Stranded Hungarians may fly to Slovakia from the US

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of stranded Hungarian citizens in the US, desperately trying to return to Budapest.  US airlines has suspended most transatlantic service and there is little hope that flights will be restored soon.

In the last couple of days Hungarian-language ads have appeared saying that „Slovakia” is organizing a non-stop charter flight on Wednesday, March 25 from Dulles Airport, Washington DC to Bratislava.  Stranded Hungarian citizens can also buy one-way tickets for 1,100 – 2,500 EUR depending on travel class.

The same info also appeared on the Hungarian Embassy website but the pricing information was later removed. (Read here)  “Slovakia” will consider charter flights from Florida and California also available to Hungarian citizens.

How can they fly to Bratislava when the airport is closed?  (See here)  Also, it was unusual that the prices were quoted in Euros and there wasn’t any reference about the rescue mission on the website of the Embassy of Slovakia in Washington DC.   (Click here – Embassy of Slovakia website)

I asked the Embassy of Slovakia and received the following brief (and cryptic) note.

Dear Mr. György Lázár

The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington is in close contact with Hungarian Embassy on this.

For more information, please contact directly them.

Best regards,

Consular Section

Embassy of the Slovak Republic to the United States of America

3523 International Court, NWWashington, DC 20008| United States of America

Tel.: +1 (202)-237-105

Well, numerous airlines and charter companies are accused of price gauging or fraud these days.  Stranded passengers are mercilessly exploited and suspicion is warranted.  (Read more about the price gauging)

It is reassuring that diplomats are working on this project.  At the same time, the Embassy of Hungary should give transparent and specific information about this flight.   Stranded and exhausted Hungarian citizens deserve better communication in these hard times.

We wish them good luck and safe return to Europe.

György Lázár

P.S. After finishing the article the ads of the Washington-Bratislava flight have disappeared. Proceed with extreme caution!


  1. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Dear Hungarian compatriotes,
    We want you back in our country. Please put on an inflated vest and swim.
    Long live our pure Hungary!
    Viktor Orban

    • Dear Pierre Divenyi,
      The Hungarian Foreign Minsitry has already rescued Hungarian citizens out of multiple foreign countries often days before other countries were able to do it. People can contact the consulate, the staff are truly helpful and they work relentlessly. I know from some people who were affected: the consulate staff helped them organize their travel and bought them flight tickets when they were unable to. Sometimes flights are chartered in cooperation with other neighboring countries who also work on retrieving their citizens.
      Kindly keep your hate to yourself.

  2. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Kata Marton, You write that “Sometimes flights are chartered in cooperation with other neighboring countries who also work on retrieving their citizens.” Why don’t we get reliable information about these charters from the Embassy of Hungary in Washington DC? If you know about these charters, why don’t you share your information with the stranded Hungarian here in North-America?

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