Whitewash — Assessing Robert Mueller’s Testimony Before the House Committees

On Wednesday. July 24, 2019, tens of millions of Americans and others around the world were given an opportunity to hear directly from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the investigation into the relationship between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Thanks to his 5 hour testimony, we now know that crime pays in America.

Mr. Mueller agreed with the heads of the two Congressional committees that Russia massively intervened in the 2016 elections, that Trump personally aided and abetted that intervention, driven by the desire for personal profit. Mr. Mueller admitted that the President’s son, the President’s top campaign officials were caught with their hands in the „cookie jar”, along with dozens of others. He admitted that the President frequently attempted to hinder the independent investigation into his relationship with a hostile mafia state. Mr. Mueller agreed, that Trump instructed his aids to lie, to try and fire him, to get the Attorney General to stop him, and to hinder his progress in numerous ways. He admitted that Trump refused to be interviewed, that his written answers were useless to the prosecutors and were intended to mislead them. Mr. Mueller admitted that other countries were involved in the process of tipping the scales against Hillary Clinton, but he refused to identify them or divulge why he decided to leave the details of those additional efforts out of his report.

Mr. Mueller refused to answer many of the questions thrown his way by the representatives of the American people, but his major omission – one that historians and people with any moral or ethical conscience must NEVER forgive him for is this: He is the first high-level public prosecutor in America, who publicly endorsed the idea that crime pays. The pitiful, hapless and awkward testimony of a long-term Republican representative of America’s moneyed class before two Congressional Committees is yet another nail in the coffin of the rule of law in America, and by extension, around the world.

The pumps don’t work, cause the bandits took the handles, sang Bob Dylan decades ago. Robert Mueller has spoken. As we begin our entry into the age of artificial intelligence, political theft by people in high places has become legal. The artificial blonde bomber in the White House is elated and so are his supporters. „The Democrats have been given nothing by Mueller” declares Trump on his way to one of his golf courses. And he is absolutely right. The Democrats are hopelessly lost, unable to do more than shoot each other down in live TV debates organized by CNN. The topic of those debates have much more to do with the blonde bomber’s hand-held device, than the everyday challenges and problems facing ordinary Americans. Americans are pitifully ill informed by their mass media about the world outside of America’s fences. They are almost as poorly served by the profit driven networks, when it comes to their own domestic affairs. The escalation of public ignorance in America about the co-ordinated assault on truth, on the boundary separating reality from illusion, on social justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development is staggering. Now that Mr. Mueller has spoken that assault will gather greater momentum.

András Göllner


  1. „He is the first high-level public prosecutor in America, who publicly endorsed the idea that crime pays.“ Unfortunately, nothing was written in the German press about this. That’s brutally incredible.

  2. I was disappointed that Mueller had nothing to say as Republican lawmakers mocked him and attacked his credibility during the hearing, sometimes at length. What did Mueller do? He just sat there and took the punches. And by the way, why exactly did Mueller fail to subpoena Trump during his investigation?

  3. To “Lanark” Murller had nothing to say- correct”! Bingo!
    Wasted the hard working population’s money and I certainly didn’t waste my time watching the witchhunt.
    Whoever is not happy with this administration or the country’s laws in general is welcome to find another place: plenty in the world – or back to Hungary!

    • Avatar Reality Check says:

      Instead of finding a new place, you could do something our democracy has a proud history. Decent is a normal part of our system and when you are not happy with how things are in the US,
      you can run for office
      you can donate to a candidate you believe in
      you can protest
      you can call your representative
      you can read the newspaper instead of twitter
      you can volunteer
      you can donate to a cause you believe in
      you can stay here and fight!
      you can vote every election

      But what Palinka suggest is un-American to the core.

  4. It was to be expected. Mueller is from the same military/ex military team who brought Trump to power in 2016. Who could forget General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, refusing point blank the US Congress’ request for a no-fly zone in Syria one month before the election ? There are videos on YT.
    But the “Russo-American friendship associations” praised him as the “hero” who avoided the Apocalypse.

    “General Dunford on War with Russia and Syria
    October 19, 2016

    Friends, on October 1, General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, rang the alarm on a “No Fly Zone” over Syria which was gaining traction in Washington. In no uncertain terms he predicted, “For us to control the airspace over Syria would require that we go to war with Syria and Russia.”

