New World Record in 200m butterfly from “Milák from Hungria”

The reporter was so excited that when he announced the new World Record in 200m butterfly, he said that the winner was “Milák from Hungria.”

This is an almost unbelievable achievement. Hungary’s 19-year-old Kristóf Milák broke Michael Phelps’ iconic 10 year old World Record at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Kristóf Milák

Michael Phelps “owned” the 200 butterfly. He had seven World Records (!) between 2001 and 2009. Now Milák has taken away the crown.

Milák was born in Budapest in 2000. His trainer is Mr. Attila Selmeci.

Folks, this is sport history. We witnessed the most stunning victory in the history of Hungarian swim sports.

Enjoy the attached video.

György Lázár


  1. Ah, sports. It can make children out of us all. In Canada we have the Toronto basketball team, whose ability to put a leather ball through a piece of rope netting attached to a metal ring more often than a group of dudes from Cleveland (or wherever) brought the country to frenzy. 2 million people attended the homecoming party for the dudes in Toronto. The event monopolized national news coverage on cross-country PUBLIC Television (the CBC) for weeks. If only a tenth of that energy was devoted to solving the real challenges facing humanity and our planet, how much further ahead we would be….

    In Hungary, Mr. Orbán wanted soccer to become the national distraction. He spent billions of European taxpayer’s money on stadiums, he hosted the previous aquatic world championships at a huge cost to taxpayers, he aimed his sights on hosting the Olympics, anything, no matter how much it cost, to keep Hungarians eyes and ears riveted on their athlete’s ability to bounce a leather ball on their feet or make like a fish, rather than on looking into how he is taking them all to the cleaners. He learned about the usefulness of sports as a powerful agent of distraction from the Bolsheviks. His hunky-dory is now in the net. In the eyes of his countrymen, he made Hungary Great Again.

    Let the games begin ? (Wasn’t this how the Roman Empire kept itself afloat, until the barbarians came around the corner??)

    • Sports should be encouraged. Team sports teach children to work together, collaborate. Sports help people stay healthy. There are benefits to sports culture.

      As for Hungary’s splurging on sports? Perhaps, but at least it is not running 7% average yearly deficits as the previous government did. This year’s deficit is set to be bellow 2%, next year perhaps bellow 1%. Spending on sports, families infrastructure and many other things, while still keeping deficits in check? Sounds like responsible governance to me!

    • Joe
      Your ilk can’t just enjoy this great event without oozing some venom and dropping lies.
      The current budget deficit, apples for apples, is more than 6% (not counting the constant deficits in the main subsystems and the tricks to show a better figure before Dec 30 each year ):
      contrary to all the boasting and lies the figures clearly show the inhuman direction of Orbàn regime’s austerity drive:
      Gov spending 2010 – 2019
      Education. 5.5 – 4.3% GDP
      Healthcare. 4.6 – 4 % GDP
      Pensions. 10 – 7.3% GDP
      COST of gov. 7 – 8% GDP
      Note also
      VAT. 25 – 27%
      Top tax rate. 36 – 16%

    • András you wrote If only a tenth of that energy was devoted to solving the real challenges facing humanity and our planet, how much further ahead we would be …

      … now imagine if the church had had no political power, through which countless special or extraordinary people, such as Plants knowledgeable women, scientists and dissidents, died during the Inquisition. How far we would be today …

      … today the church in Hungary has a lot of power again. This is not part of the world record but governing.

  2. @ Joe

    I don’t believe that the purpose of this portal is to throw cold water on anything and everything undertaken by the Orbán government. Nor is it, to inform people of whatever gaudy news item that happens to come out of Hungary, such as the alleged murder committed by a Hungarian swimming official somewhere. (Don Kichote)

    The HFP is NOT an anti-Hungarian medium, dedicated to the generation of hatred towards anything and everything Hungarian. That is as phony a rap as the one generated by the artificial blond in the White House against those women of color who happen to be critical of his greedy, self-serving. destructive policies.

    Our criticism is directed at a regime that uses various instruments – sports, for example – to distract its citizens from scrutinizing the regime’s lying, stealing, destructive, self-serving policies. The common bond that ties the Orbán regime, Donald Trump, the Little Rocket man or Putin together is their dedication to affinity fraud. They pretend to love their people, as they steal them blind. On the world stage Donald Trump has become the global enabler of this practice. Down in this underpass, it is a troll named Joe, who performs this social disservice.

    • But András you wrote „… until the barbarians came around the corner??“ I thought the games are over and the barbarians were already there.

      Well, yes, I should have said something else, and if it’s not published, I’m not angry. You never know what thoughts are behind which minds.

    • Ouch! Even as you claim that “HFP is not some anti Hungarian medium”, author of this article just wrote another piece, attacking Hungary for standing up for the basic rights of ethic Hungarians in Ukraine. This site published it. Once more contradicting any attempts to hide true colors.

  3. @ Joe

    You Orbánist trolls are playing a game that anyone with a brain bigger than a walnut can see through. As soon as someone criticizes Hungary’s crooked, neo-Fascist leader, you accuse the critic as fomenting hatred against Hungary. It’s the same spiel Trump is trying to pull off in the US. He also accuses anyone who dislikes his policies of anti-Americanism. Nice try Joe, but no ceegar.

    • That’s nice, except that article criticizes and demonizes Hungary, for standing up for basic minority rights in Ukraine, in particular.

      • basic minority rights = white supremacist
        basic minority rights = no gypsies
        basic minority rights = no Jews
        basic minority rights = no women
        basic minority rights = no left
        basic minority rights = no poor
        basic minority rights = only Fidesz
        stupid donkey = Joe = telling basic minority rights

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