Viktor Orbán – the Coolest Hungarian

Blikk is a popular Hungarian language tabloid and Prime Minister Orbán recently gave them an “exclusive” interview about the importance of wearing the mask.  Hungary has a serious uptick in Covid19 infections.

“I always have a couple masks in the car and in the office, these are medical grade,” he explained.  Orbán says that the masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable but “now we have to wear it.”  One of his favorite has Coolest Hungarian printed on it.  He got it as a present from Hungarian Americans. (Read Blikk interview in Hungarian here)

Indeed the Coolest Hungarian masks are available on Ebay for $16.99/each.  Unfortunately these are not designed to provide much protection; according to the description these are “fashion covering shields.”  The website warns in capital letters that “THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL GRADE MASK” and they add “our masks are NOT medical masks and should ONLY be worn as a fashion accessory.”   (Ebay ad for Hungarian fashion shield)

It seems that PM Orbán’s American friends forgot to tell him that their present does not provide much protection.  On the other hand, as a fashion accessory it certainly makes the authoritarian Prime Minister the “Coolest Hungarian.”

György Lázár


  1. Shouldn’t it say Legmenőbb magyar or is that uncool?

  2. Most masks worn by people in public are not medical grade. It does not mean that it does not protect.

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