from power through normal, democratic means will take root. It raises the question of whether it is finally time for the entire opposition to boycott parliament and the regime — and show the European Union in no uncertain terms the one-party state that Hungary has become.



  1. I thought Victor and his chums was the dangerous right wing opposition…….according to the last ten years. So …..now you advocate completely ignoring Hungarian political institutions and go wining like a batch to the EEC…? Is not that fundamentally…treason against the country? No one likes a whiner. No doubt Victor s lot have had a boost in votes due to his policies on immigration and Hungarian independent stance towards the USA s/ UK/ Euro inspired and concocted fake war in Ukraine.
    In these times strong independent nations must stay strong against full spectrum blackmail and economic coercion. So you lost the football game and now you ve decided to pop the football so no one can play. Behaving like some old self righteous government in exile living off western money won’t do Hungary any favours.
    I do not wish to belittle Hungarian voters or their country I know so little about Hungary….BUT many times Hungarian free Press comes across as a dispora of wise virgins who think they know best for Hungary……whilst living abroad . Ask the Hungarian voters if they should reject Hungarian democratic institutions before you decide to make it part of your knee jerk reaction agenda to loosing the election. Hungary has voted and wether we agree or not we should respect that vote.
    How many countries have their own currency in Europe? At least Hungary has genuine sovereignty. Not perfect but deffo an example to many other nations.Bless you all Hungarian people.

  2. Avatar Göllner András says:

    This fourth renewal of Mr. Orbán’s malpractice – his licence to systemically destroy the ability of Hungary’s common folk to distinguish right from wrong, friend from foe, illusion from reality, will not end well especially now that China and Russia are coming to hold all of the country’s aces. The “fire next time” will no longer confine itself to the boundaries set for it by Hungary’s firefighters. Everyone should fasten their seat-belts: this fourth movement is the finalé of Hungary’s unfinished counterrevolutionary rhapsody that began over a century ago. The ending will not be a lullaby.

  3. Avatar Gyula Bognar, Jr. says:

    A hamisított múltba fordult, önfényező, soviniszta magyarkodók a viktorban hisznek.
    Nekik a viktor a megmondó emberük, nélküle fogalmuk sincs miként éljenek, mihez tartsák magukat, mit gondoljanak, mit mondjanak, de ők a viktor “nemzeti” emberei.
    “Minden nemzetnek olyan kormánya van, amilyenre képes.”
    (“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.”)
    Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821)
    Sajnos csak 1.7 millió ember volt Fidesztánban, (a viktor magán hercegségében) akik annyira szégyellik azt, hogy a Putin pincsi viktor morálisan és anyagilag teljesen lezüllesztette az országot, hogy elmentek szavazni ellene.

  4. On the fair playing field issue, Hungary is fairer than most Western countries. Trump faced 90%+ negative media coverage in both elections he ran in. Big tech censorship and distortion of information flows were also rampant. There was the deep state smear campaign, academia that has been brainwashing entire generations into Neo-Marxist, globalist thinking. It seems unfair, only because most Westerners are used to seeing an overwhelming level of institutional support for the establishment currently in power, supported by our oligarchs. Yes “conservatives” can win, but they really have to be conservatives with quotation marks around them. They have to be aproved by the oligarchs that form our current power structure behind the puppets. They have to be puppets that can be controlled, most often through levers such as blackmail. That is why the establishment freaked out when Trump won.

    Going back to Hungary, it is not favorable media coverage that Orban draws support from, though it helps not to get the Trump treatment. I recently spoke with someone of Romanian descent from Gyula. Speaks Romanian, thus gets plenty of negative coverage about Orban from Romanian media. But, with 3 kids, as a family that took advantage of Hungary’s generous family programs for middle class parents, he adamantly said that he would never vote for anyone else. He wants to see his kids benefit from similar programs when they grow up. And just as fellow ethnic Hungarians in Hungary, he does not wish to see a demographic outcome, similar to where countries like Sweden, France and others are headed, where within decades many of those countries are set to no longer have a native European majority. And of course, the process will not stop with losing majority, we all know that.

    Orban delivered on bread & butter issues, speaks some basic common sense on many other issues, whereas the current leftist path in the West gives rise to issues, such as men being able to access girl’s showers by only claiming that they are Trans. What normal human being would want that for themselves, their daughters, their wives? But by far the greatest gift for Orban’s career has been Gyurcsy and his supporters. There is the ruinous path for Hungary in the 2002-2010 period, while their far-left, globalist, anti-Hungarian ideology will always serve as a reppelant for the more normal voters and I do think that it has been a key ingredient in Orban’s wins since 2010.

  5. @Gollner Andras

    The last two+ elections, you had referred to us true Hungary and Orban supporters as being in the “minority”? What say you today? How is Canada doing, and when was the last time you were actually in Hungary? You spout much academic rhetoric, but I truly wonder if beyond your Poli-sci teachings, you ever actually appreciate how much the country has evolved and progressed and how much has been done for the people. There will always be those who complain regardless of their situations, but I would contend that more has been done to enrich quality of life than not.

    Could it be your so-called “illusion” of the country is growing ever distant from its actual reality?

    • On most measures, ranging from people at risk of poverty cut in half, a million more jobs, average wages increasing by 100% since 2010 in euro terms, the fertility rate rising from a ruinous 1.2 in 2010, to 1.6 last year, this government earned people’s vote, through their record. And through 12 years, a global pandemic crisis, this government did not increase Hungary’s debt/GDP ratio, meaning that what they have done is sustainable.

