Orbán government politician is lobbying against Trudeau in Toronto

According its official description HungaroFest, a two-day festival recently held in Toronto, was meant “to recognize and celebrate the history, existence and integration of the Hungarian people within Canada.”

The festival included Hungarian music, folklore and dance. Local artists were invited along with performers from Hungary such as Republic, Budapest Bár and Tom White & the Mad Circus. The festival also showcased Hungarian gastronomy and the best part – admission was free!

Mr. Levente Magyar, Hungary’s young Deputy Minister and Parliamentary State Secretary was present and explained that political relations between Canada and Hungary are „frozen” because Canada has an „extreme liberal” government. He added that Canadian officials attack „hysterically” the Orbán government for political gain and also expressed his hope that the upcoming Canadian elections will bring the country’s politics closer to Orbán’s view of the world. The interview was conducted in Hungarian and you may watch it here.

Mr. Levente Magyar (middle) with a member of the Vitézi Rend at the podium of the HungaroFest in Toronto.

I find it unusual that a visiting Hungarian politician, the guest of Canadians of Hungarian origin, would lobby against the elected Canadian government. During one HungaroFest event Mr. Magyar was sitting on the podium next to a member of the Vitézi Rend who was proudly flashing his Horthy insignia!

According to US State Department directive FAM 302.7 the Vitézi Rend (Order of Heroes) is a fascist “criminal organization” as defined by the international Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Obviously there is something wrong here. I have a feeling that Hungarian diplomats in Toronto, Hungarian politicians and a few of their local Canadian Hungarian supporters are out of touch. Using a cultural event like HungaroFest to promote Budapest’s far-right agenda is not only distasteful but an insult to Canadians and Americans of Hungarian origin.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (far left) and Toronto Consul General Mr. Valér Palkovits (second from left).

Lately Hungarian diplomats are also trying to cozy up with Doug Ford, the conservative premier of Ontario. I have a feeling that even Mr. Ford would find Mr. Magyar’s behavior unpalatable.

There is no place for Orbán-style fascist nostalgia in Canada.

György Lázár

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