Budapest at a standstill, thousands march against Erdogan, Orbán, Putin

The waitress in our favorite restaurant was livid. “I had to take a cab to get to work today because public transportation was shut down” – she complained. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was visiting Budapest on November 7 with massive closures throughout the city all day. Budapest came to a standstill.

Thousands marched against the Turkish President’s visit, many carried signs urging the ouster of the “dictators” – Erdogan, Orbán and Putin.

Andrássy Avenue was cleared of cars and passengers, the long and busy artery of the capital was completely empty. Older citizens of Budapest remarked that Mátyás Rákosi Hungary’s Stalinist dictator used to travel with his entourage on completely empty streets carefully checked by the Communist secret service. That was 70 years ago and nobody expected that authoritarian rule would return.

György Lázár

Photos by György Lázár


  1. The gangsters, criminals and anti-feminist religious fundamentalists, who rule Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria pose a mortal threat to justice, the rule of law, and ecologically sustainable development on our planet. They have been given a pass by the artificial blond bomber in the White House to take humanity to the brink in order to enrich themselves and to create an artificial reality based on lies and deception. Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds, whose model of democratic governance based on gender equality and ecological responsibility should be an example to us all, should be resisted by everyone who cares for the future of our planet. Bravo to the Budapest street fighters, to all, who stand in the way of this greedy, self-serving criminal gang.

    • You care not one iota about any of the things you mentioned!

      Women’s rights? You want to colonize Europe with masses of people who think that women should be molested for not covering up. 1,200 women were raped or molested in a single night on German streets. Feminist response? “If you link any of it to the migrants, you are a racist”. Thus the feminist movement of the Western world discredited itself. Feminism has become a joke! Ready to throw women under the buss anytime, in favor of the prime mission of the Western globalists.

      You care about the environment do you? Save the world from climate change! Best way to do that of course is to take a few million people every year from Asia, ME, Africa bring them to the Western world, which automatically increases their individual emissions footprint about 5-10 fold. That’s the way to do it!

      BTW: Facts! Facts are always fun. For instance, the fact that Hungary’s emissions are down about 1% since 2010, even though average GDP growth per year has been much higher than Canada’s. Canada’s emissions are up about 5% since then. Please explain how Canada is sustainable, and Hungary is not?

  2. Avatar Don Hermiston says:

    Andras, You’re understanding of Geo-Politics seems to be based on American and Western Media. Without Putin, Israel would have annexed even more Syrian territory in pursuit of it’s Oded Yinon plan for a Greater Israel. Without Victor Orban, Hungary would be deluged with Middle Eastern and African immigrants and your crime would rise to unheard-of levels. Painting the Kurds as boy scouts is just silly. The Kurds have been murdering the Assyrians in Eastern Syria and parts of Iraq for decades now. These are not good guys by any measure. The Kurds seem to make the mistake of allying themselves with the wrong parties for decades now, all in the elusive dream for their Kurdistan which will never come to fruition.

  3. I am glad, that many people begin to realize, the little viktor set up the most corrupt soft dictatorship in Europe, not as hard as Rákosi, but that dictatorship was only morally corrupt, the viktor’s is financially and morally corrupt. I hope that that fall is coming soon, as all dictatorships fall, they cannot last too long.

  4. Avatar Hassan Roble Ali says:

    I think the world is ignoring humanity every day thousands of people killing and they’re innocent.
    But immigration flooded around the world. Because politicians destiplas them.
    Putin Erdogan orban they’re right.
    Low and order.

  5. Erdogan is the reason why the EU is not over run by 3 million Syrians. Anyone who would prefer terrorism, other crimes e.g. rape and murder as well as parallel societies was on the street protesting.

    However, did any reporter asked the protesters whether they want chaos in the country or are they willing to pay for the keep of the 3 million in Turkey.

    Turkey and Mr. Erdogan are doing the right thing, repatriate the citizens so they can rebuild their country. It is everyone’s hope that they will learn to live in peace with each other.

  6. @ Don Harmiston

    Nice try, Don, but no cigar. Your conjecture about my research methods and sources is as laughable as the trash you are trying to recycle as facts in this underpass.
    First,about Orbán and the migrants: The latter could not get out of Hungary fast enough. The last thing they wanted was to settle in a country that has been socialized to treat visible minorities as garbage.
    I’m not sure why you prefer Russia’s control of northern Syria to that of Israel. Neither should be there. The latter has no claim to any territory in Northern Syria anyways, so your musings are quite irrelevant.
    As for your ignorant, anti- Kurdish venom, keep it to yourself. It goes with your phony ID.

