Whitewash — Assessing Robert Mueller’s Testimony Before the House Committees

On Wednesday. July 24, 2019, tens of millions of Americans and others around the world were given an opportunity to hear directly from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the investigation into the relationship between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Thanks to his 5 hour testimony, we now know that crime pays in America.

Mr. Mueller agreed with the heads of the two Congressional committees that Russia massively intervened in the 2016 elections, that Trump personally aided and abetted that intervention, driven by the desire for personal profit. Mr. Mueller admitted that the President’s son, the President’s top campaign officials were caught with their hands in the „cookie jar”, along with dozens of others. He admitted that the President frequently attempted to hinder the independent investigation into his relationship with a hostile mafia state. Mr. Mueller agreed, that Trump instructed his aids to lie, to try and fire him, to get the Attorney General to stop him, and to hinder his progress in numerous ways. He admitted that Trump refused to be interviewed, that his written answers were useless to the prosecutors and were intended to mislead them. Mr. Mueller admitted that other countries were involved in the process of tipping the scales against Hillary Clinton, but he refused to identify them or divulge why he decided to leave the details of those additional efforts out of his report.

Mr. Mueller refused to answer many of the questions thrown his way by the representatives of the American people, but his major omission – one that historians and people with any moral or ethical conscience must NEVER forgive him for is this: He is the first high-level public prosecutor in America, who publicly endorsed the idea that crime pays. The pitiful, hapless and awkward testimony of a long-term Republican representative of America’s moneyed class before two Congressional Committees is yet another nail in the coffin of the rule of law in America, and by extension, around the world.

The pumps don’t work, cause the bandits took the handles, sang Bob Dylan decades ago. Robert Mueller has spoken. As we begin our entry into the age of artificial intelligence, political theft by people in high places has become legal. The artificial blonde bomber in the White House is elated and so are his supporters. „The Democrats have been given nothing by Mueller” declares Trump on his way to one of his golf courses. And he is absolutely right. The Democrats are hopelessly lost, unable to do more than shoot each other down in live TV debates organized by CNN. The topic of those debates have much more to do with the blonde bomber’s hand-held device, than the everyday challenges and problems facing ordinary Americans. Americans are pitifully ill informed by their mass media about the world outside of America’s fences. They are almost as poorly served by the profit driven networks, when it comes to their own domestic affairs. The escalation of public ignorance in America about the co-ordinated assault on truth, on the boundary separating reality from illusion, on social justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development is staggering. Now that Mr. Mueller has spoken that assault will gather greater momentum.

András Göllner

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