A letter from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic

We published a piece about Hungarian-language announcements in California that „Slovakia” was organizing a March 25 non-stop charter flight from Washington DC to Bratislava.  Stranded Hungarian citizens could also buy one-way tickets for 1,100–2,500 EUR depending on travel class and “Slovakia” would also consider charter flights from Florida and California. (Read here)

The announcement also appeared on the website of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington but soon disappeared.  On March 27 we received the following email from the Embassy of Slovakia in Washington

Dear Sir, 

The flight from Washington DC has landed in Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia. With almost 300 happy Slovaks, Hungarians, Czechs, and Slovenians on board.

Best regards, 

Consular Section

Embassy of the Slovak Republic to the United States of America

3523 International Court, NW| Washington, DC 20008| United States of America

Tel.: +1 (202)-237-1054   cons.washington@mzv.sk

Bratislava Airport

We thank the Embassy of Slovakia for this information but we are also puzzled.  Why didn’t we hear details of this rescue flight from the Embassy of Hungary in Washington D.C.   There was not one word about this “stealth flight” from the Hungarian diplomats.

At the same time, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has published a video explaining that two chartered Wizz Air flights will bring back stranded Hungarians from North America.  The two flights “will be picking up and bringing home” people from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and also from Canada. 460 seats will be available and Hungary will subsidize (!) the tickets, costing 800 Euros.  Those who are interested should contact the Hungarian diplomatic missions in Canada and the US.

This is not the first time that the Embassy of Hungary does not give transparent information about matters related to Hungarians in the US and Canada.  We learn more from the diplomats of other countries. Stranded and exhausted Hungarian citizens deserve better communication in these hard times.

György Lázár

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