White supremacist Congressman Steve King is Orbán’s friend

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. has announced that the Republican Steering Committee voted unanimously to remove Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, from all committees after his comments about white nationalism. The Republicans revoked King’s assignments to the Judiciary, Agriculture, and Small Business Committees. McCarthy added that further moves have not been ruled out, including censuring or reprimanding him. “I think we spoke loud and clear that we will not tolerate this in the Republican Party.”

Ambassador Szemerkényi found Rep. King’s thoughts “inspiring”.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called King’s remarks unwelcome and unworthy of his elected position. “If he doesn’t understand why White Supremacy is offensive, he should find another line of work,” said McConnell. “There is no place in the Republican Party for an ideology of racial supremacy of any kind. I have no tolerance for such positions and those who espouse these views are not supporters of American ideals and freedoms,” he added. (Read more here.)

Rep. King is an active member of the Hungarian-American Caucus and a friend of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Last year he congratulated Orbán on his re-election and wrote that he and Hungary are the gold standard of “Western Christendom.”

Rep. Steve King congratulated Viktor Orbán on his re-election.

King was also invited to the opening of the new Hungarian Embassy in Washington. In his opening speech, King expressed his admiration for Hungary’s leadership and seconded Orbán statement that diversity is not a strength but the enemy of “White Christian” culture. “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one.”

Ambassador Szemerkényi, Rep. Steve King and Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó at the Hungarian Embassy opening.

Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi shares Rep. King’s views and currently serves as executive vice president of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Washington. CEPA is generously supported financially by the Orbán regime via the Washington-based The Hungary Initiatives Foundation. Szemerkényi’s presence in the US is an embarrassment to Hungarian Americans. CEPA should dismiss her.

Please contact Larry Hirsch, Chairman or Peter Doran CEO at CEPA and support our call for the removal of Amb. Szemerkényi. Email: info@cepa.org Phone: (202) 551-9200

White supremacy has no place in the US!

György Lázár


  1. Avatar DacianThunder says:

    Well, I hope that Mr. King, will one day take a peek at this comment of mine…

    First of all, I would like Mr. King to be aware of the fact that Victor Orban is actually partially ethnic gipsy(50% as a matter of fact), you can clearly see it on his darker skin tone and his facial features… gipsy, as in being from India of origin, non-white thus…

    Second of all, “ORBAN” is not a “Hungarian” last name at all! It is a Romanian last name, as a matter of fact… Orban last names(family name), being present allover Romania(even if it`s not a very common one) from the Black Sea shore, to the north-west border with Hungary & Ukraine! Hence where the “Hungarians” have it from! From hungarianized dacians!

    • But, but, … is Orbán even worse now? Do not get me wrong, we should follow this reasoning? … in spirit? … I do not think so.

      • Avatar DacianThunder says:

        Dunno… it`s your country not mine…

        • It’s not about the country, it’s the argument of racists and if you follow that line of reasoning, you’re legitimizing it, because you’re also using it. BTW

          • Avatar DacianThunder says:

            You have me all wrong! Perhaps you should try reading my first comment from another point of view…

            I`m not saying that Orban is a lesser of a human being, because he is partially ethnic gipsy… I was just highlighting the irony of it all!

            A white supremacist(Steve King), that admires Victor Orban(which is 50% gipsy), that rejects immigrants(himself being a immigrant to Europe, even if from 600 years ago), from a country(Hungary) with known and scientifically proven non-European past… and his last name(Orban) isn`t even of Hungarian origin…

            Get the irony now? 🙂

          • Yes we got it from the first time, but the stupidity from fascist is only the stupidity from a fascist. You got it?

    • “Orban” is a name his family adapted fairly recently. The original name was “Orsos”.

  2. Avatar Váci Klebelsberg Kultúrkör says:

    Mixing anion with strawberry icecream leads to vomiting, does it ?

  3. Avatar Váci Klebelsberg Kultúrkör says:

    p.s.: If someone finds Marx, Lenin thoughts inspiring shoul that guy be also massmurder, sadist as Lenin , Marx and their friends were ???

