Ukraine’s President sends message to Viktor Orbán on the Day of Victory over Nazism

In a speech on the Day of Victory over the Nazis, in the city of Uzhhorod (Ungvár in Hungarian) Ukraine’s young and photogenic president sent a not so subtle message to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.   Volodymyr Zelensky talked about the “expulsion of invaders” from Zacarpathia, a clear reference to the illegal 1939 occupation of the area by Hungarian ruler Miklós Horthy.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky pays respect to the victims of fascism

On May 9 Ukraine celebrated the Day of Victory and the President of Ukraine travelled to Western Ukraine. He talked about the 50 million victims of World War II, of which more than 8 million were killed and tortured Ukrainians: “We defeated Nazism 75 years ago. It took another 46 years for us to gain an independent Ukrainian state. And today, for the sixth year in a row, we are defending it.”

Zelensky also announced the installation of symbolic bells. “Yesterday, I was in the Luhansk region, near the first village, where the liberation of Ukraine began in 1942. The first bell will be placed there – the Remembrance Bell.  Today, I am in Zakarpathia, near the place where the expulsion of the invaders ended. The Victory Bell will be placed here.”

Well, the invaders – the Hungarian Army – occupied Zacarpathia in 1939, and later joined the German Wehrmacht to take over the rest of Ukraine committing unspeakable atrocities.

Today far-right Orbán claims that pro-Hitler Horthy was a “great statesman.”  Not surprisingly Zelensky has refused to meet him so far.  In fact Orbán bitterly complained that “despite repeated attempts, we’ve not yet been able to meet the new President of Ukraine.”

Hungary has even threatened to block Ukraine’s aspirations of joining NATO and EU because Orbán claims that Ukraine’s language law restricts the right of the ethnic Hungarian minority.  After US politicians raised their concerns that Orbán’s empty posturing represent a security danger for the NATO alliance, Hungarian Foreign Minister, Mr. Szijjártó has backpedaled and “made a couple of suggestions” to resolve the situation. Hungary’s criticism miraculously subsided.

Loud ethnic Hungarian lobbyists in Ukraine have disappeared.  Mr. László Brenzovics, “Orbán’s man” in Zacarpathia, lost power and corruption accusations have surfaced.  Ms. Ildikó Orosz resigned her post as Rector of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College and Ms. Andrea Bocskor, Hungary’s Ukraine-born European Parliament member stopped her vicious attacks of Ukrainian politicians.  Pro-Putin Orbán has little popular support in Zacarpathia and President Zelensky knows that.

Orbán’s anti-Ukraine lobby team: Mr. László Brenzovics (far left), his wife Ms. Zsóka Sepella-Brenzovics, Ms. Ildikó Orosz and Ms. Andrea Bocskor (far right).

Two US organizations have also got mixed up in this anti-Ukraine propaganda campaign.  The Hungarian Communion of Friends invited Brenzovics to the ITT-OTT Conference at Lake Hope, Ohio and the Hungarian American Coalition lobbied for Brenzovics and honored (!) Ms. Orosz in Washington DC.

Photo: Mr. László Brenzovics and Ms. Andrea Lauer Rice (right) of the Hungarian American Coalition coordinating strategy in Budapest.

Andrea Lauer Rice leads the Coalition and she should explain the Coalition’s participation in this anti-Ukrainian (and pro-Putin) publicity stunt.  Ms. Lauer Rice also took a mysterious trip to Ukraine with Gov. George Pataki and never explained the funding of her pro-Orbán organization.

György Lázár


  1. Well fed women…

  2. Gyorgy Lazar wrote:

    “Hungary has even threatened to block Ukraine’s aspirations of joining NATO and EU because Orbán claims that Ukraine’s language law restricts the right of the ethnic Hungarian minority.”

    “State Language Law of Ukraine fails to strike balance between strengthening Ukrainian and safeguarding minorities’ linguistic rights, says Venice Commission”

    So it is a falsehood to word the issue the way the author does. It is not just that Hungary claims. Its once more a whitewash in relation to an abuse against historical ethnic Hungarian minority groups, which it seems author simply cannot get enough of. Its sick and perverse!

    This comes right after he cataloged the nastiest, most hateful and dangerous anti-Hungarian rant made by a sitting Romanian president as no biggie. He (Romania’s president) vilified Hungarians and their language. He incited in a manner that Der Spiegel warned that it is the type of language that led to ethnic clashes back in 1990. Yet Gyorgy Lazar portrayed him as a poor innocent victim for the fact that Hungary’s government rebuked him. This goes beyond political opinion. At some point, it breaches basic human decency. And author and this site which provides him with a platform goes beyond it.

    This is clearly a hateful, biggoted anti-Hungarian site!

