Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from Hungary have now arrived in the US

The US media was somewhat puzzled when the Orbán government chose George Soros as their favorite enemy and thousands of anti-Soros posters covered Budapest. Many in the US didn’t know much about the Hungarian-born New York billionaire and Holocaust survivor. Surreal pictures of Budapest streets and metro stations plastered with Soros posters, some scribbled with “Dirty Jew,” spread in the US media. Many wondered: What does this mean? Is this anti-Semitic?

Soros poster in Budapest with graffiti “Dirty Jew”.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that the anti-Soros campaign was NOT anti-Semitic, and produced “evidence” that Soros has collaborated with the Nazis in Hungary during World War II. Roseanne Barr, a Jewish TV actress spread this rumor and Hollywood immediately cancelled her contract. (Read Barr’s apologies to Soros here.)

Poster claiming that Holocaust survivor Soros was a Nazi collaborator during WWII.

During his presidential campaign Trump singled out “those who control the levers of power in Washington” and “global special interests.” Many thought that the cryptic language referred to then-Federal Reserve chief, Janet Yellen or to George Soros, both Jewish. Then on October 5, 2018 Trump tweeted that anti-Kavanaugh protests at the Capitol were “paid by Soros.” This was the first time he publicly mentioned Soros by name. More recently Trump has claimed that the paid protesters were angry “because they haven’t gotten their checks.”

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a friend of US Ambassador to Budapest David Cornstein, increased the rhetoric. The Catholic former New York City mayor and Trump confidant retweeted a message calling Soros the “anti-Christ.” He also suggested that Soros’s assets should be frozen.

Several universities have reported that anti-Semitic posters were distributed on their campuses showing pictures of Soros and US politicians who opposed the Kavanaugh nomination. Senior Democratic Senators Feinstein and Schumer, both Jewish, along with others appeared on the posters.

Neo-Nazi poster from a California University campus with Soros and Jewish American politicians opposing the Kavanaugh nomination.

Mainstream media outlets have started to denounce Trump’s anti-Soros outburst. (Read here.) Comedians mocked anti-Soros statements. (Watch Jimmy Kimmel here.) Jewish media connected the anti-Soros sentiment to Orbán emphasizing that Soros has been his favorite bogeyman in recent years in his native Hungary. “There Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has pegged Soros and his organization Open Society Foundations as symbols of intruding globalist forces. Orbán’s unabashed anti-Soros message and anti-democratic goals have been widely criticized by the EU, Human Rights Watch and others.” (Read the Cleveland Jewish News here.)

(During WWII teenager George Soros was saved by Elza Brandeisz. Read more by clicking here.)

György Lázár


Letter from Chancellor Carol Christ

To the Berkeley Campus Community,

I am writing following the discovery by some of our students of a disturbing, disgusting anti-Semitic poster. The image in question, almost certainly disseminated by those who espouse neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology has, according to reports, appeared on campuses across the country. This toxic material demands a response, though I regret that by doing so we provide adherents of this vile ideology with more of the attention they seek.

The image on the poster alleges that Jewish Americans, including prominent, elected representatives, are involved in “anti-white, anti-American, anti-freedom” conspiracies, and portrays opposition to a recent Supreme Court nominee as the latest example. This, of course, is a common, classic refrain perpetrated by those who see our Jewish friends, colleagues and fellow citizens as the root of all evil. There is little, if any difference between this demonizing rhetoric and that used by the Nazis in the lead up to, and during the course of the Holocaust.

In the wake of this incident I want to make clear that my administration and this campus community stand together in condemnation of this and all hateful ideologies. We abhor and condemn anti-Semitic words and deeds on this campus and beyond. UC Berkeley unequivocally supports the University of California Regents’ “Principles Against Intolerance,” which clearly condemn bias, hatred, prejudice and discrimination. We also adhere to and strongly support this specific statement in the Principles; “Anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination have no place in the University.”

Staff from Student Affairs have reached out to students who expressed concern about this poster on social media, and we urge community members who need support to seek help. The campus has several resources, including counseling services. For students needing help navigating these resources, please contact: or visit

We urge anyone with information about the incident to come forward. The UCPD phone number is (510) 642-6760. For information and support on reporting hate crimes or hate-motivated acts:

We cannot seal off our open campus from hatred and ignorance, but what we can and will do is come together and determine how we can best deter and confront not only this particular form of bias, but all manifestations of intolerance that violate our shared values and Principles of Community.


Carol Christ


  1. A lot of ass kissing here from you all. That’s all I will say, grandson of Hungarian Jews informed of their addresses and a few weeks later murdered by the Nazis.

  2. Let’s face it, this is just another way of you spreading the same anti-semitic hate.

    I know, you feel you are fighting against it, but you do not. As matter of fact ,you are just another one who keeps spreading it wider.
    One idiot started it and you keep multiplying it and spreading it wider and wider,so that all can see and hear it. The real “grape wine”.

    I’d never heard or seen that anti-Soros bill-board, unless you advertised it world-wide. If you’d let it die out,it can not continue to spread ! Are proud of yourself now? While he is the one paying you for it.

  3. Palinka66;
    There is no information if George informed on any one.
    But he has openly admitted on the “Steve Craft interview” , that he went to the homes of just deported Jewish people with his uncle to inventory and confiscate all their belongings.

    Now, we know that people were rounded up, loaded into cattle-cars and sent to the gas-chambers. They have left all their possession behind.

    Has wondered about it all those years, just who pocketed their money, jewelry, gold, diamonds,
    etc ?
    Who were the first at their homes to take it all ???

  4. Those Soros posters are (or at least, they were last October when I was last in Hungary) all over Budapest; every Metro station I used, bus and tram stops, lamp posts along the körút, etc. Pretty hard to miss if’n you’re not blind; or perhaps Bendy was referring to the poster that featured the particular pejorative shown in the above article. I didn’t seen that one, though there were a couple adorned with a star of david.

    I first encountered the, “Soros was a besúgó” revelation (in Hungarian or English) while on the same visit (Oct. 2017); a little googling traced it back to Breitbart,don’t know where they got it from. Soros was 14 years old at the end of WWII … f.f.s.

    While the “Soros is the anti-christ” meme is new in Hungary, it has been doing the rounds in the US for some years on Fox, Breitbart and a number of less savory sources; it originated in the US and was imported to Hungary, not the other way around as this article suggests. (I was also in Hungary in April ’17, during the referendum; plenty of anti EU and anti refugee rhetoric, but no mention of Soros.

    (Mr Lázár, I’m not usually given to pedantry, particularly since my Magyar is well short of perfect; but I’m curious why you would translate ‘büdös’ as ‘dirty’?)

  5. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Phil S. Stine, It seems to me that the colloquial equivalent of “Dirty Jew” is “Büdös Zsidó” in Hungarian… There are countless of literary examples, even songs…

  6. George Lazar;

    The question is; do you read, rite or ever sing any of them ???

    Remember; two wrong does not make one right !
    Just because some idiot does it, why would you repeat them ???

    Would you have an honest answer to that ?
    Than just why do not you do something better ?
    Something that even might be positive ?!

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