  4. In case our dear censor would permit to publish the facts that caused the great uproar about Rep.King’s words, it was his statement on defense of Western Civilization.

    It went like this;

    ” This old white people business get a little tired.
    I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out ,where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about–where did any other subgroup of people contributed more to civilization?

    Than western civilization itself is rooted in western Europe, Eastern Europe, and USA and every place where the footprints of Christianity settled in the world.
    That is all of western civilization.”

    The readers may or may not agree with that statement.

    But the real question is, does any one may have the right to say that ?????????????????????????

    Or every one may only say what you, or those in agreement with you, may have the right to free speech?

    Now, IF free speech is limited, controlled, or eliminated, who, or how could you decide that who and how may have the right to control, limit or eliminate not just words that you may not like to hear, but than it would control, limit and eliminate every one’s right to free speech.

    Yes, including your very right to answer to this freely as you may please.

    That is the question here !

    You might want to read what Socrates had to say about free speech ?!
    Just in case .

    And you may want to tell here, what free speech really means to you ??????????????????

    Really hope to read every readers own honest opinions on it.

  5. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    WOW. The insanity of the above comments is quite impressive. Obvious neutrolls, specializing in turning a serious conversation in the direction of meaningless idiocy. I wouldn’t pay much attention to these stool pigeons (emphasis on the stool).

    Mr Lázár’s argument is very well taken and his suggestion for a write in campaign to remove a stooge of the Orbán autocracy from a highly influential Washington post should be roundly applauded and actively supported by all those who support justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development.

    Szemerkényi is not only an unapologetic propagandist in the US for the crooked Hungarian neo-Fascist, but has played an active role in the Hungarian-Russian misinformation campaign that led to the election of Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. Réka Szemerkényi should not only be fired from her post at CEPA but should be called before the Congressional Committee headed by Adam Schiff, and asked about her interventionist role in the last US elections, and her arrangement of a visit to Hungary for Carter Page and J.D. Gordon, prominent members of the Trump campaign’s Foreign Policy and National Security Team. She and the two Trump operatives have played an active role in throwing Hungarian democrats under Orbán’s bus. They should not be allowed to get away with murder.


    So Orban must be Gypsy because he is dark haired.
    What would you say Barack Hussein Obama was ?

    Do not judge a person by his look, but by his/her actions and deeds !!!!!!

    • I wasn`t flaming or being angry, because Orban is half-gipsy… I would just like Mr. King to be aware of the fact that Orban is not as “European” or part of the “Western Civilization” as he`d think Orban might be… that`s all!

  7. Avatar Phil S. Stine says:

    Groucho murdered the odd joke.

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  9. „White supremacy has no place in the US!“ and also not in Europe.

  10. Dacian Thunder;

    By your own statements you proved that you are a racist bigot !!!

    Is not that a lot worse than even a Hungarian gypsy, or whatever you consider?????

    • Avatar DacianThunder says:

      No I`m not! I just wanted to make people aware of what it is exactly that they are supporting and with whom exactly…

      The irony being in the fact, that Orban is a half gipsy, in control of a xenophobic political organisation in Hungary, that rejects immigrants, that should not come to live in Europe, also despite Hungary`s known Asiatic origins(non-european thus)…

      And second, the fact that Steve King is a white supremacist(obviously extremely ignorant), that admires someone like Orban and Hungary and it`s current anti-immigrant politics…

      Ironic isn`t it?

  11. Well, I congratulate the censor, this time allowed a comment on the subject of “free speech”!!!
    That was a great advancement here.

    The chief-profiting-troll immediately had to twist it to his propaganda distortions.
    Always and every-where, the enemies of individual freedoms do anything , go to any lenght to destroy it.

    • Now you have written with felt thousand words that you did not get a speech. Bende if you need help, Orban can help you?

  12. There are these paid trolls,who regard slanted and false propaganda a “serious conversation”.

    But the basic unalienable rights of ALL human beings on Earth , starting with the free expression, just a “meaningless idiocy”.

    These left-over agents from the “evil empire” ,do nothing but paint the devil on the wall, as their only goal to achieve the revival of that very dead evil rule again!!!