  3. Avatar Koldo Nafarroa says:

    What we’re witnessing are the consequences of WWI, with the realignment of the borders and the creation of artificial countries, by the british and american governments with rule of thumb. We have to bear in mind that Zelenski forgets that Ukraine is the perfect example of the Holodomor at the hands of Stalin, nor Germany or Hungary, and can not brag about “liberation” when after WWII we saw the hungarian uprising bloody supressed by the soviets and then corruption flourished until today. We can not forget Victoria Nuland intervention and comments, or the plane that flew in the middle of the night with the ukranian gold, so someone should tell Zelenski to work and negotiated with Putin, and forget Hungary

  4. Avatar Dez Szatmari says:

    Lázár, you’re a shame to all Hungarians….hulye oreg ember!

  5. Avatar Don Kichote says:

    Many thanks to György Lázár for the valuable information.
    Orban the mistress of Putin whether voluntarily or not they are same mind child.

    The V4 club is slowly eating itself and Orban is getting more and more lonely. Orban has served himself up as a political dwarf.

  6. In the past, I appealed to Christopher Adam, the editor of this site, to his sense of decency, in regards to making sure not to make unwarranted claims that can aid nationalist anti-Hungarian propaganda in places like Ukraine or Romania, where the ethnic Hungarian minority is already faced with a barrage of falsehoods meant to vilify them, attack their basic rights, justify abuses and so on. The editor chose not to publish those comments. I made those comments assuming that there is some decency that I can appeal to. Today I realize I was wrong, for Christopher Adam has none!

    English Language, Nationalist Ukrainian site Unian picked up this article.

    What this means is that the material published by Hungarian Free Press is today being used as anti-Hungarian propaganda in Ukrainian media. Statements like :

    “Hungary has even threatened to block Ukraine’s aspirations of joining NATO and EU because Orbán claims that Ukraine’s language law restricts the right of the ethnic Hungarian minority.”

    Will be used in Ukraine to spin the narrative in the following way:

    “We are doing nothing wrong. We are tolerant. It is those nasty ethnic Hungarians who demand rights that go beyond what is reasonable, thus they use it to aid our enemy, Putin by unjustifiably blocking our closer integration with the West…….”

    In other words, the ethnic Hungarian minority, which in reality has suffered a great deal of injustice and abuse in Ukraine, including the repeal of minority language rights in 2014, the diminution of education rights in their own mother tongue, as well as a new media law that demands all material in a foreign language also be published in Ukrainian, which makes it prohibitively expensive for them to operate, but also acts of intimidation, abuses against individuals, like the ethnic Hungarian soccer players who participated in a tournament in London as ethnic Hungarians representing their community, who were persecuted upon their return home and so on and so on, will be cast as the evil, nasty ones. The Ukrainians who perpetrate these abuses are the nice ones, because “look even other Hungarians as saying it”. Their propaganda machine can go miles on this stuff. Those who understand the flavor of it, will know what I am talking about.

    So congratulations HFP, your anti-Hungarian hate campaign is bearing fruit today. It has gone beyond the obscurity of the site itself and is now fueling hatred against ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine!

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      Propaganda Joe can’t stand the truth, so Christopher Adam is supposed to lie for Hungarian nationalists. According to his logic the newspapers are to blame for the bad coverage of Nazi Germany. Joe searches confusedly for the answer to the question whether the egg or the chicken was first in the world. If you are witnessing a murder, please keep quiet, otherwise you might think there has been a murder.

      • Funny that you should mention Nazi Germany. I thought remembrance culture was meant for us not to repeat. In Nazi Germany anything negative about the Jews was the truth. Anyone persecuting them was a hero, and the persecution itself was righteous work. This site, but also much of the Western MSM as well as EU political elites are increasingly adopting that same attitude, except it seems Hungarians are now Europe’s new Jews. Hungary and Hungarians can be accused of anything, vilified, no objectivity needed, it is all “truth”. They can be persecuted, instigated against, its all good. Romania’s president is set to receive the Charlemagne award, despite his recent Hungarophobic outburst. Nazis who persecuted Jews used to receive awards as well. They were all heroes!

        • Avatar Don Kichote says:

          „In Nazi Germany anything negative about the Jews was the truth. Anyone persecuting them was a hero, and the persecution itself was righteous work.“ Joe you have no idea, the newspapers or journalists at that time did report what was going on in Germany as Christopher Adam and others do here. Only these journalists were killed slowly, just like you want it here. You want to compare hungarianfreepress with „der Stürmer“ Joe how stupid are you? I think your biggest competitor is Trump. What did he say? We only have so many dead people because we count them … määhh … and Orban doesn’t count them! And you can’t even put one and one together.

  7. Avatar Karl Busch says:

    75 years have passed, it is high time Hungary gets another kick in the gut. Some never learn!

  8. Avatar Karl Busch says:

    Message to Joe.
    “Hungarians are now Europe’s new Jews” You know this is not true!

    What it is true that Orban is the new Rakosi, plus he runs the Mafia stealing million$ from the Hu people and the EU taxpayers.

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