Fidesz columnist Tamás Pilhál declares hunting season on the Hungarian opposition

A small group of Hungarian democratic activists in Toronto, Canada, are trying their best to share the true nature of the Orbán regime with English speakers. Recently, they translated a truly horrendous article from Fidesz news site Pesti Srácok, written by Tamás Pilhál. Mr. Pilhál advocates that members of the Hungarian opposition are, in fact, enemies of the Hungarian nation and as such, there are no limits as to what “patriotic” Hungarians can do to them, ostensibly out of self-defence. 

Tamás Pilhál

“There are no words for the coward acts of Gyurcsány’s sect (aka DK), Momentum and MSZP in the European Parliament during the past few days. At least not in the context we talked about them to date, calling them “Hungarian” “opposition” parties. They are not. They see Hungarians and our motherland as enemies, they are just extended tentacles of our EU and Western colonists – so there’s nothing else to do, but reciprocate their “actions”.

It began with Gyurcsány’s wife not voting for the appointment of Lívia Járóka as vice-chair of the European Parliament (who nevertheless received the necessary majority for the position). Indeed, to top it all and in an almost Bulgarian tough guy fashion, she did not even congratulate Jaroka on her appointment, how uncultured, how un-statesman like. (Of course they don’t typically congratulate Fidesz after their 2/3 epic fails against Fidesz, so what do you expect, they have the backbone of a caterpillar. This is how much they respect democracy and the will of the people.) But worst of all is that Mrs Klara Gyurcsány not only behaved in this most despicable way, she was boasting about it for good measures to opposition papers and on social media. She is actually proud to be so common and impolite.

Dobrev fell flat on her face anyhow as Lívia Járóka became vice chair of the EP despite her actions. All this happened last week. This week, the Presidents and Vice-Chairs of the EP Committees are being elected. So these worms have come out of their air conditioned Brussels offices once again. Apro Antal’s [a communist leader from the ‘50s] granddaughter was musing about the fact that Balázs Hidvéghi was not elected as vice-chair of the Human Rights Committee. As a result of Dobrev’s great work of undermining him, the vote was postponed until later. Of course, this is not only her merit alone, Momentum’s girlies, Katalin Cseh and Anna Donáth, have themselves incited their liberal party coalition behind the scenes to veto Fidesz’s candidates.

And then let’s not forget, of course, about István Ujhelyi (the fitness freak) who himself proudly told Facebook that his Bolshevik party family will vote against Fidesz. In spite of all their (DK, Momentum, and MSZP) work to undermine or veto Fidesz candidates, Kinga Gál and Tamás Deutsch were elected vice-chairs of their relevant committees after all yesterday, but the vote on three other Fidesz candidates were postponed. This is now a huge cause for celebration for these halfwits.

Just as an aside, there is some weird and wonderful satisfaction in the liberals having elected that Hungarian hater dirty Romanian Nazi, the former Vatra Romanesca’s Dacian Ciolos as the leader of the new liberal party coalition (Renew Europe). Let’s just underscore again what this paper has been saying for a long time: Liberals are the spiritual heirs of the Communists and the Nazis, so it is so befitting that a Nazi Hungarian hater is leading the EP’s Liberal coalition and that that Liberal b***h, Katka Cseh is happily posting her selfies with him everywhere. Source: Instagram


Just to be clear: just last week the leaders of the various political families in the European Parliament agreed on who each party family will nominate for each committee of the EP. I repeat: T-H-E-Y A-G-R-E-E-D. Gentlemen keep their word. Even the outlaws keep their word, even the inmates in prison put some value to the promises of murderers and thieves. Meanwhile Mrs Gyurcsany, the Liberal b*tches and Stevie (the fitness freak) don’t respect the value of a promise. They respect no God, homeland or the Hungarian people. They know one thing and one thing only: how to hate on Orbán and the Hungarian nation and will spit in the face of millions of Hungarians who voted Fidesz to further that purpose.


Of course, we can easily play their game if that’s what they want, after all committee chairs of the Hungarian Parliament are elected the same way as their EP colleagues. The parties will first discuss who will nominate the chairs and vice chairs of the committees and then those nominees will be voted on according to those pre-negotiated deals. For example, an unwritten rule is that the opposition always delegates the chair of the National Security Committee. If Fidesz, the ruling party’s politicians did not respect these unwritten rules and agreements, the opposition would never receive a single chair or vice-chair position in the Hungarian Parliament as Fidesz has the supermajority of votes. If Fidesz started to play the same game as DK, Momentum and MSZP did in Brussels, then Fidesz could, at any time, recall and replace all opposition officials in the Hungarian parliament and send them home packing. We could do it because we have the majority. Obviously, we won’t. However, it is not possible to fight a clean fight against vicious and sneaky assassins. The Hungarian opposition is not able to duel like gentlemen and fight a clean fight, nor they are fit for government.


So far, I have always been cautious and only said that the Hungarian opposition act like traitors and enemies of the state. Hear, I said they acted like enemies, but I need not be so cautious anymore, they don’t just act like enemies, they are our enemies.