    Here are the facts about the Kurds. They are a proud, hardworking people, that have been around for thousands of years. They were repressed by the Ottoman Empire, and when the Great Powers defeated the Turks in WWI, and re-drew the map of the world they left them without a country. They have been brutally persecuted, for close to 100 years, especially by the Turks, who treat them almost as brutally as they treated the Armenians. (Don, have you heard of the genocide committed against the Armenians by the Turks? Have you heard of thousands of Kurdish villages burnt to the ground in South East Turkey, and the tens of thousands of Kurds that have been massacred because the are Kurds?)

    The people of Rojava (the Kurdish settlements in Northern Syria) are facing a massacre not only because of Donald Trump’s latest betrayal but primarily because most Americans are kept in the dark by their media about who the Kurds are, and what they represent in the Middle East. Other than telling us, that they were the allies of the West against ISIS, I have yet to hear a single authoritative voice on CNN, FOX or any of the mainstream media about these people. Contrary to your BS, that is based on the fake-news emanating from Russia Today, and the Turkish/Syrian propaganda organs, the Kurds of Norther Syria created the only inclusive society in the entire Middle East, in which all ethnic groups and religions lived peacefully, side by side in an inclusive community – Kurdish and Arab, Syriac, Yazidi, Sunni, Alawi and Shi’a – a society uniquely based on trust. Their territory, in Northern Syria consisted of three counties – Afrin, Kobani and Jezira – that were the only places in the Middle East based on a pluralist, democratic model that fully recognizes gender equality.They governed themselves through a series of democratically elected councils on which men and women are represented in equal numbers. Women are represented throughout their political-administrative systems, alongside men, even in the fighting groups known as the YPG, the People’s Protection Units, a fighting force of some 50,000 fighters.

    The Kurds in Northern Syria sacrificed over 10,000 fighters in the war against ISIS, created the only fully inclusive democratic model of governance in the entire Middle East. They are now threatened with extermination. They are attacked by the Russians, by the Turks, by the Syrians and defended by no one but themselves. The UN, the EU, NATO, have done nothing to save them. (The EU attempted to pass a resolution that was vetoed by one of its members, Hungary, who is Putin’s, and Erdogan’s mouthpiece in the EU) The mere presence of 200 US soldiers could have prevented the massacre that is going on right now, as I write these lines.
    The artificial blond bomber in the White House dismisses the Kurds as „no angels”, as terrorists and communists. When in fact they have faced systematic repression, murder and genocide in Turkey for generations. These people face a similar tragedy as the Jews, when the Nazis held sway in Europe.

    For those who are interested, here is one of my sources – a book edited by a Yale PhD who happens to be also a Cambridge professor: Thomas Jeffrey Miley et al (eds) Your Freedom and Mine, Black Rose Books/University of Chicago Press, 2018). Dr. Miley is the initiator of a petition signed by more than 80 well known British academics, who are desperately trying to stave off a massacre in Northern Syria. I urge people of conscience to sign it by clicking on this URL:

    As for you Don, why don’t you go back to your handler and plead ignorance.

    • Well Gollner, you once more managed to show your intellectual superiority as an academic. Your argument is nothing one cannot get on CNN in more than adequate dosses. I agree, Kurds got a raw deal, once more. Can sympathize with that as a Hungarian. They could have at the very least paid some attention to ethnic boundaries 100 years ago, which would have saved about 1.5 million ethnic Hungarians and their descendants from the misery they have been subjected to since then. If only the French did not come up with that genius plan to surround what was left of Hungary with neighbors who will forever feel animosity, out of perpetual fear of having their gift taken away. It was their plan for an anti-German coalition in the East, coalesced around an anti-Hungarian alliance. Kurds too could have had a homeland if the Brits and other interests would have been thoughtful.

      Also, 10,000 Kurds would not have had to die fighting ISIS, if it were not for the Obama-Clinton zeal for regime change. You might want to get your head out of CNN and research the details of how US actions led to rise of Islamist militias in Syria. 500,000 Syrians did not have to die. 10 million did not have to be displaced. Their regime change policies started it all, therefore it is their record that we can attribute the death and destruction to. The only way to stop the killing, is to allow Assad to regain power. Its either him or the Islamists. It is not pretty, but it is the only way out of the mess created by your ideological movement.

