No apology — Hungarian pensions delayed due to “glitch”

It would be a tad hypocritical to lambaste the Hungarian government from across the pond in Canada, for what appears to have been a technical glitch resulting in a delay in pension and various social solidarity disbursements. Canadian readers will recall the Phoenix payroll debacle. Tens of thousands of federal civil servants were underpaid, not paid at all or in some cases overpaid and the chaos dragged on for months. In Hungary, pensioners were to have their pensions deposited in their bank accounts early in the day last Friday. Many pensioners, however, went through the weekend without any funds. According to a report in, some elderly Hungarians are still without their pensions as of Monday afternoon. The Hungarian Treasury claims that electronic payments were sent on 11 January 2019 and the cause of the delay appears to be a technical glitch somewhere in the system. These sorts of mishaps can happen and usually they can be rectified relatively painlessly. But what is rather so typical for the Orbán regime is their singular inability to apologize, take any responsibility and demonstrate even a flicker of empathy.

A Hungarian pensioner.

The delay in the disbursements of pensions at this time of year caused hardship for many Hungarians, as the last pension payment was sent out forty days ago, on 3 December, and of course the Christmas holidays and the heating season brought with it increased expenses. Mrs. Györgyi Némethné, President of the National Alliance of Hungarian Pensioner Associations, noted that nobody from the government has accepted responsibility, nor demonstrated any understanding at all of the difficulties that the delay caused for tens of thousands of Hungarians on modest fixed incomes. As of late 2018, the average Hungarian pension stands at roughly 134,000 forints per month (approximately C$634).

The Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on the government, and specifically Minister of Finance Mihály Varga and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, to issue an apology to pensioners and give a fulsome explanation of what went wrong. DK recommended that a Monday press conference would have been the ideal venue for such an apology and explanation. No such press event took place and no apology was forthcoming from the government.

While the delay in pension disbursements adversely impacted tens of thousands of Hungarians and made headline news Friday and Saturday, Hungary’s public broadcaster, now nothing more than the explicit propaganda wing of the ruling Fidesz party, decided that this was not newsworthy at all. In the hour-long Saturday evening news broadcast, the M1 television channel had nothing to say about the payment problem. Instead, the talking heads reported on the following far more important news items:

  • With whom in the world George Soros has held meetings recently, and how many times;
  • What Member of the European Parliament Tamás Deutsch thinks of the people that George Soros is meeting and how many times they are meeting;
  • A live report from a Hungarian ski slope.


  1. Do NOT sweat it !!!

    Everybody was assured that they will receive their pension payments before next X-mass.

    Now is that not nice ????

    So there is no reason to get your blood-pressure up !

  2. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    According to Steve Bannon, Orbán was Trump before the latter found his unapologetic stride on the political playing-field. Orbán and Trump are fraud artists – twin peas in the same pod. They specialize in bending the truth in order to generate personal wealth and political capital for themselves. One stops the payment to government employees, the other to pensioners. They are copy-cat crooks. They know that the angry, helpless, ill-informed classes will swallow any kind of fictional narrative that is coated with the appropriate emotional sweetener (“this will make America great again, this will protect Christian-Europe and our homeland against terrorists, this will keep Anerica Muslim free, and white, this will finish of our victimization by Soros, and his anti-Hungarian Jewish conspirators, we’re protecting Hungary’s Jews against an influx of Arabs, we’re protecting Hungary’s Roma against an influx of migrants who would make it even harder for the Roma to be employed, etc, etc”.) There is an appropriate lie for every segment of the angry and ill-informed. Hungary’s helpless elderly are weak, that’s why they are easy pickings for the thieves that are in power there. As for Hungary’s young – they are all fleeing the regime that has squandered their future and has placed this backwater firmly on the path of an unsustainable neo-Fascist path to economic development.

    Don’t you remember ? Mussolini made the trains run on time in Italy, the German economy grew at a faster annual rate than America’s, Britain’s or France’s. These are the only “facts” Joe (who ?) and the other trolls in this underpass care about. Just read their apologies on behalf of the swindler from Felcsút. Just read the comments of the swindler’s enablers in America (The American-Hungarian Lobby, The Hungarian American Coalition, The Magyar Foundation in North America, The Hungarian Initiatives Foundation, The American Hungarian Federation, The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, The Friends of Hungary Foundation, etc) who are all working on behalf of Putin’s Trojan Horse. They are all jockeying for pole position to deceive the American and Canadian public about the affinity fraud being employed by Hungary’s crooked rulers. (The real objective of Lipták’s crocodile tears about Hungarian minorities in Slovakia or the Ukraine is to divert public attention away from the Orbán regime’s abuse of its elderly, of its rule of law violations, and mafia-tactics in its own back-yard.)

    Thank you for the above article Dr. Adam. The more people speak up about Orbán’s fraudulent practices, the more difficult it will be for Orbán’s spin-doctors to get a bang out of their buck in North America.

    • Andras G
      Wow, I didn’t know there are so many of these “foundation” agents. Anyone knows how much they receive from OGV?

  3. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    Corruption and incompetence are the two words which best some up the Orbanist state. As unthinking loyalty to The Leader is now more important than actual ability in obtaining positions within the state apparatus, it is no wonder that such “glitches” are occurring ever more frequently.

    As regards the “apology”, first Rule of Orban: Never say sorry, never admit weakness. Even to old folk struggling to make ends meet in a freezing cold winter.

    • It was a strong Stalinist rule – never ever anything bad happens in the workers paradise, no workplace accidents, no mining explosions, not even casualties in combat (family were “discouraged” to speak about their losses).
      Remember the big ones – the refusal to accept western assistance and aid in natural disasters, the silence over the Chernobil, the refusal of assistance offered to lift the “Kursk” submarine; never mind the suffering and the victims.
      The Orbán regime follows, eg.:
      – Norwegian/Swiss funds/assistance via NGOs were blocked and attacked (since donors didn’t accept agreement changes toward gov intervention).
      – Basic humanitarian assistance by individuals and NGOs to refugees, eg. water and food, was decried, blocked and later outlawed.
      – According to Klubrádio a gift of (badly needed) modern hospital beds was refused since it came from a Jobbik MP.

  4. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    @ Observer

    “Wow, I didn’t know there are so many of these “foundation” agents. Anyone knows how much they receive from OGV?”

    I only scratched the surface, Observer. There has not been a proper accounting or study done on this subject, and largely because of the combined power of these emigré organizations to censure, condemn and character assassin those who engage in such investigations. It’s much easier to simply translate articles from the miniscule Hungarian dissident media into English than to take on this emigré conglomerate. The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter, the Hungarian Free Press, the Kanadai Magyar Hírlap has done quite a bit of work on this. It is time that the two major pro-Orbán academic bodies in America and Canada get off the fence. Instead of regularly flocking to Hungarian diplomatic functions, sipping Orbán’s wine, and opening the door for Orbán’s diplomats into the homes of American and Canadian opinion leaders, these organizations should begin to actively encourage young researchers to take on and unmask the true nature of the neo-Fascist Hungarian governments’ reach into North America.

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