US Ambassador Cornstein supports the right to demonstrate

Large crowd demonstrated against racism and police brutality in Liberty Square (Szabadság tér) in front of the US Embassy in Budapest on Sunday.  Participants declared support for the Black Lives Matter movement and pledged “to stand together in solidarity with all victims of racism globally, for justice and unity, for systemic radical positive change.”

David Cornstein, US Ambassador to Budapest issued the following statement:

Filled with grief and anger by the senseless death of George Floyd, many thousands of people across the United States have been exercising their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest the racism that remains an all-too-present reality for many Americans. Here in Budapest, we support the rights of those who gathered peacefully in front of our Embassy today to protest against racism, and we stand fully with the message that racism has no place in our world.

Here is a video of the event and organizer Gergely Komáromy’s (G Ras) speech.



  1. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    I doubt that any Hungarian government official, or as a matter of fact any Fidesz voter, was present at that impressive gathering.

  2. Pierre, exactly.

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Cornstein is corny. The old diamond merchant is nothing but a willing assistant to Orbán’s and Trump’s affinity frauds. The US embassy needs a black man with fire in his belly and a backbone made of steel to assist the righteous ones, the defenders of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, namely those, who want to end the neo-fascist renaissance orchestrated by that kleptocrat, Viktor Orbán.

    • So you are saying that the US should interfere in Hungary? The same thing that US is accusing Russia of doing? Or perhaps more than what Russia is doing? Perhaps you want another regime change like they did with Arab Spring or Maidan? Whose interest would that serve? Ukraine’s GDP/capita is still only half of what it was in 2013 when calculated in US dollars, so most certainly when Vicky Nuland handed out cookies and stuff, she was not pursuing the well-being of Ukrainians! Whose interests are you pursuing?

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