      As for the whole EU thing, stopping Erdogan? You are joking right? Orban has been playing a very crucial role in the EU in the past few years. Yes, the other leaders will act pissed off, but privately they breathe a sigh of relief each time. Can EU handle 3.5 million Syrian migrants, which as we saw in the past, will be joined by millions of Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, as well as countless fake Syrians? Don’t forget, that it was pro-migrant Merkel who pushed for the Turkey-EU deal, in order to prevent losing power, not just for herself and her party, but for the elites she works for. When Orban obstructs their own suicide on repeated occasions, which they themselves cannot do, because their own masses have been brainwashed into an ideology which is not suited to current circumstances, believe me, Orban is not really acting on his own.

      Always fun reading the superior analysis of an academic!

  7. Erdogan truly is s modern version of Hitler.

  8. The first and primary victims of Erdogan’s racist, authoritarian, self-serving dictatorship are the millions of ordinary Turkish citizens who respect justice, the rule of law and sustainable development. Tens of thousand of them are locked up and brutalized in Erdogan’s jails at the moment. The Kurds in south-east Turkey and across the border in Syria are next on the menu for this dictator, who is aided and abetted in his murderous ambitions by Donald Trump, and his crooked cronies, such as Orbán, Putin and others.

    Orbán’s endorsment of Erdogan’s criminal behavior, his promotion of a disgusting human rights violator for EU membership is part of a global betrayal of the United Nation’s 1947 Declaration on Human Rights. Instead of admitting Orbán’s partner in crime into the EU, the EU should send both of them packing and begin to champion the fight for justice, the rule of law and environmental, ecological sanity.

    Donald Trump’s own “love affair” with the crooked leaders of North Korea, Hungary, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Brasil, etc is a powerful accelerator of a global trend that pulls the wool over the peoples’ eyes, before throwing them under the bus. It is these affinity fraudsters – the ones who pretend to love us, as they rob us of everything – who are the architects of the new “artificial reality” that surrounds us everywhere. Their reps are as active in this underpass, as they are up, in the so called “real world”.

    We must not allow the merchants of venom, the architects of artificial reality, to monopolize the public arena !!! We must resist the global affinity fraud, whose newest champion is the artificial blond bomber in the White House !!!

    • You clearly formed your “reality” based on much consumption of CNN, NYT, Huff-Post and so on. Trump’s “love affair”? Was it not Obama-Clinton who coordinated with Turkey & Saudis in order to lend support to Islamist Jihadists in Syria, which fueled a civil war that killed over 500,000 people?

      Once in a while we do get a glimpse of what MSM journalism should be:

      But such occurrences are more and more rare.

      And the results are showing, with you as a prime example of this manufactured “artificial reality” taking hold.

  9. @ Joe

    Your posturing as a someone who can see into the information sources of Orbán’s critics, from your lonely outpost on your employer’s troll farm is especially amusing to me, since I am a critic of the lack of attention being devoted by mainstream US media to substantive issues, such as Orbán’s, Trump’s Erdogan’s and Putin’s collusion in the massacre of the the only people who stand for ecological sustainability, gender equality and democratic governance in the Middle East – the Kurds of Rojava, led by the imprisoned Abdullah Ocalan .

    Time to get out of the cabbage patch Joe, and start to clean out the manure in your boss’s stables.

    • Collusion would imply Hungary had some control over events, which it did not, so nut sure how Orban colluded in anything in this respect. Hungary’s only arguably significant involvement that one can point to as having any significance was the delaying of an EU resolution. But one has to be extremely delusional to believe that an EU resolution would have changed anything on the ground. Not to mention that it is doubtful that Hungary acted alone on that one. I think it did EU’s dirty work, because lets face it, if Erdogan would open the migrant gates, it would be the end of Merkel, Macron, Mark Rutte, and their elite support system not of Orban. The others you mentioned (Trump, Putin, Erdogan)? Yes, they probably colluded on this one. There can only be one end-game to the Syria fiasco, started by Obama-Clinton collusion with Saudis, Turks for regime change, and that is for Assad to regain control of all of Syria. All other outcomes would in fact lead to continued humanitarian catastrophe, because Islamists are the only realistic alternative to Assad. Kurds will most likely become a pillar of support for Assad, which may not be all that clear to you just yet, but down here on the troll farm…

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