Orbán government politician is lobbying against Trudeau in Toronto

According its official description HungaroFest, a two-day festival recently held in Toronto, was meant “to recognize and celebrate the history, existence and integration of the Hungarian people within Canada.”

The festival included Hungarian music, folklore and dance. Local artists were invited along with performers from Hungary such as Republic, Budapest Bár and Tom White & the Mad Circus. The festival also showcased Hungarian gastronomy and the best part – admission was free!

Mr. Levente Magyar, Hungary’s young Deputy Minister and Parliamentary State Secretary was present and explained that political relations between Canada and Hungary are „frozen” because Canada has an „extreme liberal” government. He added that Canadian officials attack „hysterically” the Orbán government for political gain and also expressed his hope that the upcoming Canadian elections will bring the country’s politics closer to Orbán’s view of the world. The interview was conducted in Hungarian and you may watch it here.

Mr. Levente Magyar (middle) with a member of the Vitézi Rend at the podium of the HungaroFest in Toronto.

I find it unusual that a visiting Hungarian politician, the guest of Canadians of Hungarian origin, would lobby against the elected Canadian government. During one HungaroFest event Mr. Magyar was sitting on the podium next to a member of the Vitézi Rend who was proudly flashing his Horthy insignia!

According to US State Department directive FAM 302.7 the Vitézi Rend (Order of Heroes) is a fascist “criminal organization” as defined by the international Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

Obviously there is something wrong here. I have a feeling that Hungarian diplomats in Toronto, Hungarian politicians and a few of their local Canadian Hungarian supporters are out of touch. Using a cultural event like HungaroFest to promote Budapest’s far-right agenda is not only distasteful but an insult to Canadians and Americans of Hungarian origin.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford (far left) and Toronto Consul General Mr. Valér Palkovits (second from left).

Lately Hungarian diplomats are also trying to cozy up with Doug Ford, the conservative premier of Ontario. I have a feeling that even Mr. Ford would find Mr. Magyar’s behavior unpalatable.

There is no place for Orbán-style fascist nostalgia in Canada.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Don Hermiston says:

    Anyone who sees Trudeau for the useless little Globalist twerp he is is okay in my book.

  2. Hungary does not have a far right government !! and no one is fascist !!!
    You mix the Fidesz with the Jobbik .
    M. Magyar could have had an assigned seat and in any case do not pay attention to his neighbour .. Who invited this neighbour ? certainly not M. Magyar as a guest.
    For what concerns the political links between Canada and Hungary ,the comment of M. Magyar was totally correct and everybody will say the same in Europe. Trudeau tries to copy Macron and both have a lot of problems .

    • Klara
      “Hungary does not have a far right government !! and no one is fascist !!!” and pigs fly, all in Orbanistan.

  3. It is time for Mr. Trudeau to recognize sovereignty and do not try to force his mistaken views on other countries. It is enough to make the people of Canada suffer.

  4. Don, I suspect books are not your forte.

  5. Avatar Judith Kopacsi Gelberger says:

    Martaburka, it wasn’t Trudeaeu whe went to Hungary to criticize the Hungarian government, but rather Hungarian politicians came to the Canada, and while enjoying the hospitality of the country, dared to criticize our Prime Minister. I feel insulted by them. I rather like our “extreme liberal” government.

    • Judith
      Moreover, the Orbàn regime regularly displays almost hysterical reactions to any criticism, eg. the mmburka’s flabbergasting one above. But of course these “mèly Magyars” don’t abide by the rules they want for others.

  6. Mr. Làzàr
    Tnx for the priceless photo:
    The dour, pompous and silly looking old Horthyst, being the “useful idiot” for the ruthless new fascists. At least this one is in good mood here, they should be after they are getting rich so quickly in Orbàn’s orgy of corruption, they say “If you have nothing, you are nothing” (former second in command J.Làzàr).

  7. “Hungary does not have a far right government !! and no one is fascist !!!”

    You’re right it’s a full-blown Mafia Dictatorship that is only catering to far-right voters so the Felcsut Family can continue to enrich itself. There aren’t any values they really believe in. Orban Viktor would present himself as a left-wing environmentalist if that is what it would take keep him in Power. It is a Dictatorship because only one man decides what happens in that Country. That is pretty much the meaning of “dictatorship”. Some people seem to be under the assumption that you need to order the killing of millions of people like Hitler or Stalin to qualify as such.

  8. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    The more ”extreme,” and the more liberal, the more it will be a thorn in the Fidesz’s side and the better that will be to humanity. Comparing Trudeau to Macron is the encouraging signal to show that there is a definite fear in the belly of the beast and that they are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Although, due to their illiteracy, they are unable to decifer it.

  9. Immediately stamp on his ugly hair that old Horthy lover!
    Hey old szamar, you got Jewish blood on your hands! Hell has a special place waiting for you!

  10. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Fidesz had a good run for a while with Setphen Harper’s government but thanks to a very large extent to the energetic work of the publisher of this portal, in tandem with the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter (CHDC), Orbán could not achieve his cherished dream of getting an official invitation to step onto Canadian soil, let alone addressing members of the Canadian Parliament, even though Jason Kenney and Harper were very gung ho to do so. Hungary’s neo-fascist autocrat is represented in Canada by a diplomatic team headed by Ambassador Bálint Ódor, and his underlings in Toronto. It is common knowledge world-wide, that the Orbán regime is the Russian kleptocrat’s Trojan Horse within the Western alliance. It is common knowledge among decent and well informed Canadians, that Orbán’s diplomatic reps in this country are engaged in the same kind of affinity-fraud, and misinformation campaigns as the one their master uses with great success in Hungary.

    The Orbán government played an active and supportive role in the Russian-led cyber-warfare targeted at Hillary Clinton’s candidacy during the 2016 American elections. It got away with it, by hiding behind its big brother’s back. It is clear, the Hungarian autocrat and his local pit-bulls are actively engaged in helping their former political allies, the federal Conservatives, to get back into power. Mr. Lazar’s piece is a timely reminder to us all.

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  13. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    What I would like to know is what was the ever charming Ms. Anna Porter doing sitting and beaming smiles publicly, in the company of these odious fascists.

  14. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Sándor, That is a very good question…

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