University students victims of violent hate crime in southern Hungary

The Pécs District Prosecutor’s Office has charged two young Hungarians with assault causing bodily harm motivated by hate. The young men physically assaulted two citizens of Yemen, one of whom was enrolled as a university student in Pécs, while the other studied in Szeged. The attack occurred in front of a commercial establishment in Pécs last summer, but it took until this month for authorities to determine that the incident qualified as a hate crime.

According to an account published this week on the website, the two students were speaking with each other in Arabic, at which point they were verbally harassed by two young men on the bench. “Migrants, go home and get lost! In Hungary, speak in Hungarian!”–yelled the youth. As the students left, the two youth followed them. One of the students was grabbed and pushed to the ground. The other student was then assaulted, pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly with steel toe boots by the assailants.

An investigation lasting several months determined the obvious: the young students were attacked because of their ethnicity. As such, the assailants are not only charged with assault causing bodily harm but with a hate crime as well.

This is merely the latest piece of evidence showing the brutal efficacy of the relentless hate campaign of the Orbán government.

Downtown Pécs, with the former Mosque of Pasha Qasim, from the Ottoman era, today the Candlemas Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


  1. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    “This is merely the latest piece of evidence showing the brutal efficacy of the relentless hate campaign of the Orbán government.”

    Well said Christopher Adam. This is the latest evidence why one should not wine and dine with the Canadian representatives of this disgusting regime, why one should not sit on the same stage with its ambassador, consul general and their local racist sympathizers, why one should not go “begging for nylons and cigarettes” to these affinity fraud artists who nickel and dime Canada’s unsuspecting Jews, while fomenting hatred against them in their homeland and legitimizing the ancien regimes that killed Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and Democrats by the hundreds of thousands in the past.

    Canadians of good conscience should bombard their Federal and Provincial Conservative MPs with letters of protest against their Party’s coddling of the Hungarian autocracy’s Canadian agents, who are engaged in grossly misleading Canadians about the true nature of their governments while they meddle in our own electoral process.

  2. Avatar Albrecht Neumerker says:

    Dear Mr Göllner. I really like your approach to democracy. I my self am lost for Hungarian illiberalism. Not only Jews and Romas were persecuted in Hungary, but my fellow German compatriots too. No hard feelings today, but we are almost never remembered. My best wishes.

  3. Author once more takes quite a leap by linking this isolated event to Hungary’s government. The fact that such occurrences are actually so rare, suggest the opposite.

  4. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    “The fact that such occurrences are actually so rare, suggest the opposite.”

    World wars are also rare. Does that mean we should not link them to governments? You’re a loser,Joe. Go back to the troll farm, and do a bit more diggin’.

    • I may be an economist, historian, sociologist, a pretend gynechologist at times, when situation dictates. When someone goes as far as equating a minor hate crime to world wars? Well, I really have no answers for what ails you! Perhaps you should try the pretend gynecologist thing. It might help with the hysteria.

  5. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    Forget your dreams about gynecology Joe. The word is out: You’re a loser with women as well. Why don’t you just get a hold of yourself instead?

    • This settles it! If your skills with the ladies are half as good as your trash talk, we can all forget about the legend of Casanova. The legend of Golner is being written in real time, on bedsheets in Canada’s bedrooms. From coast to coast!

  6. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    I confess Joe, I underestimated your prowess. I had no idea that apart from your status as a farm-hand on Orbán’s troll-farm, you are also engaged in examining what’s on the bed-sheets in Canada’s bedrooms, and from coast to coast no less. That must be a great occupation for a guy like you Joe. Just don’t let it go to your head or swell your pride. Wouldn’t like to see a good farm-hand like you faint on the job. 🙂

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