Hungary’s National Day — August 20, 2020

The Secretary of State of the United States issued a statement on the occasion of Hungary’s national holiday, August 20th, one remembered by Hungarians living in the diaspora as well. We are sharing the statement below with our readers. 


AUGUST 19, 2020

On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, I congratulate the Hungarian people as you commemorate St. Stephen’s Day and join with you in celebrating the founding of the Hungarian state more than 1,000 years ago.

The United States and Hungary are bound together in myriad ways.  Our people share strong personal and professional ties, and our governments work together to bolster regional and global security.  Our economic ties – through both trade and investment – are growing, and the more than one million Americans of Hungarian descent have made the United States stronger and more prosperous throughout our shared history.

As allies, partners, and friends, we engage bilaterally and internationally on security, law enforcement, trade, and academic and cultural exchanges.  As members of the Transatlantic family of nations, we work together to uphold the fundamental freedoms to which we have committed ourselves.

I wish all Hungarians health, prosperity, and peace in the year ahead.



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  1. Really great huge thing a really great throw of Pompeo, as usual … almost satire … or sarcasm? He secretly sold weapons to the Saudis and missiles to Orban. „I wish all Hungarians health, prosperity, and peace in the year ahead.“

    In the past, in the beauty queen elections, the candidates always had to make a wish, and each of them wished for all sorts of things and, of course, world peace. I wish you all world peace in the year ahead.

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