Murder on Fifth Avenue — A Global Perspective on the 2020 US Elections

Are the chickens coming home to roost in America? Are we witnessing the fulfilment of a two hundred year old prediction by John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers and the 2nd President of the USA? “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” (Letter to John Taylor of Carolina on December 17, 1814)

As America enters its third post-election week, not only Americans but people around the world are wondering – what is Donald Trump and the Republican Party leadership up to? Why have they abandoned their people in the middle of their biggest public health disaster? Why is the leader of the United States golfing, instead of leading? Why is Mitch McConnell refusing to give out the life-belts to tens of millions of drowning men and women, life-belts given to him months ago by the people’s representatives in Congress? Why are the Republicans playing with the lives and livelihood of tens of millions of working men and women by not allowing Joe Biden to get in front of the pandemic and the economic tsunami that will inevitably follow in its wake this winter? Last but not least, how can they do this with the enthusiastic support of many of the victims of the massacre themselves?

Those of us who live north of the 49th parallel are looking at the self-destructive behavior to the south of us in horror. For one, our hearts are filled with sadness and pain for our American brothers and sisters who are dying at a far greater rate than we are because of their leaders’ gross negligence. We recoil at the brutal, gruesome spectacle – the carpet-bombing of the minds of the most vulnerable. The disinformation campaign under way down south, destroys the ability of ordinary men and women – the ones who face the biggest danger – to distinguish between right and wrong, illusion and reality, robbing them of the ability to defend themselves against a tidal wave of destruction.

How can supposedly God fearing men and women do this to the children of God? How can the advocates of law and order get away with murder?

The President is doing it not only with “Dark Money”, the support of Wall Street, the Republican Party and the Christian Alt-Right: Half the country is hanging on his every tweet as if it was mana from heaven. All it would take is one tweet from him, and millions would drink the Cool-Aid that killed a thousand of the Reverend Jim Jones’ followers in their last refuge from reality in the middle Guyana’s jungle in 1978.

Over at Fox, Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham and Co, are doing it with smiles on their faces and on Rupert Murdoch’s money. Syndicated AM talk-radio hosts by the hundreds are dishing it out to tens of millions of followers throughout the country as public entertainment. They’re doing it on advertiser’s money. They all use the same fuel as the one that propelled Wrestling Mania to the top of the charts, enabled The Secret to outsell the New Testament not only in America but in far-away places such as Hungary, and brought us two world wars in the 20th century. On social media surfaces anything goes under the label of make-belief. There are no holds barred. The show will go on, even if it kills us.

Let us not kid ourselves: Canadians are not immune to the affinity fraud that’s destroying the soul of America. We too can be killed softly with this song. We have not been immunized against the virus that kills with a “love-song”. After a lengthy field-test of its latest, post-modern version on the territories of the former Soviet Empire, the political language of cyber-capitalism has come home at last. Americans no longer need to fear Russian intervention into their electoral system. The responsibility for that now is firmly in their own hands. God Bless America.

We must say it clearly lest we are misunderstood: It is not altruism but self-preservation that compels us to speak up against what we’re witnessing down south. Canadians are keenly aware of the fact that the performance of the American economy is the single most important factor behind their ability to prosper. The rudderless exposure of the American economy to the Covid pandemic is having a disastrous effect upon our economy as well and on the lives of tens of millions of hardworking men and women in Canada

We have listened to all of the excuses, looked at all of the secret revelations that purport to explain Donald Trump’s abnormal behavior. (His aversion to “big boy” pants, his inability to keep ticking after taking a licking, his preference for driving by the seat of his pants instead of following a carefully laid out road-map to an ecologically sustainable future.) We accept that the President’s children, and his Party colleagues are driven by a combination of love and fear of hurting his feelings when he’s down. We heard the calming voices from the Democrats as well. They reassure us that they know in their „heart of hearts” that eventually “America’s better angels will win out” and we should fear not because „the whole world is watching.”

Up here in the North, we are the world and we are the children. On our big screen silhouetted by our glorious Northern Lights, we’re watching a merciless dogfight: America’s “better angels” are being shot out of the sky, one by one by an Artificial Blond Bomber (copyright ABG) who has declared a war on all of God’s children around the world.

