U.S. scholarships and grants in Hungarian Studies for 2020

The American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) has three scholarships and grants available this year and we are pleased to share information on these with readers of the Hungarian Free Press. The deadline for each grant is February 15, 2020 and we recommend that you contact AHEA directly with any questions on these funding opportunities. Please see below for further information on each.

The Steven Béla Várdy Legacy Scholarship

The Steven Béla Várdy Legacy Scholarship was established to recognize a scholar in the field of history who exemplifies the high standards of original research and historical writing set by Steven Béla Várdy for members of the historical profession. Eligible candidates must be a member of AHEA whose degree and research focus is in history. Amount Awarded: $2,500 USD.

Application Requirements:

Either a narrative essay of up to 500 words OR a 3 – 5-minute video describing your research and your area of specialization in history.

A current CV, including contact information for 2 – 3 references.

Membership in AHEA (click here to join)


Awardee is expected to submit an abstract and present a paper on the topic of his/her research at a future AHEA conference.

How to Apply:

Email application materials (described above) to info@ahea.net no later than February 15, 2020.

Candidates will be assessed according to a holistic review by a selection committee. Announcement of recipient Recipients can first expect to hear back within 3 weeks of the award’s deadline. Within 6 weeks, the recipients will be publicly announced on our website and in our AHEA newsletter.

Award funding and frequency: This scholarship program is operated and funded by AHEA through generous sponsors. It is given annually depending on availability of funding.

2020 Sponsors: Várdy Family and Jackovics Family Fund


AHEA Research Presentation Awards 

AHEA is accepting applications for the annual AHEA Research Presentation Awards. These awards support students or junior faculty by contributing to expenses related to attendance at AHEA’s annual conference. Two or three yearly awards of $500 USD will be given, depending on availability of funding.

To be eligible for this award, a person should:

  1. Be a graduate student or junior faculty or researcher (which is generally defined as being no more than seven years beyond the PhD at the time of application)
  2. Work at an institution of higher education
  3. Submit an abstract for presentation at the next annual AHEA conference
  4. Become or currently be a member of AHEA

Application consists of:

  1. A current CV or brief biosketch (not more than 1 page)
  2. A 200-word personal statement
  3. A 200-word abstract of the submitted presentation

Send application materials by email to: info@ahea.net

Deadline for application: February 15, 2020

Awardees will be notified by February 25, 2020.


Helena History Press Scholarship

The Helena History Press scholarship is an annual award that has been established by Helena History Press to recognize a scholar in any field of the humanities who specializes in scholarship related to or about Central and East Europe.

Eligible candidates must be current members of AHEA.

The field of humanities includes ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, human geography, law, politics, religion, and art.

Amount Awarded: 2,500 USD

Application Requirements:

  1. Prepare a narrative essay of up to 500 words on your research in any of the above fields including how funds from the award will be used to further your research.
  2. Submit a current CV [include 2 references whom we might contact].
  3. Join or be a member of AHEA.

The Awardee is expected to submit an abstract and present a paper on the topic of his/her research at a future AHEA conference.

How to Apply: Email Application Requirements (above) to info@ahea.net

Criteria: Based on holistic review by an interdisciplinary review committee.

Announcement of Award:

The award recipient will be notified within a month after the deadline for submissions. Subsequently the recipients will be publicly announced on the AHEA website and in the AHEA newsletter.

Deadline for Submissions: February 15.


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