Trump basher, racist Sir Roger Scruton is awarded by Viktor Orbán

Sir Roger Scruton does not mince words. In a 2017 Hungary Today interview Scruton attacked President Trump’s intelligence: “He doesn’t have any thoughts that are longer than 140 characters.” (Read here)

In another interview he talked disparagingly about the Chinese people and declared that they were “robots” and “each Chinese person is a replica of the next one and that is a very frightening thing.”

Sir Roger also has a curious preoccupation with George Soros and Hungary’s “Jewish intelligentsia.”  He claimed that the “Jews of Hungary” were conspiring against Orbán via an “extensive networks around the Soros Empire.”   He talked extensively about “the Soros instigated conspiracy against Hungary” and said that Soros opposed Orbán’s nationalism because he is Jewish.

Sir Roger Scruton

Scruton also had unkind words about Islam, by saying “the Hungarians were extremely alarmed by the sudden invasion of huge tribes of Muslims from the Middle East”.  Of course Hungary was never threatened by an invasion of huge tribes of Muslims.  Actually many of the fleeing Syrian refugees crossing Hungary were Christians.  (More about Scruton’s comments here)

Sir Roger’s insults received cheers in Viktor Orbán’s circles since the philosopher’s thoughts supported the authoritarian regime’s policies.

On December 3, 2019 Hungarian Ambassador Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky welcomed friends and guests at the Embassy in London and announced that the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Merit, the highest Hungarian civilian decoration would be awarded to Scruton. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was there to warmly praise the philosopher.

Sir Roger Scruton

Orbán emphasized that Scruton “did not blindly support the idea of open societies” and he “foresaw the threat of illegal migration and defended Hungary against unjust critics.”   Translation: Scruton supported Orbán’s anti-Semitic anti-Soros campaign and did not object to Hungary’s inhumane treatment of refugees.

Just recently British-born Fiona Hill, Trump’s former security official overseeing Europe and Russia, testified that the “anti-Semitic trope against Mr. Soros was also created for political purposes, and this is the new Protocols of The Elders of Zion.” According to Hill the Soros conspiracy theory “was outrageous” and at the heart of the smear campaign against former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. (Also supported by PM Orbán.)

At the award ceremony Scruton seemed to be frail as he sat in a wheelchair.  His head was shaven, his signature bushy hair was gone.

No one questions that Sir Roger is a remarkable intellect but as he has become more famous (and rich) his comments have turned increasingly arrogant and hurtful.  Scruton was craving media attention. To make headlines he started to play the role of a racist “shock jock” just like his friend Viktor Orbán.

They found each other.


György Lázár


  1. First of all, being against Soros and his agenda is not in any way “anti-Semitic”. He recently transferred $18 billion to his organizations, which mostly serve ideological globalist policy goals around the world. So, he does have an agenda, and it is legitimate for those opposed to that agenda to point out the fact that he has an agenda and to actively counter and oppose it.

    Second, if Hungary’s Jewish community is indeed overwhelmingly on the side of a certain political side, it is fair game to highlight it and discuss the reasons why it may be the case. Its no different from US discussions in regards to which demographic group overwhelmingly supports which political faction in US politics.

    Third, Europe is home to dozens of distinct native cultures. As native as the Sioux, the Cree or the Apache in North America. As was the case with the natives of North America, so is the case with the Natives of Europe that the demographic colonization that is taking place right now will most likely not end well for the natives. Not once in human history did it end well, whenever a similar demographic event took place. In the happiest of scenarios, the incumbent culture was demographically overwhelmed and absorbed into the new colonist population, and thus they just disappeared. In not so happy instances, it went as far as what can be called genocide at the hands of new majority populations, which simply wished to be rid of the old incumbent culture. So by no means do you or anybody else have the ethical upper hand when you criticize any native European for being hostile to the steady colonization of Europe with ME-African colonists. Do you also criticize chief Pontiac for his efforts to contain the European colonists on the East Coast almost 300 years ago? Was he a “racist”?

  2. Sorry, but you are mixing up Carla Hill with Fiona Hill. Carla Hill was US Trade Representative during the Bush Administration.

    The person referred to in the article should be Fiona Hill.

  3. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Tomas, Thanks for the note, it was Fiona Hill indeed. The text is corrected.

  4. Good point Joe.

  5. I wonder if you followed the whole debacle surrounding The New Statesman attempted take-down of Scruton. You repeat their errors. It would be better if you simply removed this libel and maintained your integrity instead of losing it as the NS did.

  6. Scruton has become a Scrotum in his old age.

  7. @ Joe

    Glad to see you can count. The problem with your number game is that it’s fraudulent like all number games. Tell your boss, Zoltán Kovács, that while the separation of fact from fiction, reality from illusion may indeed be entertained by the scrotum, such an approach is not advisable because of its diminishing returns, shaved or unshaved… A real Scruton would never stoop to a scrotum…

  8. The interview to which you refer was a hatchet job against Scruton, the journalist who wrote the piece was demoted (he should have been fired), the New Statesman issued a retraction and apology (after the audio-recording of the interview was released), and Scruton was reinstated in the position from which he was fired. Also, the shaved head is because he has cancer.

    Here is a link to the full interview upon which the article was based:

  9. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear David, Thanks for the link… Scruton says things like “Hungarian Jews join up with Soros’s transnational campaign against Orbán..” min 40:20 Really? Do you agree with that? I wonder how the Hungarian Jewish community would react to that accusation? That is not nice to say in a country where 600,000 Jews were murdered (about 7% of the population) and it all started when in the 1930s Jews were accused that they cannot be trusted because they are part of a “transnational campaign” to smear the good name of Hungary. For years Scruton gave similar anti-Semitic speeches in Budapest at the Common Sense Society seminars run by Marion Smith. He was training the Fidesz leadership…

  10. WOW with hair he looks like that other crazy guy Boris Johnson. I think that something is going on. The older people are getting, they are losing their common sense or their sanity or both. I am glad that I am not.

    I see things for what they are, then again my father who had to quit school to support his widowed mother and 2 brothers, after his father, a judge was murdered after a court case, but he could see trends.

    He worked hard he came to Canada, and he made a good life. He wanted to bring his family out, one brother came, the other stayed home with my grandmother. They didn’t have a good life.

    If Trump heard that his friend Orban awarded a guy who hates him, a Hungarian medal of honor, I think he’d be asking Viktor for one as well. Then again Orban and the rest of the fascists in Europe and South America are nothing to him. They kiss his butt and Trump craps on them anyway.

    But this is about this old idiot who figures he can make a few extra pounds before he dies by spreading racism. I wonder if Joe isn’t thinking the same. Get paid by Fidesz to troll, mislead, lie about facts and figures and like a wart, it’s hard to get rid of.

    What is wrong with these old men? I repeat! Go and retire, enjoy your life, now you’re sitting in a wheelchair and can’t do anything other than complain about migrants or socialists or Soros or anyone else which makes you money.

    When it comes to this scrotum, tele a tokom….

  11. Your not alone, Gizi, though I must say, it’s unusual for a person with your name to have a “tok” My hat’s off to you. God bless you.

  12. Muthafuckers…

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