    October 9 in the second Presidential Debate, this concept of “No Fly Zone” was still spoken about as though it’s a viable strategy. Does this mean that America is willing to go to war with Russia which has an equal number of nuclear weapons as we have?

    We must somehow impress on our decision makers that strategies other than military solutions are desperately needed for our nation and our world. We can no longer invade countries to secure oil, gas and pipelines without taking the nations’ populations into consideration.

    How do we open up this discussion to a nationwide audience here in the U.S.?

    Surely few if any Americans would vote to start WWIII that would incinerate their families and homes. We need far cooler heads who will take responsibility for our futures rather than “acting tough” when far better solutions exist — like pulling out of Syria where we Americans have NO legal right to be.

    FYI, Heads of State can invite other nations to participate if they are attacked and get UN approval to do so. Assad asked Russia, Syria’s decades-long trading partners, to assist with the rebels fomenting a “civil war.” These “rebels” unfortunately were mostly hired mercenary/terrorists even in the beginning. This was never a legitimate civil war, but a war instigated by Saudi, Qatar, Israeli and US money and “energy” interests. It is all about oil, gas and pipelines in addition to the centuries of hatred between Muslim rival groups. We should have NEVER gotten mixed up in this horrendous affair.”

    At the time the internet was full of people campaigning for Trump and painting Hillary Clinton as the fiend who would bring the Russian nuclear apocalypse on us. Most of them presented the war in Syria as being waged with the intention of enlarging Israel. A lot of these people identified as Hungarians and praised Orban and Trump, like those in the links I gave before and many others, as neo-Nazis and also as military (active or vets) especially Marines like Mr Mueller and Mr Dunford.

    So there isn’t any wonder that Mr Mueller will never find any Russian collusion or even wrong doing by Trump.

  5. This is the flagship military site campaigning for Trump. Most of the people who work on it have been steadily campaigning for him for the past four years at least, especially the woman who owns it and who is connected with the military. Many of them also identify as former or current Marines.

    And this is a pro-Russia site staffed by a lot of Fidesz agents, who also campaigned for Trump (and naturally praised Orban and Putin on every occasion they got).

    Disqus.com which is a huge comments’ portal to a lot of important sites (like Breitbart for instance) is full of channels which aggressively promote Trump (and often praise Orban and Putin). The entire alternative media does the same and funnily enough also those who identify as “neo-Nazis”. There is a pattern of relentless anti-Semitism on all of these channels, very cleverly spread:
    1. The “leftists” pretend to dislike Trump but always criticize Israel.
    2. The “right wing” (including admitted military) pretend to love Israel but single out Jewish personalities as corrupt.
    3. The “neo-Nazis” present the Jews all over the world as the originators of all the evils of mankind and talk of “pushing the Overton window” aka getting the “normies” to become distrustful of Jewish people everywhere and throw them out of their “white” countries.

    This pattern which looks very much like combined international counter-intelligence efforts to me – is right in our faces and basically spreading like wildfire.

  6. Gollner says he is worried about “rule of law”, while in reality he is worried about the ideological dictatorship, and establishment rule, that he fatefully serves cracking. He mentioned disappointment that Trump campaign wrongdoing, which while immoral at times, not necessarily illegal, did not lead to those he is opposed to going to prison, or at least distanced from levers of power. But let us be fair, Clinton campaign had its own dirty dealings, in collusion with state actors and possibly courts. Steele Dossier, Fussion GPS, as well as wrongdoing among the rank and file of the FBI, DOJ come to mind. Mueller was also asked about Fussion GPS, and he plead ignorance, claiming he is not familiar. Absurd, given that whole fiasco stems from such shenanigans, so that is where his investigation should have started from. Pathetic!

    My view on this whole episode is that while Trump is a member of the establishment, he was not necessarily what the establishment as a collective wanted, so we have seen the three year old tantrum unfold in response. The establishment in fact does not care Dem, Rep, Purple, or Unicorn. But they do want someone they have a firm control over, who will do what they are instructed. Levers of control may include some dirt they could use, financial control, electoral or otherwise, and so on. In the case of Trump, dirt does not work, because he is already embodiment of sleaze, yet he was still elected. Money he has, so traditional levers of control not viable. Circus of the past few years is next best thing as a mode of containment.

