Antonia Eliason, Mississippi’s first Democratic Socialist candidate has Hungarian roots

Antonia Eliason is the Democratic candidate in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District.  Since 2013 Ms. Eliason has been a professor at the University of Mississippi, School of Law.  She is the state’s first ever Democratic Socialist candidate focusing on environmental justice, universal healthcare and workers’ rights.

I called her on the phone because I discovered in her CV that she speaks Hungarian.  Our conversation was cut short because she is in the middle of teaching a class; she would like to get back with me after the election.  When I mention that I’ll write about her in the Hungarian Free Press, she remarks that her political agenda is more important than her Hungarian roots.

Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District is solidly Republican.  Her opponent is 54 year old incumbent, Rep. Trent Kelly, a Mississippi-born ex-District Attorney who is also a Brigadier General with the National Guard.

According to the campaign literature, Eliason’s mother was born and raised “in Stalinist Hungary” and came to the US “to escape the oppressive system.”  She notes that “when she was a child, her parents were imprisoned and tortured for opposing the totalitarian Communist regime.”   Eliason makes it clear that the Democratic Socialism she supports “has nothing in common with this.”  Her ideas support collaboration, community and grassroots movements to enhance democratic control of economic institutions and to improve workers’ rights.

Before teaching law Eliason spent several years working in London, Hong Kong and clerked at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.  She speaks several languages, has impressive academic degrees and work experience.

When she was asked about her top three campaign messages, she listed: Medicare for all, a Green New Deal for Mississippi and Workers’ Rights and she is also in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.  As a Socialist politician “I’m not going to take your property, I’m not going to take your guns” but will fight for accessible medical care to those who need it.  “I want you to live and to have dignity.”

Watch her introductory video here:



György Lázár


  1. Scary woman….

  2. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Impressive young woman! My wife and I are friends of her parents who live in Hungary. Her father is busy learning Hungarian and is an expert in Hungarian cooking. As to her chances of winning that congressional seat? Well… The state of Mississippi is still home to possibly the largest proportion of racist southerners.

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    She is of course right. The trouble is, America’s working class, especially its white skinned male variety, has become far more responsive to entertaining storytellers than to people who hit them over the head with factual narratives. She has about as much chance in surviving in this new political environment as a snowball down in the 8th district of Dante’s Hell.

    Americans have been sucked into a ball game Antonia’s parents and grandparents had spent a lifetime witnessing in Hungary. They are watching a ball game where reality is as artificial as the fake grass under the players’ feet. I’m afraid the Artificial Blond Bomber, and his Hungarian clone, the Boy from Felcsút, are better equipped to play on this turf, than their earnest, fact driven opponents. Antonia should not give up on the facts. She should learn how to convey them in a manner that produces enthusiasm rand consent rather than a yawn down on the Bayou.

    • Oh yes, the “facts”. Well, we have increasingly the MSM, Academia, Business elites, the deep state, and now perhaps the most powerful entity of all, big tech, all lining up to teach us all nothing but the “facts”. So there is “hope”, even for those nasty white men who seem to continue to hold out, together with a few other stray sheep who just don’t seem to get it that they need to get with the herd. Increasingly those who stray face job loss, or other forms of persecution, so they opt to fall silent. Not unlike was done to countless people during the last utopian Socialist experiment. So she is right, nothing like it, except much of the same. Social media is now increasingly acting as the ministry of truth. Hard to deny it after the attempted obstruction of the spread of the biden laptop story. But that’s ok, even if they did not entirely succeed in stopping it, it provided the MSM and deep state enough time to change the narrative from the contents of the laptop, to the messenger. And of course, all the “enlightened” followers of the “facts-based” ideology gobbled it up.

      Facts! Fact is that in 1917, the whole nightmare started with the same calls for social justice, less based on race, more based on class, but the same call nevertheless.

  4. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:


    You are right with your ball game analogy. The answer is: how can a country make all its citizens to be exposed the same regimen of facts and remove the sources with information ignoring and/or contradicting those facts. In the US sources putting out facts still exist, although there are no mechanisms for obliterating anti-facts, although there could and should be. In Hungary all sources readily available to the citizens, with the exception of some online sources not yet interdicted by the government, spew out lies and ignore facts. If one puts oneself in the shoes of the ordinary Hungarian with little education, the at least tacit support Orban gets from a sizeable portion of the country becomes understandable.
    And yes, all this is sad and tragic.

