A Statement from Scarlett Johansson

On September 24 the Hungarian Free Press reported that Hungary’s government-controlled press widely distributed photos of Budapest Mayor István Tarlós with American filmstar Scarlett Johansson. From the misleading caption Hungarian readers might have concluded that the popular filmstar endorsed Tarlós. (Read the article here.)

Now Johansson issued a statement–and it’s particularly relevant as Hungarians across the country vote in local elections, with the greatest prize being the Lord Mayoralty of Budapest. We publish this brief courtesy of the Hungarian portal 24.hu.

“I’d like to set the record straight: Contrary to various media reports, I have not expressed support for Mayor Tarlós in the upcoming municipal election. Rather, I privately shared my sincere appreciation for Budapest’s hospitality, beauty and charm. Only the citizens of Budapest can chose the next mayor, and it’s an important choice. Wherever democracy is threatened, voting is a heroic act. I urge all citizens of Budapest to stand bravely, be a hero, and vote their conscience.”

Scarlett Johansson


  1. “Wherever democracy is threatened, voting is a heroic act. I urge all citizens of Budapest to stand bravely, be a hero, and vote their conscience.”

    Bravo Scarlett Johansson for unequivocally clearing the air, and encouraging the citizens of Budapest to engage in a heroic act when they go to vote for their next mayor.

    Democracy is not only threatened, but badly crippled in Budapest and Hungary, thanks to the likes of István Tarlós and Viktor Orbán. The two gentlemen are fraud artists of the same ilk as that artificial blond bomber in the White House. They rule by manipulating information to hinder ordinary citizens from seeing the truth, from being able to see right from wrong, from recognizing the boundary between illusion and reality. They are the pigs Orwell wrote about in his brilliant Animal Farm.

  2. Avatar Marcello Sassoli says:

    I believe Ms Scarlett Johansson is a clever woman. She says what she believes. More I don’t know.

    Marcello Sassoli

  3. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    A very lukewarm response indicating that she is either unaware of the dictatorship in Hungary or, if she is, she does not care. I am deeply disappointed.

    • Yes, the “dictatorship”! I mean, the opposition just won Hungary’s largest city, and the defeated? Well, in truly dictatorial style, admitted defeat and then congratulated his opponent!

      This is the problem with the propaganda of this site and much of the MSM of the past decade. How do you all justify it, given the evidence to the contrary?

  4. @ Joe

    It’s a tough life, huh, Joe? As that artificial blonde bomber in the White House mused the other day, in the good old days, critics of your ilk could simply be taken out and shot like a dog. Now you have to concede defeat now and then.

    Don’t be a cry-baby, Joe. It’s not becoming of you. Besides – it’s so boring. You and your masters had a good run, stuffed your shirts full of cookies from the cooky-jar in the name of defending Hungary. Just pray to God Almighty, that He’ll forgive your sins as He’s likely to do with a little help from the likes of you. I would not be so generous. I’d send you down to the farm and get you working for a change rather than letting you pass the day manufacturing BS in this underpass.

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