Fidesz media launch national character assassination against high school teenager

Blanka Nagy, the 18 year old high school student from the town of Kiskunfélegyháza, is getting quite a brutal life lesson in how the expansive Fidesz media empire coordinates character assassinations against anyone who speaks up against the Orbán regime. High school students are targets too–there are no exceptions and there is no mercy. Miss Nagy spoke at a December demonstration in Kecskemét against the government and gave a passionate speech–and admittedly did not mince her words in reference to the ruling party. She said that “a disgusting, insidious, ugly and infectious epidemic is haunting the country.” She then added: “It’s not the plague, not Ebola, not mad cow disease, but it is a bit like it. We call this epidemic Fidesz.” And at different points, she used various expletives too.

This week, the Fidesz propaganda media which now works under the umbrella of a single foundation, marched in lockstep against the teenager. In an anonymous article, Fidesz trash news site Ripost dug up dirt on the teenager, claiming that Miss Nagy is doing poorly in school and alleging that she is receiving failing marks in several classes. The Fidesz tabloid also claims that whether she is permitted to remain a student and graduate hinges on nothing but the “benevolence” of the school administration. The unsigned article then insinuates that the teenager watches sex films and then declares that when she speaks on political matters, she has a “mysterious and erotic smile” on her face.

Blanka Nagy. Screen shot from

The manner in which wrote about a teenager frankly made me sick to my stomach. The fact that nobody dares to attach his or her name to such absolute filth is unsurprising and it’s also how spineless Hungarian propagandists who collect pay cheques from such media organs behave in general. In rapid succession, Figyelő, Lokál and Origo all re-published the story on Miss Nagy. Each of these media organs are, as of late 2018, part of the same pro-Fidesz foundation.

Zsolt Bayer, Fidesz co-founder, publicist and television personality went after Miss Nagy on Echo TV this week. He said: “She is our little Blanka, the future madam politician. If she is a high school student, she is no older than 18 and she is already a real cretin–a beastly animal.” The fact that Mr. Bayer is upset by Miss Nagy’s language is a bit fresh, given that the Fidesz publicist has built a name for himself for using the most hideous expletives in his articles on a regular basis.

Whatever one may think about the language used by an impassioned high school student, reacting by dragging her through a coordinated character assassination in the national media, leaking confidential information on her grades and school performance and, worst of all, making various sexual and pornographic innuendos is inexcusable. This is, however, the unhappy state of Christian Hungary in 2019.


  1. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    Par for the course for this Fascist patriarchy to pick on a young girl who dares to share publicly her revulsion with its ugly behavior. According to The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report ( ) Hungary has the worst gender inequality score in all of Europe (including Albania, and the Ukraine.) In comparison with other East European and Asian countries, Hungary is second to last: only Tadzhikistan does worse. Hungary’s treatment of her females is worse than most of the Muslim nations to the East. The treatment of this innocent teenage girls is a sad but true example of the disgusting, male-chauvinistic, sexually repressed and repressive nature of Orbán’s Fascist patriarchy. American women should take note: this is the kind of regime, the American-Hungarian Lobby is angling for, this is the kind of future their daughters can look forward to once Trump and Orbán kiss and embrace in the White House under Sebastian Gorka’s and Steve Bannon’s sexually twisted gaze from afar.

  2. Shameful cyberbullying by Orban’s gangster regime

  3. Ultra-reactionary patriarchy is an inherent feature ( along with the racialized/ethnicized class tensions of the otherwise fully assimilated – no separate language, religion, national culture, common geographic location – underclass people of Romani origin ) of Hungary’s ultra-backward socio-economic structure, almost feudalistic/caste like class divisions, and also the lowest degree of social mobility in Europe.
    And almost two decades of liberal ( reactionary neoliberal ) hegemony successfully revived and preserved post-1989 , those social conditions that are reminiscent to those of before 1945, and ultimately prepared the ground for the present Fascist, Ultra-reactionary hegemony. That is also a responsibility of Hungary’s inward-looking, liberal, middle/upper-middle class intelligentsia. For them being “liberal” means basically belonging to their social cast.