  5. Miss Antonia is a Bolshevik, and, as such, she will find no office in the Southern Confederacy, for we know that with goodies, like state-run medical care and free education, will come an atheist system, wide open borders, confiscation of firearms, a gulag system for those who dare resist a level of cultural genocide that would vastly dwarf that which has thusfar been foisted upon us under Republican control.

    We, White Southerners, are not so proud that we cannot learn from what happened in the Soviet Union, and, indeed, many other places around the world that tried to believe in such this sort of things.

    This country was founded as a prospective antidote to all the Antonias in the world and so it shall remain…

  6. Yes, her Socialist brand has nothing to do with that!!! Are people opposed to her Socialist-Globalist agenda not seeing persecution such as job loss, for simply expressing a different point of view? Yes, I know! It’s not the government! It is the work of the weaponized Marxist mobs who go after anyone daring to dissent. But the result is the same. It is no different from my aunt who was deprived of her right to work in the 1980’s by the leaders of the Socialist utopia, simply because she refused to do their bidding (become an informer).

    Yes, there is so much “dignity” in being fired for simply expressing disagreement with BLM’s aggressive behavior:

    Such examples have become so common that people are increasingly self-censoring “with dignity” out of fear of losing their jobs or facing other acts of persecution. Yeah! Nothing to do with that! Then why are we increasingly living in a climate of fear of persecution for simply expressing reasonable disagreement with the manufactured, prevailing view that Academia, MSM, Deep State, and increasingly business elites are pushing on us?

    Different and yet the same!!!

  7. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Holly, Joe,

    You may not be aware of it, but the entire western part of Europe lives in what you call a socialist utopia. Since you seem to be uninterested in intelligent and committed persons working to improve the daily lives of everybody in the south of the US, including that of Southern White folks, why don’t you launch a campaign to actually secede from the United States and recreate your ideal world, the Southern Confederacy? That country could keep Fox “News” and Rush’s radio show, to entertain you with imaginary facts that would soothe your brain and soul troubled by what is really happening.

    • Not sure how you determined that one ideological faction represents “intelligent” people, who are working to improve the daily lives of everybody.

      You mentioned Europe?

      Let us look at their “enlightened” policy of unilaterally cutting emissions, for the greater global good. They cut emissions by 26% since 1990, while the world just kept going, increasing by about 55% for the same period. The net effect of EU self-sacrifice is debatable. Simple arithmetic says that EU managed to affect global emissions by about 2% for the period, while in reality, it may have actually contributed to a net increase in emissions levels because they drove much economic activity to countries where emissions per unit of GDP produced are much higher.

      So what of those improved lives in EU as a result of such enlightenment? EU GDP/capita is now about the same as it was in 2007. So who is better off thanks to the leadership of the “intelligent” people? Yellow Vest protests we saw not long ago suggest that average Joe people in the EU are not exactly impressed with their “improvements”, though most do not realize what is at the root of their growing misery.

      I do love facts!

      “Intelligent” people increasingly do not! But the “intelligent” people now control almost exclusively all facets of mass opinion formation, so facts be damned! Academia, MSM, big tech, entertainment, deep state. All of it! That is truly intelligent, I have to say! Not very democratic, but very intelligent!

  8. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Pierre

    “how can a country make all its citizens to be exposed the same regimen of facts and remove the sources with information ignoring and/or contradicting those facts.”

    The challenge for the defenders of democracy on the doorstep to the era of artificial intelligence is this: the mobilisational efficiency of fact based narratives is lower than that of fictional narratives. Messages that target our heart are more effective in moving us, than those that target our minds. The fortune hunters, the Koch Brothers, the crooks (Trump, Orbán, Putin) have developed a language that capitalizes on this phenomenon. Intellectuals, liberals, true conservatives, democrats, people on “The Left” are being taken to the cleaners because of their insistence on speaking a language that turns ordinary people off rather than on. No wonder a reality show performer is in the White House. He would have been able to score a landslide if it wasn’t for that virus from China.

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