    Forget the past, it has past forever.
    Wake up, and get real, before it is too late !!!

  13. Anadras B.Gollner

    You keep repeating the;
    1.,” REULE OF LAW”and

    1., Hungary is NOT a Constitutional Republic.
    No basic limits can be set by the voters to limit or control the government.
    You, as a professor of social and political science ought to know, that a European styled Parlamentary system is nothing but an open and uncontrolled benign dictatorship.

    All power, legislative as well executive in the hand of a small group of power-hungry wana-a bees.
    Can not possible have any reasonable ‘checks and balances’ ,that way.
    Yet , you all object to a Constitutional Republic, with the power only in the hand of the voting public.

    Their system of voting is not on the “one man-one vote” system.
    They have “fractional votes”.
    And even losers, with as little as 10% vote, can be handed a “mandate”.

    So, you are all barking up at the wrong tree here.

    2., The economy.
    Hungary has NO natural resources whatsoever !
    No diamond mines,No gold mines, NO oil fields, some bauxit, but that require plenty of energy that Hungary do not have, nor can afford.

    Has some fertile agricultural lands, but has long been exploited. Agrar productions are neglected and backwards . No processing and marketing ability nor skills.
    Organic farming and organic food production could be profitable, but that requires plenty of labor.
    They only looking for the easy way out, not to sweat the hard work.

    The only opportunity is the labor of the local population, to manufacture but only by foreign investments, they have no local capital to invest.

    The facts now is that since Orban reduced the corporate taxes, western investment has took advantage.
    Employment is up, incomes are up.
    Government spends more on education, healthcare, etc.etc.

    You , and all for power like ‘fishing in troubled waters’, but all the waters are calm in Hungary now days.
    Those who attempt anything to steer up the waters, have failed and being shunned at.

    So, to simply state it, you and your bosses has missed the boat !
    Wasting your times, efforts and money!!!

    Need to wise up and get realistic !!!
    Bitching wont do it any longer !!!

    • “The facts now is that since Orbán reduced the corporate taxes, western investment has took advantage.
      Employment is up, incomes are up.
      Government spends more on education, health-care, etc.etc.”

      But they did not spend more for education and health-care, Bende. What fairy tale are you telling? And the “corporate taxes” which includes different taxes, do you know which taxes there are – no, is not the same for everybody. For example the corporate tax, haven´t to be paid from big factories like BMW, DB, VW, Audi, but from the familie companies.

  14. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    “Government spends more on education, healthcare, etc.etc.”

    Are you serious? Have you seen the inside of a Hungarian hospital recently?

  15. 1., Well guys, I am NOT the controller of your gypsy republic, but if you try to read the public info you can find out for yourself , where and how much mire they spend.
    Would not take more than to bitch here.

    2., As of all those outside investments “taking advantage” of Hungary.Hm?
    Without it, it would only be a “gypsy” Zimbabwe.
    They feed half the population and keep the government functioning.

    They do “NOT” pay the taxes ?
    You try that !!!!
    And see what the tax-collector will do to you!!!

    Do not miss other news in Europe also, they are investing rapidly more places like in Romania.
    May be all the “political instability” in Hungary makes them do it.
    So what IF they pull their money out and move the jobs somewhere they are more welcome ???

    Just who will you blame for that ????????????

  16. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    @ Bendy goose

    Write to me as much as you want – I refuse to engage in a conversation underpass polluters like you. Consider yourself lucky that I’m not the editor of this public space.

    Since I am a kind and gentle academic guy :-), let me try to reassure you. My problem with you does not stem from the fact that you disagree with me on everything down here or overhead. Along with the editor of these pages I am also an advocate of fearless, fact-based public debate because that is the only way to get at the truth. The problem with you, bendy-goose, is that you are an obsessive, unrepentant truth bender. I’d be even more worried if you applauded me. You jockey between this underpass and that of the HFP’s Hungarian language sister paper, the KMH and are engaged 24/7 in a single minded mission to misinform those who are passing through these spaces. For this obsessive behavior of yours, you only deserve to be treated as a sick joke by me. You’d be much better off playing with your granny than trying to get me to treat you seriously, clown.