      The problem with Prof. Gollner and others like him is that this is not the Hungary they want to see. They want a Hungary with 1.2 fertility rate, which is then used to advocate to have the place colonized with ME-African colonists. They want young Hungarian people in turn to leave Hungary for lack of opportunities. They want a Hungary, where just like Sweden, France and most other homes of distinct native European cultures, the only thing left of the native Hungarians will be perhaps the name (Hungary). Perhaps in time not even that.

      These people were raised with racial-Marxist hatred in their hearts. Europeans are the nasty oppressors of this planet, and just like the privileged kulaks, they need to be eliminated in order to create a more perfect world, with global government, no distinct native cultures. Just a multikulti soup that will taste the same from Tiblisi to Tashkent, to be ruled by the globalist oligarchy.

  6. Avatar Dr, FODOR ANDRÁS says:

    Is the grape acidic, is it not?

  7. Avatar Göllner András says:

    To the gloating trolls above.

    Joe: You say “Hungary is fairer than most Western countries” Don’t say it, prove it with empirically verifiable facts and I’ll come over and shine your shoes if you succeed doing so

    Dan: You are right in identifying me as having said that in Hungary’s last two elections a minority of the eligible voters provided 2/3rd of the seats in Hungary’s parliament for Orbán’s party. I say the same thing again. A minority of Hungary’s eligible voters provided Fidesz with 2/3 of the seats in Parliament. Prove me wrong and I’ll spit-shine your shoes too.

    Fodor: You don’t deserve an answer because you are an arshole. Come and shine my shoes.

    Anyone else waiting for a response? .

    • Empirically verifiable facts? When was the last time you offered any such facts here?

      I already did provide it. I cited the US 2020 election, where as I pointed out Trump faced a 90% + negative media coverage, not to mention Big Tech mischief, including suppression of information, cancel mob intimidation, with people from all walks of life losing their jobs for daring to be ideologically incorrect. Deep state also played a role in smearing Trump, while it helped whitewash the Biden family mischief that was uncovered on Hunter’s laptop just before the election.


      Last numbers I saw in regards to media bias in Hungary, it was put at around three quarters favoring the government. So, empirically speaking, Hungarian opposition had a far more favorable situation in this respect than Trump did in the last election. Unless you will use your academic mental abilities to argue that 75% is higher than 90%!

      Not to mention all the other factors I mentioned.

      This year LePenn will be faced with pretty much 100% negative French MSM coverage when she will take on the French Macarell. Is 100% lower than 75%?

      As for your point in regards to Hungary’s seat distribution not reflecting proportional system? It is lame! Mathematically speaking one party could take prety much 100% of the seats in Canada’s legislature with only 30% support. In practice, 40% support ensures a majority most of the time. Then, Canada is less democratic than Hungary, since Hungary still has a proportional component to the system.

    • 40% support in Canada among voting citizens, means about 25% of all eligible voters. Canada not much of a democracy, when measured by your suggested parameters.

  8. Avatar Göllner András says:

    @ Joe

    “Empirically verifiable facts? When was the last time you offered any such facts here?”

    Yesterday, when I called you a troll. Any other questions ?
    As for that example you gave of the “empirical verifiability” of your data (I’m quoting you: “I cited the US 2020 election, where as I pointed out Trump faced a 90% + negative media coverage”) – BS is not verifiable data, troll !! BS is BS, and you are a primary provider of that waste product in this underpass. When you prove empirically that Trump faced 90% + media coverage in the 2020 campaign, I’ll come and shine your shoes. Go for it, break a leg dummy 🙂

  9. Avatar Göllner András says:

    @ Joe

    Cite me one, just one study butplug that is not from your handlers and offers empirically verifiable evidence for your claim that during the last US elections “Trump faced a 90% + negative media coverage” and I’ll release you from that mighty sphincter muscle that’s holding you oooh so tight in its grip. No need for two or three BP, just one. Make a run for the fresh air Joey, here is your chance to say goodbye forever to Fabreeze 🙂 🙂

  10. Avatar Göllner András says:

    @ Joe

    Nice gamble that no one will follow up on your sleight of hand. I did, because I am a fact checker rather than a buttplug like you.

    Joe. I’m afraid, the sphincter muscle that’s holding you captive cannot be released. First, you have spent the past years down here telling us that one cannot trust the left.wing media because it is the enemy of the people, and now you are using one of its members as your information source? This maneuver alone entitles you to remain snugly embedded between the ass-cheeks of your employer. But this is NOT, your biggest problem Joey.

    Your biggest problem is that you are a liar, and liars can only cut cheese, they cannot cut mustard. Follow what I’m sayin’ ? What I’m trying to say is that you stink and your evidence is false. There are no Harvard studies in support of your lie. not even that journalist at the WP is in support of the claims you are trying to attribute to him. He did not include in his sample the market segment addressed by right wing media, Fox, Newsmax, America One, Britebart, the vast network of AM radio talk-hosts or social media that is bigger than any other medium today. Erik the Red at WP was talking of a particular subset of the American media market, the liberal mainstream and you have taken it upon yourself to distort what he wrote by extending his coverage to the entire US media market.

    Joe. I hate to tell you this but the uborka season is not here yet. You are an artificial buttplug. The best I can do for you is to promise that I will put in a word with your employer and suggest that when the time is ripe he replace you with an uborka (preferably one that is kosher, if you have no objections). In the meantime, hang in there buddy you’ve got nothing to luse but your sense of smell, and me thinks you’ve lost that a long time ago.

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