Actions not words needed to stop Hungary’s efforts to subvert Canadian democracy

It is time that Canadian Hungarian Academic organizations, such as the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC), and Canadian-Hungarians of good conscience, follow the example set by the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter (CHDC) and portals such as this one, by not only speaking up publicly, but acting with resolve to unmask and stop the affinity fraud engaged in by the representatives of the white-supremacist Orbán autocracy in Canada. (For a longer analysis of the nature of Orbán’s neo-fascist regime please follow our earlier report.)

Ambassador Bálint Ódor with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The Orbán regime is actively engaged in rewriting history, and treats as national heroes, István Tisza and Admiral Horthy, the two Hungarian leaders that cheerfully halted democratic development in that country during the first half of the 20th Century, and led their people into two senseless world wars which resulted in the death of 300 million people worldwide during the short span of 30 years. Among the dead were tens of thousands of Canadian soldiers.

Rather than expelling them from its ranks, the ruling party of Hungary (Fidesz) and the country’s President decorates people who foment hatred against Jews, liberals and democrats.  (Witness the recent national honours bestowed upon party founder Zsolt Bayer). Ambassador Bálint Ódor, and his Toronto Consul General, along with the geriatric Canadian representatives of that neo-fascist, anti-Semitic body, the Order of Vitéz, should never have been coddled by Bay Street moguls like the late Peter Munk, convicted cons like Conrad Black, or their journalist friends, such as the late George Jonas. Responsible Canadians should not enable, but hinder the efforts of the Orbán autocracy to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Canadians.

The Orbán regime’s disrespect for social justice, the rule of law and sustainable development is not based on hearsay, but empirically verifiable evidence, backed up by the European Parliament and hundreds of internationally respected research organizations and academics around the world, including Hungary’s own Academy of Sciences. The latter is just now in the process of being massacred for daring to open its mouth. Hungary’s young people are fleeing their homeland in record numbers, because of the efforts of this regime to keep them in ignorance and in the dark.

It is not only disappointing but reprehensible to see Canadian Hungarians, who should know better, opening doors for Orbán’s affinity-fraud artists to the Canadian Jewish community, and helping to legitimize them on any stage. If Donald Trump does that in Washington, and tens of millions of ill-informed Americans swallow his bait that is their business. We should learn from Trump’s „tainted love” for Chairman Kim “who loves his people to death”, or from Trump’s strange fondness for the Saudi butcher and fight to keep the garbage generated by the POTUS south of the 49th parallel.

The efforts of the Orbán regime’s local representatives to meddle in Canada’s democratic processes, the documented efforts of the Orbán regime to pull the wool over the eyes of ordinary Canadians should be unmasked rather than protected by Canadians of good conscience wherever they may be, and regardless of which democratic political party they may belong to. There should be no cooperation, friendly camaraderie, no wining and dining, no financial hand-outs requested or accepted from representatives of a regime that wants to turn the clock back to the dark days when fascism reigned in Europe, and hundreds of millions died on the battlefields, in concentration camps and in the gas-chambers. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. It’s now time to stand up and act. We should start by saying out loud:

Mr. Ódor! You stink! We’ve had enough of you! Please peddle your affinity fraud in your own back-yard rather than in our neighborhood!

András Göllner


  1. Well written András!
    How the Hungarian and Romanian Jews hated that fascist Horthy after they returned “home” – and could not wait to get out of those countries but communism replaced fascism and took more years of sacrifice to get free.
    Horthy’s followers should hang from the rafters.

  2. Avatar jack Dunster says:

    Rather the same is happening in the Polish communities – with PIS… It seems ex-patriot communities always fall for the right-wing – neo fascist line – because they do not experience the day-to-day reality.

    Should be required viewing for ALL
    people in the world who truly want to understand what money and fascism can do to any country or world !! It’s not about one or two people . Its about groups of power hungry psychopaths that live in disorder and create disorder to serve themselves..

  4. Talk about fact-less rants! Author mentions EU charges against Hungary, and automatically assumes they are
    justified. As I pointed out on countless occasions, while Western Europe is drowning in a rising tide of antisemitic attacks on Jews, Hungary remains a safe haven as proven by facts. Hungary was also accused of unfair treatment of minority groups. When i chalemged fearless editor of this site to provide evidence of similar abuses to ones taking place in Romania on regular basis against ethnic Hungarians, in response to him repeating Sargentini’s lies, he chose to hide behind the mighty power of censorship by not publishing my comment. That by itself says all that needs to be said about the level of credibility that such accusations carry. Andras Golner repeats such accusations with no regard to their lack of basis in verifiable facts. I thought that liberals take great pride in their views being facts based.

  5. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    “Talk about fact-less rants! Author mentions EU charges against Hungary, and automatically assumes they are

    Talk about rants ? Hungary’s government is always right, the rest of the world, hundreds of independent research organizations, the UN and EU’s Human Rights agencies, hundreds of reputable scholars, including those of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and yes, the majority of Europe’s democratically elected parliamentarians are always wrong huh? Sell that lunacy to your sweet Fanny Annie, nameless troll.

    • Hate to break it to you, but liberal-globalist Westerners do not represent the world. Only a prominent ideological cult within it.

  6. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    If you hate doing it, why do it trollster ? Be easier on yourself. But that’s besides the point loser. Most high school students around the world know that “liberal-globalist Westerners do not represent the world.” I know, since I’ve only had to divest a few of the slower ones of that crazy illusion when they entered my university classes in various parts of the world, including Hungary. The “breaking news” you purport to be conveying to us down here, is old hat to most of us. Wake up and smell the roses farm-hand.

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