Fidesz media launch national character assassination against high school teenager

Blanka Nagy, the 18 year old high school student from the town of Kiskunfélegyháza, is getting quite a brutal life lesson in how the expansive Fidesz media empire coordinates character assassinations against anyone who speaks up against the Orbán regime. High school students are targets too–there are no exceptions and there is no mercy. Miss Nagy spoke at a December demonstration in Kecskemét against the government and gave a passionate speech–and admittedly did not mince her words in reference to the ruling party. She said that “a disgusting, insidious, ugly and infectious epidemic is haunting the country.” She then added: “It’s not the plague, not Ebola, not mad cow disease, but it is a bit like it. We call this epidemic Fidesz.” And at different points, she used various expletives too.

This week, the Fidesz propaganda media which now works under the umbrella of a single foundation, marched in lockstep against the teenager. In an anonymous article, Fidesz trash news site Ripost dug up dirt on the teenager, claiming that Miss Nagy is doing poorly in school and alleging that she is receiving failing marks in several classes. The Fidesz tabloid also claims that whether she is permitted to remain a student and graduate hinges on nothing but the “benevolence” of the school administration. The unsigned article then insinuates that the teenager watches sex films and then declares that when she speaks on political matters, she has a “mysterious and erotic smile” on her face.

Blanka Nagy. Screen shot from

The manner in which wrote about a teenager frankly made me sick to my stomach. The fact that nobody dares to attach his or her name to such absolute filth is unsurprising and it’s also how spineless Hungarian propagandists who collect pay cheques from such media organs behave in general. In rapid succession, Figyelő, Lokál and Origo all re-published the story on Miss Nagy. Each of these media organs are, as of late 2018, part of the same pro-Fidesz foundation.

Zsolt Bayer, Fidesz co-founder, publicist and television personality went after Miss Nagy on Echo TV this week. He said: “She is our little Blanka, the future madam politician. If she is a high school student, she is no older than 18 and she is already a real cretin–a beastly animal.” The fact that Mr. Bayer is upset by Miss Nagy’s language is a bit fresh, given that the Fidesz publicist has built a name for himself for using the most hideous expletives in his articles on a regular basis.

Whatever one may think about the language used by an impassioned high school student, reacting by dragging her through a coordinated character assassination in the national media, leaking confidential information on her grades and school performance and, worst of all, making various sexual and pornographic innuendos is inexcusable. This is, however, the unhappy state of Christian Hungary in 2019.

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