Pro-Iranian Viktor Orbán will visit President Trump in the White House

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s voice is the only heard in Hungary today and his rhetoric is firmly anti–Islamist. At the same time, Mr. Orbán maintains close and friendly relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

All smiles – Orbán with Eshaq Jahangiri, Iran’s First Vice President.

Iran is a theocracy. Islam is an inseparable part of the political structure and the government is based on sharia or Islamic law. Iran is also a dictatorship with little tolerance for democracy loving intellectuals.

Here is the case of Ramin Jahanbegloo, a Canadian philosopher who was jailed in Iran’s Evin prison without criminal charge in 2006. After four months of confinement he was released. His book, Time Will Say Nothing: A Philosopher Survives an Iranian Prison is about his interrogation. Today he teaches at the University of Toronto. (Click here for Jahanbegloo’s book.)

Mr. Jahanbegloo is not a revolutionary; far from it. He writes about pluralism and democracy and has published books on Gandhi and the British philosopher, Isaiah Berlin. In 2002 he moved to Tehran to join the Cultural Research Bureau. He invited intellectuals such as Ágnes Heller of Hungary and Leszek Kolakowski, a historian from Poland. Both are Holocaust survivors and Mr. Jahanbegloo has also visited Auschwitz. His actions were not appreciated by the Iranian regime.

The issue is not that Hungary has relations with Iran, the issue is that Mr. Orbán has never criticized the Iranian regime. In fact he calls the Ayatollahs his friends! (Watch here.)

Orbán pays respects to Grand Ayatollah Ali Khameini

As part of this newfound friendship 2,000 Iranian students are studying in Hungary with generous taxpayer support. In 2015 Orbán travelled to Tehran and said that a new era is about to begin in the relations between the two countries. He was received with military honors, and signed bilateral agreements, among them a nuclear cooperation agreement. (Yes, nuclear!)

Mr. Orbán opposed the US and UN sanctions against Iran and was pleased that the country has “survived” them. “For us Hungarians it is a special experience to be here in Tehran. We are at the center of a great civilization.” (Watch here.)

Hungary’s economy minister Mihály Varga went one step further and declared support for Iran’s position in the 2015 nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, China, France, Britain and Russia plus Germany). (Read here.)

Last year President Trump withdrew from this deal and launched a campaign of “maximum pressure” to change Iran’s behavior and/or leadership. Now Pro-Iranian Mr. Orbán is planning to visit the White House on May 13th and 80-year-old US Ambassador to Budapest David B. Cornstein is proudly bragging that he played a key role in arranging the meeting. (Read more here.)

Ambassador Cornstein (right) and ex-advisor Eugene Megyesy (middle).

I have to pinch myself. Ambassador Cornstein has arranged President Trump’s meeting with pro-Iranian Orbán in the White House? Isn’t that bizarre?

What do you think?

György Lázár


  1. If you think like that,then you must call Macron and many politicians the foreign soldiers of USA. I ask you to live for a month in Iran. After that you will figure out that Iran state is not the problem. The problem is those zionist and freemasons who are deciding about the future of those innocent yemenis, of those palestinians and of those……

  2. You should pinch yourself indeed! Hungary is part of the EU and in its relations with Iran, it is very well aligned with the overall EU position. If Trump were to stop meeting with everyone who disagrees with him on Iran, he would have to restrict himself to Bibi and a few Arab dictators (kings), who BTW are mostly far worse than the Iranian regime in most ways when it comes to freedom and human rights.

    It is OK for a country like Hungary to not tow the line on all US wishes, or anyone else’s. Hungary is not a vassal state, though you think it should behave like one. So, yes, please, by all means, pinch yourself already!

  3. Hungary has an extensive history that includes former close alliances with the rulers of Iran. I would like to remind you that the U. S. was going to “nuke” Hungary when it was in the throes of it’s revolution. The United States has since continued a policy that promotes the weakening of this former soviet satellite state. up to this point, I don’t believe there has been any aggressive or anti Hungarian propaganda from Iran. However not only had the US lied about their support but promotes anti Hungarian propaganda

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:


      Actually, the U.S. had absolutely no intention of intervening in Hungary during the 1956 Revolution, but rather deliberately created the false impression that it would. The U.S. desired a bloody revolution and one that would be crushed brutally by the Soviet Union, in order to score an anti-communist propaganda victory, through public outrage, in the West.

  4. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    On one hand, we have the Orbanist regime portraying itself as the defender of Christian Europe on the other hand we have Viktor cosying up to dictatorships who make life for their own Christian populations well nigh unbearable:

    In China:

    In Iran:

    In Turkey:

    I am not going to make a judgement on the genuineness of Mr Orban’s own Christianity, only God really knows that.

    But if he is a genuine Christian, I would be interested to hear his justification for ignoring the plights of his fellow believers in those three countries in particular and why does he deal with regimes who are trying to exterminate the Christian faith and individual christians from their own countries. Where is the consistency?

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