Scarlett Johansson is shamelessly exploited by right-wing Budapest mayor, István Tarlós

Scarlett Johansson is a 34 year old popular American filmstar, one of the highest paid in the business and now she is part of the Budapest municipal election campaign. She is shooting a film in Hungary and a clever political operative asked her to meet with right-wing Mayor István Tarlós. Why not?

 The American filmstar, Tarlós and Vice-Mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky (far right)

71-year-old Tarlós is a staunch ally of authoritarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and is in a nasty reelection fight. He is in a tight race with 44-year-old Gergely Karácsony, a talented Budapest district mayor, who plans to bring transparency to Budapest. Tarlós, who has no vision or published agenda for the capital, is so afraid of Karácsony that he declined to debate him.

After a brief meeting the filmstar posed with Tarlós and Vice-Mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky. Johansson received three Budapest silver medals for the favors.

Scarlett Johansson and right-wing Budapest mayor István Tarlós.

Within minutes Hungary’s government controlled press blanketed the media with the photos adding how Johansson loves Budapest and is especially impressed with recent developments in the capital. Tarlós has been mayor since 2010 and Hungarian readers might conclude from the articles that the popular filmstar endorses Tarlós.

The filmstar’s publicist did not publish one word about the encounter. In fact, I wonder whether Scarlett even realized that her meeting was used for political campaign purposes.

Johansson is a Democrat who supported President Obama and gave a talk in 2012 at the Democratic Convention, Charlotte, NC. She also mocked „First Daughter” Ivanka Trump on the popular American comedy show, Saturday Night Live. We’ll ask her to comment on the meeting.

György Lázár


  1. Johnson was very disappointed as far as I know with the Obama administration. People are not stupid . She know what she doing I’m sure.

  2. Dear Scarlett Johansonn.

    I do hope you will comment on the attempt by István Tarlos, a Hungarian political fraud-artist, to capitalize on your trusting good nature in order to deceive you and the voters of Budapest, his fellow citizens. The Mayor of Budapest is a self-confessed homophobe, a left over from the old Communist dictatorship, a Donald Trump clone, who has distinguished himself as a leading member of the gang that is undermining justice, the rule of law and sustainable development in Hungary. He is an affinity-fraud artist. He hugs you and charms you into believing that he cares – when in fact all he cares for is his own financial welfare, and the destruction of the boundary between illusion and reality.

    Dear Ms. Johansonn. Mayor István Tarlós is no Gentleman Jim. He is a political fraud artist who built his career by robbing his fellow citizens of their dignity and their right to the truth, justice, and liberty. Please do not be charmed and deceived by the smiling face of Geryon, the guardian of the 8th district in Dante’s Inferno. Please reassure those who truly care for you that you stand on the side of justice, and with those, who want to rid their city of its fraudulent guardian. Your words matter !

  3. Well, I do think Scarlett Johansson is hot, but that brunette is not too bad either. As for Istvan Bacsi, based on the picture, I’d say its good to be mayor of Budapest!

    As far as harassing her with your issues? I hope for her sake that you leave her alone. I appreciate her enough as an actress to wish for her not to be bothered with your pettiness.

    BTW, Budapest has been doing alright since 2010, perhaps your description of Tarlos is not entirely honest?

    Most livable in Eastern Europe.

    Innovation, only behind Moscow and Prague in Eastern Europe.

    Budapest is 2019’s European best destination voted by travelers.

    So maybe current mayor not so terrible?

  4. Avatar Szendrey Kiss Zsolt says:

    Clearly an anti government article and yet there are people protesting for media freedom in Hungary…..go figure!

  5. @ Joe

    You could have said that about Berlin under Hitler, or Johannesburg at the height of apartheid. Why not tell us, that Musssolini made the trains run on time in Italy, that Germany’s GDP grew faster under Hitler than the European average, so we should all shut up already. Huh ? Joe. Here’s an idea for you. Why don’t you go back to your troll farm manager, Kovács Zoltán in the Hungarian PMO and ask for a carrot that you can lodge in your rear for your sexist comments about the two women in the photo above. Then show us what you’re made of.