    The fact that people elected sleazy over establishment is quite a slap in the face. No wonder everyone from CNN to Gollner are tantruming.

  7. Oh pleazzzze “oyster” you’re not a happy clam unless you drag Israel in ????
    Jealousy is making your mouth foam..

  8. Trump administration to bring back federal death penalty after 16-year lapse

    They did what they promised their electorate during the election campaign. And now they are promising show trials and it looks like they’re also going to deliver.

  9. As a footnote to my article, I would like to add the following. I totally disagree with mainstream mass-media analyses that identify Russia as the main threat to Democracy in America. The cyber-techniques used by Russia were invented by Americans close to the Trump organization and field tested in the far flung territories of the former Soviet Empire (eg Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Hungary) during the 1990s by American carpet-baggers such as Arthur J. Finkelstein, George Birnbaum, or Paul Manafort. The chickens have come home to roost. Trump benefited from the Russian and Hungarian bots. But they were not the only hijackers. Kushner, Robert Mercer, Bannon, Cambridge Analytica, and the cyber-geeks on the Presidential campaign team used the same levers as the Russians. The Americans were the strategic commanders of the campaign. The Russians and their little comrades in Hungary were mere adjuncts. The greatest threat to Democracy in America is not external, but internal. It’s the product of cyber-capitalism and its affinity to information asymmetry and the moral hazards that flow from that asymmetry. The second coming is just around the corner.

    • Thanks for the footnote András. I thought about it for a while and found no argument against your version. I’m curious what the matter Müller will be.

  10. The Bob Dylan quote is mangled in this article – that’s unforgivable. The correct lyric is: “The pump don’t work
    ‘Cause the vandals took the handles…”

  11. Lawrence. You are right. I lost the handle on the vandals. Please try to ensure that Arabia forgives me. I need to renew my passport to Pimlico.

  12. @Prof Göllner
    Your analysis is spot on which makes it all the more scary. The “conservative” agents are now waging a wild campaign of discrediting the Democrat Party in order to delegitimize it in the eyes of the voters.

    Gore Vidal was prescient in this old interview when he said the US will have a dictatorship soon.

    “Vidal now believes, as he did originally, Clinton would be the better president. “Hillary knows more about the world and what to do with the generals. History has proven when the girls get involved, they’re good at it. Elizabeth I knew Raleigh would be a good man to give a ship to.
    “The Republicans will win the next election, Vidal believes; though for him there is little difference between the parties. “Remember the coup d’etat of 2000 when the Supreme Court fixed the selection, not election, of the stupidest man in the country, Mr Bush.”

    Vidal originally became pro-Obama because he grew up in “a black city” (meaning Washington), as well as being impressed by Obama’s intelligence. “But he believes the generals. Even Bush knew the way to win a general was to give him another star. Obama believes the Republican Party is a party when in fact it’s a mindset, like Hitler Youth, based on hatred – religious hatred, racial hatred. When you foreigners hear the word ‘conservative’ you think of kindly old men hunting foxes. They’re not, they’re fascists.”

    Today religious mania has infected the political bloodstream and America has become corrosively isolationist, he says. America has “no intellectual class” and is “rotting away at a funereal pace. We’ll have a military dictatorship fairly soon, on the basis that nobody else can hold everything together.”

  13. To the case of Trump what is already known outside of Müller.
    Jason Leopold took the trouble.

  14. @ Oyster

    All that is true – universal Capitalism has very little need of Democracy. It did well without it in the West until after WWII (We’re talking about a form of governance that is less than a 100 years old). It’s current form – cyber-Capitalism – would much rather unite with an authoritarian partner with whom its lifeline – information asymmetry – would not be constantly scrutinized and held against it by pesky Nobel Prize winners like Joseph Stiglitz, oysters like you or Aristotaliens like me.

    The problem obviously is much bigger than we like to think. It stems from our wiring. Sapiens are animals that are far more responsive to stories, than to facts. Roger Stone is right. Facts are boring for most of humanity. We’re more interested in games, basketball or water polo for example, than the survival of our species or our planet. This is the key to Donald Trump’s success. When he said, that he could shoot someone in the face in the middle of Fifth Avenue and be still elected the President of the USA, he wasn’t kidding.

