Eight U.S. Senators are concerned by pro-Putin Hungary

Eight U.S. senators, all democrats, have sent a letter to US Ambassador David Cornstein, calling on him to uphold American democratic values and security interests when dealing with the autocratic regime of Viktor Orbán. Among the prominent signatories is Bernie Sanders, currently running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president. We are sharing this strongly worded letter dated 24 September 2019 below.


  1. Its called ideological warfare, and if the left cannot accept the will of electorates in the Western World to go into any direction other than their globalist agenda, their actions will only serve to further destroy our global competitiveness. Green initiatives and other nonsense has already led to a decade of economic stagnation in the Euro zone. All this ideological animosity only serves to further divide and undermine our ability to meet modern challenges, such as how the Western World can remain relevant, even as Asia’s economy is set to surpass the economies of Europe and North America combined, while China is pushing for tech supremacy and is investing $Trillions in global infrastructure, meant to facilitate its business around the world. Meanwhile, these people have nothing else to be worried about aside from attacking Orban for straying away from the globalist cause. They mentioned media freedom? How about the “balanced US media”?


    92% of coverage of Trump has negative spin apparently. Not exactly a balanced situation! Perhaps Hungary’s government should issue a similar letter as well!

    • “Its called ideological warfare, and if the left cannot accept the will of electorates in the Western World to go into any direction other than their globalist agenda, their actions will only serve to further destroy our global competitiveness.”

      The left with their ideological war accept no other direction than “their globalist agenda” and because of that they destroy our global competitiveness. Sounds funny … by the end of this century, the mean sea level is expected to rise by 1m. That means coastal cities like NY or Hamburg are partly under water … that also means more refugees more respiratory diseases and less carrots.

      Yes even if it is 92% negative we still have 8% positive, the land prices rise. I wonder why so many people talk badly about Göbbels …

  2. @ Joe

    The left has “a globalist agenda” ? “Green initiatives and other nonsense?” Boy did you get your cue cards mixed up by someone on Orbán Viktor’s troll farm today. Too bad you werem’t here in Montreal today, where more than 300,000 of us marched for keeping our planet green and safe from brown-nosers like you.

    Listen to me Joe. If you are really serious about keeping the Western World relevant, I suggest you go back to farming rather than wasting yourself as an errand boy to Zoltán Kovács, the propaganda chief for Hungary’s mafia boss, Orbán.

    The US senators are right. They should not be faulted for chastising Cornstein, but for being far too gentle on the diamond merchant. The Senators were asleep at the wheel when they approved his appointment to Budapest two years ago. Cornstein is a long time crony of that crooked blond bomber in the White House, and his circle of carpetbaggers (Arthur J. Finkelstein, Roy Cohn, Paul Manafort, etc,). He was sent to Budapest to serve as the blond bomber’s back channel to Putin’s Trojan Horse in the Western Alliance. He is not on a mission to make the Western World relevant, but on cementing Donald Trump’s personal alliance with crooks like Orbán, Putin, the Saudi meat grinder, the Azeris, and the “Little Rocket Man” who loves his people so much.

    By the way, what did you do with that carrot I sent you to play with last week? What are you guys really up to up to down at the farm behind Zoltán’s back? Giving him thumbs up ? Huh, Mr. Muscle ?

    • 1) Canada’s emissions?


      I will not compare with Hungary since 1990, because you will say its unfair, but since 2010 (Orban Era), Canada’s emissions are up about 5%, to 2017. Hungary’s emissions are down just slightly 2010-2018. This BTW while average yearly GDP growth has been considerably higher in Hungary than in Canada.


      I guess marching for it is all that Canadians can and will do, because actually meeting those goals is pretty much impossible, since it clashes with that other liberal-globalist agenda. Bottom line, Hungary has been a much more responsible global actor than Canada since 2010, under Orban in this regard and the stats prove it!

      2) Given what we have seen in regards to Ukraine since 2013, when that CIA coup was put into practice, any Hungarian who invites US meddling of any sort in Hungary, is an enemy of Hungary. Ukrainians are still earning about 20% less in $ dollar terms compared with 2013, while GDP/capita is down about 40% since then. All thanks to that coup. As for talk about corruption and all that? Hunter Biden was hired by a firm in 2014, paying him $160 k/month. Please do tell what qualifications that cocaine addict had that made him so valuable to that Ukrainian company? Well, they really did not pay for his services, but for Daddy’s! When a prosecutor came to investigate, Biden had him fired in 6 hours, got right guy in, who was just as corrupt (Biden called him the right guy), but dropped that particular investigation! Of course, Trump’s alleged push to fight corruption in Ukraine is political, he wanted dirt on Biden, so he told new president “Please look into that corruption”. Bottom line, US politicians (sleaze) interfering in another country is never a good thing, so HFP, Gollner and all who support this are enemies of Hungary, since this is what you want for Hungary!

      • Leave the Bidens out of it. They have been found to do no wrongdoing. Besides, Beau took the job 2 years after the corruption shake up. Get your facts straight, Trumphumper.

        • Yes, we should leave it out. A cocaine addict landing a job earning $160 k/month, while the overwhelming majority of people who have similar credentials will not crack through $160 k/year. We should also look the other way to Biden Senior bragging how he got the prosecutor fired and got the “right guy” in, the guy who closed all investigations of firm in question. Nothing to see here!. The fact that so many people are trying to claim its all kosher, is a testament to how low we are as a society at this point.

          As for facts straight? Which “corruption shake up”? Hunter Biden got his Ukraine job in spring, 2014.


          Joe Biden’s shakedown in Ukraine, meant to get rid of investigation of Burisma happened after that, so pretty clear actually that Joe is what Burisma wanted (and got), but the only way was to pay Hunter.

        • Avatar Reality Check says:

          The decline in emission began well before OV. Most of the decline since the 1980’s occurred before 2010.


          Carbon emission alone are not a full accounting of a country’s carbon footprint. Nations that import most carbon expensive goods are outsourcing emissions. It would be interesting to know what part of the impressive 50% decline in HU emissions is due to outsourcing.

          • Oh dear! There is a reason I chose not to bring up Hungary’s emissions since the collapse of the “worker’s utopia” experiment it was subjected to last century. It is right there in my original comment.

            I also left out emissions/capita where Canada is a global leader, right near the top of the rankings for the same reason, namely that I wanted to avoid the argument that it is unfair to do so. Outsourcing and how it affects a country’s emissions footprint is more relevant to an emissions/capita discussion, which I did not invoke in this discussion and believe me, you do not want to go down that route. Don’t believe me, just look up “country rankings by emissions/capita, and then perhaps you will understand (or maybe not).

            Leave it to an academic to make a facts salad!

  3. Avatar Eszter Garai-Édler says:

    Cornstein was a long-time friend of Trump’s. Any other question? Miserable assholes!

  4. @ Eszter Garai-Édler

    Well said Eszter. The diamond merchant is not only a close friend of the blond bomber in the White House, but serves as his back channel to Putin. Cornstein was also best friends of two other disgusting Trump operatives, Roy Cohn and the late Arthur J. Finkelstein. The latter was chief political advisor to Orbán and all the corrupt autocrats that have multiplied like toe-fungus throughout the former Soviet Empire, thanks to Finkelstein’s “strategic communications advice.”

  5. …the senators signing the letters were democrats, they want the same leftist socialist regime that they advocate in the US…..
    …..the senators have no business interfering in Hungarian internal politics….
    ….all senators on the list are supporters of illegal immigration and support Soros and his open society….
    …this letter is retaliation of the CEU expulsion….

  6. Quite funny to see the Orban shills admit the CEU was thrown out of Hungary.

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