DK, MSZP and Momentum are alien mercenaries and executors of Western superpowers who themselves only further their own interests and see the Hungarians as their enemies, they are their spies deployed in Hungary. They have never ever represented the interests of the Hungarians. This is why they are not Hungarian political parties and not part of the Hungarian opposition, they are actually foreigners. Accordingly let’s not accuse them of treason in future, their home is not Hungary, their home and alliances are to the triangle of Brussels, the future “European United Caliphates” and homosexual parades.

Once again, DK, Momentum, and MSZP are not part of the Hungarian opposition, they are not simply in the opposition they are outright enemies of the state, the government, the Hungarian people, all of us (Ildiko Lendvai negligently confirmed that they see Fidesz as the enemy in “Sunrise” – a political morning show on Hungarian TV). We should have declared them our enemies way back in 2004 when that Demanted Nero betrayed our Hungarian brothers in neighbouring countries, when in 2006 he ordered the Police to shoot Hungarians in the eye, charge on their horses into the uprising crowds and torture the people on the grounds of the National Radio. In 2010 he voted against the dual citizenship of millions of our Hungarian brothers stranded outside the artificial borders of our motherland (created after Trianon) and when the false Sargentini report was released, DK and MSZP essentially voted for the suspension of Hungary’s rights of EU membership. And remember also when those retarded kids from Momentum murdered the century old dream of all Hungarians to host the Summer Olympics. Nobody who views this country as their home would do such abhorrent acts.

You can continue to wait and see till their next vicious attack and act surprised. I say let’s not wait and see. They can’t surprise us anymore! Let’s treat them like they treat us: let’s treat them as an enemies. And from now on, let’s act accordingly, any and all devices and weapons are justified to defend ourselves from this venom.”


  1. Avatar Albrecht Neumerker says:

    The hungarian opposition should be eliminated. So long they are present the orban system prevails. I know it’s not a popular though. But the truth is never popular.

  2. Avatar George Adam says:

    Opposing the government has seldom been easy in Hungary. Totalitarian thinking and habits die hard – or in the case of FIDESZ not at all.

  3. The socially responsible young Canadian-Hungarians who are informing fellow Canadians about the menace the neo-fascist regime of Viktor Orbán poses to the North Atlantic community should be invited to write for the Hungarian Free Press.

  4. First of all, it is a stretch to claim that it (article) implies actual violence against anyone.

    Second, Dacian Ciolos was indeed recently called out on news site Erdely Ma for some rather nasty comments made against ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania, so if anyone from Hungary celebrated him for any reason….

    We also had a sample of the hate that the likes of Momentum bear against ethnic Hungarians in the region, in Berg’s letter to US Ambassador, which was urging him to act against Orban for his position of standing up to Ukrainian neo-fascists, which stripped historical minority groups of their basic rights.

    Lastly, same editor of this site, which decided to publish this letter, recently wrote an article in which among other things he falsely claimed that Hungary has a poor record on its own historical minorities, in terms of their treatment. I challenged him to show any proof that ethnic minority groups in Hungary are facing the same sort of abuses that ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania for instance are facing. He chose not to publish my comments, nor defend his article, for I also pointed out that not only is he hurting Hungary through such lies he cannot back, but also the ethnic Hungarian minorities living in neighboring countries, where same lie is repeated to the point where it becomes truth, as a way to justify abuses.

    So, yes an article lacking elegance for sure, but given actions of Hungarian opposition, cannot really complain for being called out as being anti-Hungarian, when they constantly line up along side the likes of Ukrainian or Romanian nationalists, against the basic rights of ethnic Hungarian communities. It is something that leftist Hungarian opposition seems overly eager to do on a regular basis.

  5. Avatar GYULA BOGNAR says:

    If the opposition party and their voters, sympathizers considered by the Fidesz to be the enemy, then the Fidesz declared a Civil War in Hungary.

  6. Here are Fidesz agents praising Orban to the gullible West:

    And here the same Fidesz agents promoting anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism:

    They cover the entire alternative media, especially Disqus, Breitbart, Russia Insider and conservative and religious sites, always praising the triumvirate of Trump, Putin and Orban and spreading anti-Semitism.

  7. The original article in Hungarian should be posted to ensure that there are no mistakes in translation!!!!

  8. Avatar Magyar Balázs says:

    First of all, the Pesti Srácok website not the Fidesz news site, the is the fidesz news site. The pesti srácok morelike a altright-conservative, goverment sympathizer news site.
    2. Pilhál wrote down his opinion, this can be done in a free country. You know, where there is no censorship.
    3. If a person is rebelling against his own country and government, working to overthrow or weaken it, and seeking the help of foreign powers, Treason, and such a person is truly an enemy of nation.
    4. While studying this internet site, I realized: Most of the fake news here serves to demonize the Hungarian government and explain its patronizing anti-national acts.
    Shame on you “hungarianfreepress” you are a propaganda portal.