Mark Esper and the top leaders of the most powerful fighting force in the world were first to be shot down in flames after Biden’s victory. They were replaced by a gang of losers, one of whom is best known for his depiction of America’s first black President as a “Muslim Terrorist”. The leadership of the Department of Homeland Security was next to be decapitated. It’s now Gina Haspel’s (Director of the CIA) and Christopher Wray’s (Director of the FBI) turn to be shot down. The “better angel” at the Department of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, is long gone. He was replaced earlier by Ric (Nevada Kid) Grenell, then by John Ratcliff, two of Trump’s most despicable, cowardly snipers. The airspace over the Department of Justice has been unsafe for angels for over a year thanks to the Artificial Blond Bomber’s tail-gunner, Captain William Barr.  Over at the State Department the “Nuclear Option” is no longer concealed: the Koch brothers’ “Fat Boy”, big Mike Pompeo, is snug as a bug under the wings of The Artificial Blond Bomber as it wobbles down the runway for its second flight of fancy. And then there is “Mitch” and his Senators, packing the courts as if there was no tomorrow, while the better angels, like Ruth Ginsberg, are sent off to pasture.

Up here, under the Northern Lights, we have a clearer focus onto the Artificial Blond Bomber’s flight path. We can tell that that the decision to allow the Coronavirus to run free in America has nothing to do with the seat of the American President’s pants. It has even less to do with public health or “The Theory of Herd Immunity”. That “theatre”, that “remedy” is outside of this President’s field of vision. If public health mattered to him, he would not have chosen a radiologist for a role that calls for an immunologist, or at best, an epidemiologist. The much maligned Scott Atlas, is merely a stage-hand in a phony medical side-show that’s designed to take our eyes off center stage where preparations are well under way for the “Biggest Reality Show of the Century”.

Trump is not sulking but doing his best to destroy Joe Biden’s ability to save American lives. He is not watching TV – l’art pour l’art – but writing the script, the plot line, to a new episode of The Apprentice. This is the one in which a “cognitively impaired old man” – Sleepy Joe – will be depicted as falling asleep at the wheel, unable to do better than he, The Very Stable Genius, in the face of the Covid pandemic and the economic tsunami coming in its wake. He is preparing the part, where he will come in and say – you’re fired! That show will have a cast of millions, really, the biggest cast in the world.

There is nothing more dangerous one can do at this moment than to portray Donald Trump as a man without a plan. He has been on a single-minded mission ever since he put on his big-boy pants in his father’s house, ever since he met Roy Cohn, and hired the late Arthur J Finkelstein to teach him how to spin, how to master the language of affinity-fraud. Trump has followed the same flight path all his adult life: the destruction of his clients’ – now the citizens of America – ability to distinguish illusion from reality. His true confession came, when he publicly bragged about his ability to shoot someone in the face in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and go on from there to the White House. He has come a long way:  it’s no longer a single act, but mass-murder he wants to get away with. It is no longer the lives of Americans, but the lives of all the peoples of the Americas, and perhaps of the planet that hang in the balance.

András B. Göllner 


  1. Mr Gollner, remain living in Canada – that place is also too good for someone ignorant as you seem to be.
    Burying a President before he ends his term (January 2021) is a barbaric ugly unlawful act.
    Butthen, where you’re hailing from it was the way of life: drowning Jews in the Danube alive….

  2. A great piece of writing by Dr. Gollner, it should be on the front page of NY Times.

  3. Avatar Sarah Kelly Burns says:

    I have long been so concerned about what my two Hungarian Facebook friends think of the United States right now.
    I do not know where to start with this essay, it is so full of ad hominem attacks and invective. It feels hysterical, to me. I sincerely would like to know what your news sources are.
    Do you realize more than half of the population of the US supports its President? Do you realize that these people feel they are no longer living in America — with an election that has been rife with problems? Provable problems?
    An argument is so much more convincing and palatable when it uses facts, addresses counterarguments – refuting them if possible, and includes at least one concession.
    I am gobsmacked. And more than a little frightened that I’ll receive threats — much as what has happened in Wayne County, Michigan, when a citizen objected to outright fraud in the polling places. (Actually, a poll worker’s child was threatened.) But my conscience demands I speak out.

    • Sara KB
      I’m gobsmacked too, by these 73 mil voters, as I wrote below, and you seem to be one of them.
      Since you mentioned arguments and facts I suppose you have some to support the “rife with problems” election, because otherwise these claims remain a pack of lies, slander and defamation (excluding the latest loonie tales about Chavez, etc).
      So far the team of Trump’s malicious clowns haven’t produced any and most courts have thrown out their submissions for this. The manual recount in Georgia confirmed the results.
      Finally, the malicious clown in chief has not only broken the rules of the elections, but the law as well, eg. by trying to pressure state officials and legislators to give him the elector votes. Even Fox are distancing themselves from this frightening circus. Trump can’t steal the election and will be gone soon, even if kicking and screaming.
      But yes, this country looks less like America and it will seize to be free and democratic America if in this looming cold civil war the trumpism, the deplorables or whatever you call it are not defeated.

