Who finances right-wing Hungarian portals in North America?

There is growing concern that Putin’s Russia established a network of websites to spread disinformation and political propaganda in the US.  And how about Viktor Orbán’s Hungary?

According to public records the Clevelandi Magyarokért Foundation was registered on December 5, 2019 in North Olmsted, Ohio as a non-profit entity.   Within weeks the organization received 1.5 million Ft support from the Orbán government.  (DSZT-KP-1-2020/1-000305, Bethlen Gábor Alap)

The Foundation operates a sleek, well-designed “news” website worth taking a look at.  In the Hungarian section dozens of articles cover the US presidential election and the overall message is that President Biden is a fraudster.  Titles include “Fraud of the century” (read here), and “USB cards were used for voter fraud in Pennsylvania” (read here) just to mention two.  A piece from the late far-right Hungarian politician István Csurka praises China (read here), Philip Rákay, a right wing Hungarian journalist wants President Biden to be more respectful to Russian President Putin (read here).   There is also a piece from Newt Gingrich, Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president (read here) and hundreds of similar articles.  It seems that many of the content is sourced from Hungary-based right-wing portals, the site has no writers in the US.

It is clear that this is an anti-Biden portal with a strong pro-China and pro-Putin slant.  I couldn’t find one piece supporting US democrats or criticizing Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s policies.

Obviously the Clevelandi Magyarokért Foundation has every right to express its political views.  But who pays for the content?  In the US we have laws governing non-profits and political propaganda.  The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 “requires certain agents of foreign principals who are engaged in political activities or other activities specified under the statute to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities.”

Does the Clevelandi Magyarokért Foundation satisfy non-profit requirements and the FARA law?  I’m not qualified to form a legal opinion but legal minds should look into it.

Mr. Peter Szilágyi ministerial commissioner responsible for Hungarian communities abroad, (far right) Ms. Zita Bencsik, Consul General of Chicago and Mr. Csibi in 2020.

The Foundation is run by Mr. Lóránd Csibi who arrived to Cleveland from Transylvania about 20 years ago as a happy winner in the visa lottery. In 2010 he supported Jobbik and attended Gábor Vona’s mega-rally.  The far-right Jobbik Party and Magyar Gárda leader held a successful two-day event in Cleveland with 300 participants.  It was organized by “a man from Florida,” Mr. Csibi declined to name him.

Mr. Csibi says that he does not use Hungarian government money to operate his portal.

Mr. Vona (third from right) with Mr. Csibi (fourth from right) in Cleveland in 2010.

The U.S. Government is taking foreign financed propaganda more seriously lately and has a dedicated center for countering the activities.  The Global Engagement Center at the U.S. Department of State has defined the so called Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem which has five main pillars: official government communications, state-funded global messaging, cultivation of proxy sources, weaponization of social media, and cyber-enabled disinformation.

It is worth reading their report. (Read more about foreign financed propaganda here)

György Lázár


  1. —— what a great article, gyo”rgy . no hyperbole, all the statements backed up with easily-accessible references .

    bravo !

  2. Avatar Göllner András says:

    Important subject this – the aggressive spread of the virus that was developed in the US, field tested in the former territories of the Soviet Empire, including Hungary, and is now spreading like a plague in the USA by destroying the ability of ordinary human beings to distinguish fact from fiction, illusion from reality.

    The only thing more interesting than the spread of Orbán’s disinformation campaign in the US is why there aren’t any American Hungarian organizations with any kind of visibility, like the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter was in Canada between 2011 and 2017 that dares to stand up and fight against this destructive disease . The latter was a visibly effective thorn in the side of the Orbán lobby in Canada until it outlived its necessity, because by 2017 everyone north of the 49 parallel knew the meaning of O1G. The CHDC regularly wiped up the false floor of disinformation with Orbán’s Canadian Ambassador, Bálint Ódor and succeeded in meeting its mission of stopping Orbán’s billionaire buddies on Bay Street from enabling the Hungarian kleptocrat to set foot in this country. Orbán managed to sit down with his buddy in the White House. He never managed to do that with Stephen Harper in Canada.

    The problem to the south of us is not Orbán but the passivity and disinterest of American Hungarians to stand up for the truth. Fear also has a lot to do with it. Nobody wants to be the target of the Orbán regime’s character assassins (witness the well publicized stories and lies being spread in the Hungarian government run media, and through the Orbán funded diaspora networks about Mr. Lázár, this author or anyone who is critical of the criminal gang running Hungary.) Fear of the usual and distasteful Hungarian pass-time – the incessant backstabbing that is a permanent feature of Hungarian diaspora organizations and one that plagued the CHDC as well – is also a part of this phenomenon. It seems as if American Hungarians are more interested in the bakshish, the decorations, the free trips to Budapest, the business opportunities, than to protect Amerca’s ailing democracy from the virus Hungaricus.

  3. With so much dirty linen Orbán needs a large contingent to launder it, but it’s so soiled that even after so many millions of dollars spent it still looks dirty, as it is.

  4. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Big, Thanks! I couldn’t print the expletives of the late Honorary Consul Böjtös about the Cleveland Jobbik rally and participants… and of course you are probably familiar with statements from Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH)… Best -g

  5. I do find the publication generally has a polarised veiw,more time about politics than Hungarian people.
    Victor is dodgy but remember not so long ago he was chummy with the US west,involved in a bribes scandal with used jets.
    Please remember , Hungary still has its own currency and I ve found that for such a small country it has amazing tech ical.and egineeri g / industrial skills.
    I believe that bi polar debates about us..ussr are fit for the dinosaurs. Perhaps you could rename the publication ‘ ***K Victor …..I d love to read more about Hungarian people and Hungary. I really do admire the independant thought that many Hungarians bring to the party. Please do t fal into fiction of east west ideologies. You ll end up like Ukraine and Lithuania. Thanks for your hard work and love.

  6. Avatar Dez Szatmari says:

    Stupid “Hungarian spectrum” regulars crying about Orbán here on this blog too.
    What a bunch of frustrated fools you all are.
    Orbán will be re-elected in 22….and then what are you dumb wannabe Hunkies gonna do?
    Shame on all of you!

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