Stop Hungarian glorification of WWII-era fascists in the US – a letter to Congressman Deutch

Congressman Theodore Eliot Deutch is representing Florida’s 22nd Congressional District since 2010.  His district is the home of many Americans of Hungarian origin in the State of Florida.  I called on the Congressman to condemn recent efforts of the Hungarian Government to promote WWII-era fascists in the United States.


Dear Congressman Deutch,

In 2015 you wrote a letter to Prime of Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán to oppose the erection of a government-funded memorial to Bálint Hóman, a known Nazi collaborator.

Now I’m asking you to join me in protesting the erection of statues of Mr. Albert Wass, a convicted WWII criminal in your home state, Florida.

Wass, a Romanian of Hungarian origin was convicted for participating in murdering Jews and Romanians.  He was also a writer and his anti-Semitic short story is featured by US neo-Nazi portal, Stormfront.   Wass committed suicide in 1998.   

Wass Albert

In 2015 the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for canceling programs glorifying this “World War II Nazi collaborator.”   Yet, the cult of Albert Wass is still supported by the government of Hungary and now imported to the United States.

The Hungarian House in Miami (2230 NW 14th St, Miami, Florida 33125) has held events honoring Wass and inaugurated his statue with Hungarian diplomats and politicians present.  Ms. Perta Schmitt, Hungarian Consul in Miami and Ms. Katalin Szili, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s commissioner in charge of minority protection and autonomy from Budapest attended the event.   Ms. Anikó Kubatov, Trade Attaché at Consulate of Hungary in Miami gave the speech to inaugurate the Wass statue.

Another Hungarian organization in Florida, the Petőfi Club (165 N. Jackson Rd, Venice, FL, 34292) is having a Wass event on February 19, 2022.

In the last couple of years many of us called on the Hungarian Ambassador in Washington DC, and objected to his government promoting WWII-era fascists.  The US Holocaust Museum warned that the purpose of these propaganda attempts of “the Fidesz political party and the Hungarian government that Mr. Orbán leads is to rewrite Hungarian history.”

Let’s not let that happen.


Please join me and call Congressman Deutch on (202) 225-3001 in Washington DC or  (561) 470-5440 in Boca Raton, Florida

You may also send him an email by clicking here



  1. Avatar Göllner András says:

    Very important initiative. I hope many others will speak up and make their views known to the Florida Congressman about the unacceptability of keeping the spirit of Hungarian antisemitism alive in Florida, or anywhere else in the USA.

  2. Yes, I’m sure some people would only approve of the glorification of Communist monsters in Bela Khun’s time or post-WW2 Hungary. Admiral Horthy saved Hungary from Khun’s terrorist regime. And, Victor Orban is making sure Hungary will be for Hungarians without ridiculous and destructive Leftist WOKE influences.

  3. The root of the problem with Gyorgy Lazar’s argument is that he continues to cite the persecution of Wass Albert at the hands of the Romanian authorities as proof of his guilt. It was during a period when Romania was engaged in a criminal effort to homogenize the multiethnic region of Transylvania. Ethnic Hungarians and Germans suffered a great deal of abuse in that period. Deportations, colonization of areas where they lived with ethnic Romanians or Rromas meant to change ethnic composition of communities. Intellectual elites were also hounded, to the point where they either fled or committed suicide. If one takes a glance at the work of Wass Albert it quickly becomes evident why they wanted to drag his reputation through the mud. The fact that Gyorgy Lazar continues the work of those criminals by trying to legitimize their behavior is grotesque. It is like trying to legitimize the ethnic cleansing activities of China against the Tibetan minority or against the Uighurs. Why does the HFP provide a platform for this hateful anti Hungarian propaganda?

    Want to attack Wass Albert? Fine! But not through citing the criminal actions of the Romanian authorities of that time.

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