  4. Which chicken are coming home to roost is the fundamental question, ie. how can 73 million American voters accept a murder on 5th Av, business and tax frauds, overlook the chaos, the flood of lies and now the undermining of the American political system by an ignorant shyster, who’s laughing stock for most of the world?
    It seems these people lose cognitive ability, defy logic and spew nonsense without any sign of discomfort or resource when they have an interest (real or perceived). And they double down on these in defiance.
    My hunch is that psychological factor here is that generations were brought up in the “coddled minds” education system where everybody was declared a winner, everyone was right in their own way, all conventions were challenged and many thrown away, etc. “where personal feelings were valued more than evidence supported reasoning” if I remember Richard Dawkins well..
    Ot difficult to convince, reason with people who have been brought up to believe that “me” is the ultimate criteria and made them impervious to facts and arguments?
    This philosophy and the edu sys built upon it may have contributed heavily to their own destruction, to the damage and destruction in out democracies. Pushing too far has the pendulum swinging the other way to the chagrin of yhe Fukuyama school.

  5. Well that’s too bad. My Hungarian family has had it hard in America way before Trump, and I see that you have dual citizenship and likely a freebie PhD. But not to worry. Eventually, many political economists and other such notable brainiacs will be getting free or “sponsored” graduate degrees here in the USA, too. Not that we don’t have enough critics. We do have a shortage of every day workers. Everyone wants to be a star or a manager. Just like you. Sorry if that is too blunt, but we underlings like to speak bluntly. Jo Napot kivanok maganak.

  6. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Excellent writing… A quote from fellow Republican Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, Trump is “a race baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.” and Joe Biden is “as good a man as God ever created.”

  7. Wonderful perspective, Koszonem

  8. Hungarian Soros Funded Press-
    Also one of the biggest dangers to Hungary and the free world – I hear trump is working for Putin and threaten Ukraine and no one can explain why he was impeached except they are filled with hate and never accepted the results of 2016.

  9. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    “how can 73 million American voters accept a murder on 5th Av, business and tax frauds, overlook the chaos, the flood of lies and now the undermining of the American political system by an ignorant shyster, who’s laughing stock for most of the world?”

    That’s a very good question. An even better one is – can THIS political pandemic be reversed? Is there another medication for this self-destructive madness other than the one we’ve resorted to in the past? (e.g. between 1914and 1918 or 1939 and 1945.) I’ll try to provide an answer to both questions on these pages after the Electoral College decision in December.

  10. The hypocrisy of this article is just astonishing!

    Want to talk disinformation? How about the big tech ministry of truth role, censoring along ideological lines?

    How about the fact that most of the MSM is aligned with the leftist agenda? Lies are propagated, pushed till they become self-evident truth, and anyone daring to question is a “Nazi”. How about the social justice courses that are increasingly compulsory at the workplace? How about the fact that Academia has become a Marxist monopoly, brainwashing the kids?

    How about the Marxist Mob on the streets, attacking, intimidating anyone who dares to dissent?

    How about the Marxist Mob mobilizing to lynch the career of anyone who dares to dissent? People are losing their jobs over any trivial and reasonable statement of dissent. There is a general environment of fear that is now widespread, unless you are a leftist, which is when you are free to express yourself.

    And yet, somehow the other side is “undemocratic”? Yes, in the minds of Marxist zealots in Canada, and everywhere dissent and failure to comply with the Marxist agenda is “undemocratic”. Their idea of democracy is for everyone to either be brainwashed into the dogma or at the very least be silenced!

    As for undermining the ability of a president-elect to govern? Are you for real? Russia gate, Ukraine gate. There was no end to the BS!! Four years of it!!! And now you complain just because Trump is insisting on having the vote examined? What is so undemocratic about that? Should we not question the integrity of the system? Make sure that it was legal?

  11. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Joey. You left out Saturday Night Live. I hear thy have a little Marxist library for the cast, and anyone who had not read Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program is in danger of losing their membership in the Actor’s Guild.

    • Thanks for introducing humor to the subject. Perhaps you should look up Vermont Principal who lost her job for stating that she disagrees with aggressive BLM tactics and find a way to show her the funny side of what is going on as well.

      Or perhaps the truck driver who made an OK sign with his hand and lost his job for it.

      Or perhaps the elderly Omaha couple that had to shut down their restaurant that they had in the family for decades, because the Neo-Marxist Mob did not like what their son wrote on Facebook, so they harassed their customers till they gave up on the business (Son had nothing to do with restaurant).

      I’m sure they would appreciate your humor far more than I ever will since they have a lot more reason to need some cheering up.

      And when you are done with them, perhaps you can move your operation to England where 1,400 young girls that were the victims of grooming in Roterham were left to be victimized by their predators for years, because authorities were afraid that people like you will call them racist if they acted, given that their predators were Muslims. I’m sure that those girls can also benefit from your humorous downplaying of the ideological tyranny that is descending on the Western World. A tyranny that left them victimized.

      Take the show on the road Gollner!!!

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