    • That is very nice Andras, but Hungary is not Nazi Germany, or Fascist Italy of a century ago. Those times are over, we live in a different world now. Its a world in which those ideological struggles are increasingly irrelevant. We have completely new and different challenges. Learn to move on!

      If we are to draw parallels, I’d have to say that it is your ideology more than anything that resembles the mindset of those regimes. You are the ones who cannot tolerate opposing viewpoints. You are the ones who resort to persecuting people who do dare to voice a different viewpoint. There are plenty of studies which show that in your field, namely academia, ideological purification is nearly absolute.

    • BTW, in regards to your other comment; “your sexist comments”. I hear women talk about men like that all the time, yet I hardly hear anyone reproach them for it as being “sexist”. This is the new type of cultural fascism you are advocating for. Its outright sick!

      Perhaps you should watch this comical short film, which I think perfectly highlights the idiotic nature of what you just wrote:

      or this one:

      Thanks to people like you, we are moving closer and closer to the parody from those videos.

  6. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Susan,


  7. @ Joe

    “That is very nice Andras, but Hungary is not Nazi Germany, or Fascist Italy of a century ago. Those times are over, we live in a different world now.”

    Joe, I think we all know down here that Hungary is not Nazi Germany, Italy, etc. and that we live in the 21st century, in the year of our Lord, 2019. Save your breath, or keep those superb insights of yours for your daily briefings with Mr. Kovács down at the farm.

    The problem is you, my boy, and your sexist, anti-environmentalist Neanderthal mind. Get a grip, troll.

    • 1) Obviously you do not know what world we live in, since you keep bringing up 1930’s as parallel to people and events today.

      2) I care about the environment more than you do. You are the one who clings to a path which every first year economics textbook confirms to be flawed. Unilateral self-sacrifice for greater good does not work. It has been proven! EU reduced emissions by 26% since 1990 (Canada up 15%). Global emissions rose about 55% at the same time. So EU self sacrifice did nothing aside from harming their own economy. That harm is only starting to become apparent now, and a decade from now, the entire extent of the disaster will become understood.

      In fact, if one steps back and contemplates, their efforts may have counter-intuitively helped accelerate global emissions. For instance, steel mill moving out of EU because of overly strict environmental standards, to China, may have caused steel parts industries to thrive in China as well instead of EU, close to the source of steel material input. So instead of such industries developing in EU where energy input cleaner, more efficient, they thrived in China, mostly around that steel mill that was chased out of EU.

      Idealist, self-loathing Western zealots like you are in fact responsible for this crisis not being resolvable. You guys took the world down the wrong path three decades ago, and continue to insist on it today.

      • “1) Obviously you do not know what world we live in, since you keep bringing up 1930’s as parallel to people and events today.”

        Joe, obviously, you’re too stupid to understand what you’re writing. Obviously, András is far superior to you.

        Joe, what world do we live in? Did you see the video in which a Hungarian woman with a red shirt spat at a coloured man? In passing by … was also fashionable after 1930 … and Joe the Roma monument in Budapest is regularly smeared with Hungarian shit and stays that way for months. Yes, I know in 1930 there was no monument to massacred Roma or Jews or dissenters.

        Joe have you read what the Christian Semjén Zsolt said? “Bár kegyetlenségnek hat, vessünk egy pillantást ellenfeleinkre is. Hogy állnak az értékekkel és az emberi minőséggel? Ideológiailag szöges ellentétei egymásnak: posztnácik, neomarxisták és anarcholiberálisok katyvasza. Szinte látom a cégtáblát: Sneider&Bauer.”
        Semjén Zsolt, not 1930.

        • I never said that the world is not still full of imbeciles who just cannot let go of the old Marxist-Nazi ideological contest from nearly 100 years ago. What I am saying is that the sooner we can get rid of that garbage, which is increasingly irrelevant to the realities of today, the better off humanity will be.

          • Joe, if you don’t understand anything, you shouldn’t write. We have now a hundred years before … but also two hundred or three hundred or four hundred years before. Nixverstehen … kannitverstan ?

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