  4. Avatar Váci Klebelsberg Kultúrkör says:

    Did you translate the speech of Blanka Nagy ?
    you find it here :

    Is it delicious isn’t it ? She is a first class educated lady, isn’t she ?

  5. Avatar Edina Cavalli says:

    Christopher – thank you so much for writing this article and highlighting in English the henious nature of Orban’s Hungary. Let me know of we could discuss further

  6. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    Unfortunately this kind of action is no longer a surprise in Orban’s Hungary- in any democracy the likes of Zsolt Bayer, “journalists” at, Lokal etc would have been charged with “incitement to hatred” and locked up a long time ago.

    But we are where we are and if we think that thousands of decent people protesting in the cold and democratic politicians being forcibly thrown out by shaven-headed thugs of the State Media Building is going to have the slightest effect on The Leader then we are deluded.

    The only thing which is going to shake Orban is if the decent element (and it exists) of “conservative” Hungary starts to raise its voice and says “No more, not in our name.” We are still at the stage of “whataboutery” at the moment (read VKK’s comment above). unfortunately. Where is conservative Hungary (including church leaders, civil society representatives etc) “red line”? What are you waiting for? Somebody to be murdered in the name of “Christian” Hungary? For the love of your country and its people when are you going to stand up to the Orbanist State and its thugs who say they are speaking on your behalf?

  7. Zsolt Bayer always remembers what it means to be a Hungarian. What used to be Ady, today is Bayer.

  8. Klebelsberg! She hurts the sensitivities of Fascist criminals, because She is right after all… hahahahaha…

  9. So, to some of those commenting here, defending the attitude of Mr. Zsolt Bayer: How nice of you! Yes, maybe Nagy Blanka’s choice of words was strong , but it was her choice and her way of criticising the ruling party and its recent decisions. She is entitled to that as a citizen. You might go for it or not. She’s still a student so when you, as an adult and journalist, you come out slut-shaming her and making all kind of despicable allegations against her, then I start asking myself is she wasn’t after all way too kind in describing the Fidesz in her speech.

  10. Katy Poenaru
    “…then I start asking myself is she wasn’t after all way too kind in describing the Fidesz in her speech.”

    She actually was…

  11. Avatar Mary O'Driscoll says:

    Christopher Adam. You must have bribed Concordia for that degree. Publishing articles based on hatred and not translating the whole speech of Blanka. Her parents should rather be ashamed of how she’s acting. This is exactly what’s wrong with today’s generation. No shame, no dignity, no intelligence but demands without contributions from their part. Lovely.

    • You are a sick women if you condone the way in which they attacked her.

    • „Her parents should rather be ashamed of how she’s acting. This is exactly what’s wrong with today’s generation. No shame, no dignity, no intelligence but demands without contributions from their part. Lovely.“

      This is exactly what’s wrong with your generation. Stupid cheeky old and arrogant of intelligent far away. To want to be free has to do with intelligence, but rather not shut up. If I were a parent of you I would shake my head.

      “… but demands without contributions from their part“ hääää what was your contributions to write here?

  12. Avatar Phil S. Stine says:

    I watched Vaci’s link, not sure that she/he did; I was expecting an expletive laden rant, it’s not what I saw, Ms. Nagy presented rather well. Spot on about Fidesz, ( their answer to every issue is Soros and Migrans) and the criticism of her, ( complaints about her age, her personal life, her appearance; but never addressing the crux of her speech).

  13. Ok! Article and most people commenting here suggest that she is not fair game for the political mudslinging. But based on what criteria? Because she is young? She may be, but she willingly stepped into the ring and started swinging. Are you all saying that she is entitled to dish it out but not fair game to be on the receiving end?

    Its a very dirty game (politics). You should know, because this site is playing it as well!

  14. Avatar Phil S. Stine says:

    Specifically a Galah.

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