    Oyster. Don’t let anyone eat you.

  15. Dear Prof Göllner,

    I must give you a piece of important information and I can’t use any e-mail because it’s being constantly hacked by Fidesz and their Russian hackers so I must write here.
    It’s about why I know that your theory re the Americans being at the head of Trump’s campaign is entirely correct. I know because I was one of their useful idiots in 2015/2016.
    I was recruited as a volunteer by a group of trolls which was very active in presenting Hillary Clinton as the woman who will bring the apocalypse on the world. These trolls were present everywhere and still are – they own the channels in the links I gave previously. And there are many more of them still recruiting people on conservative and religious sites and not only and they use many aliases and have many sites. I know most of their network and their aliases.
    One of them who was playing the “white nationalist” and the “religious” card entered into correspondence with me and gave me a link to a Russian library, because praising Russia as the great defender of Christianity was one of their shticks and all of us foolish volunteers were believing it. At the time I was helping them without questioning the discrepancies in their ideology which included such weirdly paired issues like praising both the Nazis and Putin and Trump, although it made me a little uncomfortable.
    To my shame I even believed their clever anti-Semitic propaganda as they always had what looked like facts to back it up. In other words I became their perfect dupe, cleverly strung along by them deeper and deeper. I was doing volunteer work every day for several of their recruiting sites and thinking that I was saving the world, until I slowly began to notice that I was not allowed to deviate from the “party line” so to speak, aka I was not allowed to criticize Putin or Orban without being swarmed by pro-Russian and pro-Hungarian/Orban trolls. I tried to ignore this interdiction and they let me know indirectly that they had broken into my computer and my mails and they would dox me publicly if I didn’t toe the line.
    I resigned from all their sites and deleted my Disqus accounts but they still stalked me and continued to find me everywhere I was both online and offline and broke into all my computers and mails.
    That’s when I got the idea to have a friend check out the “Russian” library link I was given and it turned out to have an IP of the US Department of Defense.
    So I am currently being stalked by these people, whoever they are, who are very cleverly threatening me with financial ruin and with death now (I was told very delicately that I will be burned alive in my house). My phones are hacked, messages appear and disappear, they have recorded a private conversation between me and my husband, and so on.
    I have contacted the police but it’s almost impossible to prove anything. I have also contacted the Israeli embassy in Ottawa and told them that I believe Jewish people are in danger because of this relentless campaign against them. I will also contact a lawyer if I can find one who will dare to do battle with the windmills of American military counter-intelligence.
    Please make use of this information as (and if) you see fit, and if you need any help from me to investigate this huge scam which brought Trump to power and which I’m afraid will bring us a military dictatorship, I will give you my phone number and real name. I live in Ottawa.

    I apologize for taking so much of your time and thank you for your understanding.

  16. @ Oyster

    I suggest you meet personally with the editor/publisher of The Hungarian Free Press in Ottawa. The only thing I can tell you is this – if your pearls are true, you will overcome. If you engage in affinity fraud, you shall be unmasked.

    I have written on these pages extensively on the Hungarian troll farms, staffed by some of the worst elements of the pro-Russian white-supremacist Christian alt right who have been given safe haven in Orbán’s Hungary. My friends in the liberal establishment, even some of the activists on my own civil rights advocacy group – Éva Balogh and Stevan Harnad – pooh-poohed what I was writing. (With friends like that, who needs enemies, right ?) As for the trolls in this underpass – they’re putty in my hands….

    The only position to take against the trolls who specialize in the destruction of the boundary between fact and fiction, illusion and reality, is to resist. Wherever we are as workers, farmers, artists, writers, scholars, businessmen or women, students or senior citizens, rich or poor, we must resist the temptation to be subverted by the affinity fraud artists who are flooding cyber-space with their new political language of deception based on artificial intelligence.

    Oyster !We shall overcome ! Join the resistance. Make sure, there is nothing on your hard disk, nothing on your phone that you would be embarrassed by, if it was stolen and their contents were published on the front cover of the New York Times. Make sure, that you manufacture your pearls from the Truth. And please tell Mr. Ódor – Orbán’s Hungarian Ambassador to Ottawa, that he stinks and if comes into your backyard, he’ll have many of us to contend with.