    Please professor, try to respond in somewhat of a civilized manner !!!

    Your language and mannerism is a disgrace to any kind of a professor, Concordia and HFP.

    • To what? Read your comments, there is nothing in. If you need medical help for your ego, Mr. Gollner is not the right one, I think.

  18. I spent more than a day searching IF Rep.King ever stated on record the so alleged “white racial supremacy” words statements.

    There is none to be found on the record !!!
    So it is only Mr.Lazar’s allegation !

    He debated and stood up for “western civilization”. But hardly can be blamed for that.
    Doubt if any reader wish to live in South Africa,
    Zimbabwe or the Congo?

    Of cause ,there has been other civilizations on Earth. Such as the Moorish civilization in southern Spain.
    It was an advanced civilization, advanced medicine, chemistry, ostrology, poetry, while Europe was in its darkest age.
    Similarly, the Nubians has conquered and ruled Egypt.
    They have built those steep, small, flat-top pyramids, long before the Egyptians. Those were also copied in Mesopotamia.

    The so called 25. Egyptian dinasti were “black pharaohs”.
    Yet, even their mention is erased from the facade of the Kairo Musem. While Egyptians are not Caucasians, like Mr.King.

    Although, it was not smart nor advisable to involve in such a debate by Rep. King,in the US, where 50% of the population is not white Caucasians.

    But he likely aimed it to his own constituents. They may have liked that. Evidently has elected him.
    But that is how it goes.

    But the over all issue is, does not he have the very same right under the First Amendment as any one else here ???
    Than his Constitutional rights are being violated when his fellow Congerssional members attempt to sanction him.
    As matter of fact, did sanction him by restricting, denying him a commitee assignment.

    But that limmitted his constituents equal right of the members of his representative district!!!

    But that is a clear violation of THEIR constitutional rights !!!
    That was done by Mr.Kong’s political opponents !
    Mr. Lazar just attempted to exploit the allegation, but totally disregarded the legal and Constitutional rights of everyone.
    That he missed !

    Let’s NOT FORGET, “free speech” is free, even in case it is unpopular, or the hearer or reader do not agree with it.
    Otherwise there is NO individual freedom.
    That would only be repeating Hitler, Stalin, etc. actions.
    Would the readers desire that ??????????????????

    • If you can’t see anything that King says that is white supremacist, then ipso facto, you are a white supremacist.

    • Quite a lot of black and white in your speech. If we weave in Jews now, it gets complicated.

      “I spent more than a day searching IF Rep.King ever stated on record the so alleged “white racial supremacy” words statements.
      There is none to be found on the record !!!” which record …

      In case of not finding the fact, it is ignored. right? Do you have a Computer with Internet inside? I know a bad question …

  19. Well STEM CELL, that was NOT a single word of Rep.King’s, but yours and Jon Perr’s allegation.

    There is NO “White Club” , that is based on the white skin !!!!!
    You have just proved that YOU ARE a hateful and racist bigot !!!!

    You “did show the white of your teeth ” !!!

    You are preaching hate, and not harmony and understanding between people, no matter who they may be.
    I bet you were screaming hate in Hungary too, against people of other faiths , races, and religions, like Jews, gypsies and the muslims.

    You are the kind that were Hitler’s, Rakosi’s, Kadar’s hantchmen, now are really Orban’s trolls in sheep skin.

  20. @Bendeguz79: I guess you don’t know how to follow links in internet posts. If you did you would end up with the quote from the New York Times article (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/10/us/politics/steve-king-trump-immigration-wall.html). “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” Mr. King said.

    If you don’t understand that that is a white supremacist statement, then by definition you are a white supremacist.

    The term “white club” refers to all of the people who hold white supremacist beliefs. It is not a dues-paying club as you seem to imply.

    The vehemence of your attacks calling other people “haters”, “Hitler’s, Rakosi’s, Kadar’s hantchmen” [I am afraid I don’t understand that last word, but will assume it is “henchmen”], “Orban’s trolls in sheep skin” shows your true colors. It is a common technique to attack others for what you are guilty of. I have noted this is a favorite tactic of the rightwing here in Hungary.

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