Audi Hungaria – layoff rumours

It seems that Audi Hungaria is “downsizing” and based on employee data thousands of positions will be eliminated. According to press reports Audi is not renewing the contracts of 1,200 fixed-term employees at the Győr plant. The Trade Union said: “So far, it has been about not renewing the contracts of employees…. When someone signs a fixed-term contract, it is clear that renewal after termination is never guaranteed.”

Audi Hungaria celebrates the production of its 500,000th car in this file photo.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó sees it differently and hit a more positive note. He announced that Audi Hungaria is doing just fine and will increase engine production next year. “They plan to manufacture 2.25 million engines next year, and so far 2 million has been the annual record,” Szijjártó said. Audi officials declined to comment on the minister’s statement. Another spin on the layoff rumor is that Audi is “not laying off staff but responding to market patterns by reducing the number of employees.” Hmm.

Germany’s car industry is in a serious downturn and major “restructuring” is expected at the Hungarian unit. Audi is the backbone of the Hungarian industrial production and the layoff will have a negative effect on the country’s GDP growth.

Hungary’s government-controlled media pushes positive news. When Minister of Finance Mihály Varga recently warned that an economic slowdown will reach Eastern-Europe shortly and it will be deeper than expected, Orbán confidant and National Bank of Hungary governor György Matolcsy took issue with his remarks. He assured his audience that under Prime Minister Orbán’s leadership the “Golden Age” of Hungarian economy will continue. Amen.

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