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      First of all, your first of all, looks like complete nonsense. You write the website would not be the Fidesz news site no it would be an altright-conservative goverment sympathizer news site. In Germany, the altright-conservative CSU are partially fascist.

      „2. Pilhál wrote down his opinion, this can be done in a free country. You know, where there is no censorship.“ Country is not a privat Blog.

      In Hungary there are many opinions but it is for → not free country, because if you are a teachers or you have other civil service you can lose your job. This is not censorship!

      „If a person is rebelling against his own country and government, working to overthrow or weaken it, and seeking the help of foreign powers, Treason, and such a person is truly an enemy of nation.“

      If a person thinks and comes to a conclusion and the Name is Orbán then he is not a rebel he is the government but not God. If another person thinks and comes to a conclusion that does not agree with Orbán and has sprung from old French thought, it is treason, and such a person is truly an enemy of nation … just by saying.

      Magyar Balázs If you could think then you would cry about your crap … do not worry, you can laugh with us about it.

  9. Avatar Don Kichote says:

    Intellectually, that’s the gutter. It is the new Hungarian dream.

  10. The article should read “Orban declares hunting season….”. These nobodies like the mentioned Pesti Sracok “journalist” are just parrots. They spread the Mafia Boss’ thoughts. Orban does not have the guts to directly say these things. Not much else can be expected from a Communist informant turned Christian crusader.

  11. Yes,
    Fascism it is folks!
    Not only the spirit, but many phrases are literally from that textbook.
    Orbàn’s uncouth regime (like such others) constantly invents enemies to fight (küzdelem) in order to justify its dictatorial nature, to draw attention away from its failures and , above all, from its unprecedented orgy of institutionalized corruption, running at above 1% GDP.

    • Actually, that is how I would describe the entire Western World today. Invent enemies to draw attention away from its failures? For past two decades it has been failing the middle class. Europe especially, with its green agenda, amounting to economic suicide, and its ethno cultural suicide agenda, destroying public safety. Rising opposition? “far-right”, “Nazis” and so on and so on. Multikulti especially in Europe has been a failure. Proof of failure culminated in past few years with hundreds of dead and countless wounded in terrorist attacks, as well as the mass sexual attacks, without historical precedent on thousands of women on the streets. Rising opposition? Just repeat same labels. Ironic that Hungary is being called out constantly for antisemitism, while the ME-African colonists that the liberal-globalists brought in are beating the crap out of Jews all over Western Europe. Orban is the “problem” and root of all evil that befell the Western World. Neo-liberal Fascism it is folks!

      • Avatar Don Kichote says:

        Good that you can abuse the Jews for your personal hateagenda. Incidentally, there has been immigration in Germany since the 1960s. You call it multicultural, that’s what you can call it and we have a steady boom in Germany. They even invented spaghetti ice cream with a Swabian spaetzle machine.

        Well in the beginning there were stabbings with the Italians or bar fight with the Americans but today they live together. The hate arguments ala AfD, which are postulated mainly by primitive failures are equal to yours.

  12. @ Joe

    You say: “Actually, that is how I would describe the entire Western World today. Invent enemies to draw attention away from its failures”

    Please note: Orbán’s Hungary is part of the Western world you have just painted for us troll. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Did I say Orban acts any different? Just different side of the barricade. He refuses to serve the liberal-globalist establishment that runs much of the Western World.

    • Andras
      This crowd wants to have it both ways, all the ways and wouldn’t blink pronouncing exactly the opposite of what they said yesterday: eg. the most stunning, incredible flip was in the case of the Russians – from the arch evil daunting and damaging Hu to friends and allies in a couple of short years.

  13. Avatar miklos banfi says:

    Dear Magyar Troll Balázs,
    Doing a fantastic job… These readers are pretty aware that there is no point messing up the sons of Mediaworks Ltd: Pesti Srácok, Origo, 888, Magyar Idők, Lokál etc. all of the TV channels, even the “opposition lolololol” ATV and radio channels have been given the total appreciation, encouragement, financial support etc. by the DICTATOR. Without it they could not write or say a word… The fascist government swallowing the pill of some opposition online media and really scarce other media: 168 óra, ÉS, Népszava to show some deceiving sign to the Europian Union about the livid democracy and freedom of speech.
    You labeling us as Traitors. Here you can say it, there is no censorship to prevent this utter nonsense, as Prof Göllner puts it we are socially responsible Canadian Hungarians, living here in exile because of the unbearable dictatorship. By the way I am sure that you are not surprised that I consider you a traitor and pretty much all Fidesz supporters here and at home. This nightmare is going to end soon, good outcome is not on the horizon, and history will prove the devastating effect of the whole of Hungary.
    The one troll questioning the translation has 2 choices, either believes me that it is quite accurate or just try to translate or get it translated himself.. Futile:)
    And this is just one article to show, no days without these kind of garbage in the media.
    Yes Gyula you know it that this has been a Civil War for a while now with invisible bloodshed. Some of us are afraid it is about to change fast:(

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