  17. @ Prof Göllner

    I think Mrs Balogh (whose blog I’ve discovered not long ago and where I found yours) is remarkably objective and patient, but even there some of her commenters recently compared Orban with Antichrist. I don’t think he is as important as the other two of the trio, Trump and Putin, but his people are doing a lot of damage everywhere together with the other two’s servants. It’s very dangerous when the regime pretends to espouse some values publicly but secretly works against them. Reminds me of Hitler and Stalin.

    I don’t know how much affinity there is between us because I’m not a liberal. I used to be when I was younger, at least I suppose so, but I guess I’m a centrist now. I rooted for Hillary in her first campaign, thought she was fresh and smart, and I was sorely disappointed when she lost the nomination to Obama. Which makes it weird even in my own eyes that I went to the opposite pole in just a few years. My only consolation is that half of America was keeping me company, not to mention that even now many there and in Europe have no idea of this huge moral fraud that is Trump. And I know now that that’s because of how good their propaganda was, how clever and relentless.

    Your description of “destruction of the boundary between fact and fiction, illusion and reality” is exact. It’s very difficult to fight against people who are specialized in that kind of deception and if they want to post something on the cover of NYT and be believed, I’m sure they can do it as they are also “Russian hackers”. I have a suspicion poor Michael Avenatti and others who crossed Trump didn’t write all their e-mails themselves.

    I’m afraid I’ve already joined the resistance because once I’ve learned of this stupendous scam I could never believe any more what they taught me to believe, even if it jolted me not a little to discover unpleasant things about myself and even if it leaves me in a sort of limbo politically. But I am determined to write a book about my experience and maybe I could make it a fiction book so they won’t kill me strait away 🙂

  18. @ Prof Göllner

    This is for your eyes only.
    Two of the people who own the channels where I wrote and moderated corresponded with me and told me their real names but who knows if it’s true. I’m sure they will deny any contact with the intelligence community. With one of them I had an ugly break up about 18 months ago and accused him of knowing what his friends were but of course he denied.
    Many of them posted threatening comments as if written about somebody else but in which they described me, what I was doing in my house, how I was dressed, what I talked about and so on which makes me think they have some sort of surveillance on me.

    The police wouldn’t get involved unless I provided them with direct instances in which I received death threats, which those people are not stupid to do. They (the police) even said that I must find a computer expert myself to check my hacked laptops; but I need a highly qualified one, and a private investigator I spoke with also wouldn’t get involved.

    The “Russian” library with a DoD IP is called Genesis.ru. I have the address to whom it was registered but I’m sure the IP has been changed. I read that the DoD uses tens of thousands of false IP’s.

    I have studied the trolls’ network and their techniques and aliases, and I know who is who online. This is probably why they are stalking me. I also know a few things about what the Russians did and do in real life, including some exalted characters but I’m afraid to write here about that. It may not be much but they are vengeful people.

    If you think it’s safe for me to leave you my phone number in a comment without it becoming public, I will. We can even try to coordinate the time somehow, though my internet connection is often cut off when I need it. My mail is not working, the hackers have changed my password and they do the same with every mail I try to set up.

    If after speaking with me you decide that we don’t have much to go on, I will understand because after all it’s your name and reputation which will be on the line. And if that happens, then I will write a fiction book about it so that nobody can object. Hopefully I will manage to finish it before Trump’s re-election and maybe somebody will be interested enough in it to publish it. I think the world needs to find out about this scam one way or another.

  19. @ Oyster

    “This is for your eyes only.”

    Funny you should say this on a public platform read, on average, by 7,000 people 🙂

    I forgive you – thousands wouldn’t 🙂

  20. @Prof Göllner

    Nothing funny about that unless you choose to make it so. This is a moderated platform meaning that the moderators decide which comments would be seen by the 7,000 people and which would not be. You said I should meet with the editor of this site and since I can’t use any mail due to it’s being constantly hacked I was going to write you/him my phone number here.
    The comment “for your eyes only” was a precaution to see if I could trust you/the other moderators with it. It is obvious that I can not – so I’m glad I didn’t. It was just a test, nothing more. The information contained in it is the same as in the other comments I posted.
    I understand that you are not interested in what I have to say, so I believe I can safely assume there’s not enough affinity between us – in which case I will not bother you any more from now on.
    Good luck with your fight.

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