Has Ukraine put Hungarians on a “death list”?

The increasingly bitter diplomatic conflict between Hungary and Ukraine reached a new level this week, when Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Levente Magyar said that Ukraine has compiled a “death list” of Hungarians living in Transcarpathia (Western Ukraine). Mr. Magyar added that on the website of Ukraine’s parliament, people are advocating for the mass deportation of those ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine with dual citizenship. Further, the Minister of State warned that Ukraine is preparing to station soldiers near the border with Hungary.

Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Ukrainian ambassador in Budapest, adding that “Ukraine’s anti-Hungarian politics have reached a new level.”

Levente Magyar

What we know for certain is that several hundred civil servants in Ukraine with Hungarian citizenship will be subjected to a new background check and that authorities plan to use a list published by a nationalist Ukrainian website entitled Mirotvorec of some 313 individuals with Hungarian citizenship. The far-right website sees as its mission to “uncover” and then publish the personal data of people it feels are enemies of the Ukrainian nation. As HVG noted, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó is himself on this list, as he is perceived by Ukrainian nationalists to disrespect Ukraine’s national sovereignty.

The published list is undoubtedly disturbing for all those nationals of Ukraine who have now had their home address, full name, date of birth and Hungarian passport numbers disclosed by these right-wing extremists.

Precisely why Ukrainian authorities decided to take action and begin background checks based on this list is a mystery, as an estimated 300,000 Ukrainian nationals are believed to hold dual citizenship as it is. At the moment, Ukraine cannot take legal action against these ethnic Hungarians, although one wonders whether they may find other grounds to justify their dismissal from the civil service.

Mirotvorec has close connections to the current Ukrainian government. Founder Georgy Tuka serves as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories. Mr. Magyar may not be unjustified in referring to the list they publish as a “death list.” Shortly after journalist Oles Buzina and parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov were added to the list, they were both murdered.


  1. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Well, the chickens come home to roost.

    Orban’s move to give Hungarian citizenship to citizens of surrounding countries (and large sums of money), in order to have them vote for Fidesz, was bound to anger Slovaks, Ukrainiens, etc. who justifiable felt offended. If you place this move in the picture of raising nationalist sentiments all over Europe, right-winger groups in those countries are bound to express their feelings in ways they know well: violent threats that could lead to violent acts.

    Since diplomacy is missing from the workbook of Hungarian foreign policy, God only knows where all this tit-for-tat exchange of provocations will lead.

  2. I wonder who is responsible that this whole citizenship scam started?

  3. Going back to 2013, there were those (subject of endless debate who “those” were) who realized that the Maidan protests can only succeed if there is going to be significant violence. The sitting president went as far as offering early elections, but evidently those who wanted something else could not risk it. So they used neo-Nazi movements such as Svoboda and Right Sector as spearheads of violence. The very next day after Yanukovic was deposed, the first thing the new Ukrainian government did was to repeal basic minority laws. Since then, atrocities like the Odessa massacre, which the “humanitarian” Western World turned a blind eye to, as well as to countless other injustices suffered by millions of people who belong to historical ethnic minorities within Ukraine, continue to go unanswered. Ukraine is beyond reproach! Should more severe atrocities be committed against ethnic Hungarians living there come to pass, I have a feeling that the EU as well as the US will not only turn a blind eye, but they will also demand that Hungary do nothing in retaliation.

    Says a lot about the ethical and moral credibility of our “grand” Western Alliance! And yet, whenever convenient, there is no end to their moralizing to others.

  4. Just why does Hungary instigates troubles with her neighbours ?
    Nobody likes them around there any way. Looking or creating troubles sure will not help.
    Do not they have enough problems of their own ?
    Hands off any countries’ internal affairs !

    May be they grand asylum to all those Hunmgarian speaking Ukrans and do like the Finns did in 1930s with the Karelians.

    4 million Finn gave up 10% of their property and income to help 400,000 Karelians.
    I bet , Hungarians would NEVER do that !!!!

  5. Such are the fruits of chauvinism, hatemongering, blatant disregard for the truth and petty brinksmanship practiced by the Orbàn regime and by the Ukraine govs. Orban just got a dose of his own poison and more.
    His provocative shenanigans, bolstered by the real or perceived support of the Putin regime, absolutely unnecessarily put in a more brutal danger the ethnic Huns there.
    Again the Orban regime comes out as the worst enemy of the nation.

    • “Orban just got a dose of his own poison and more.” Well, it is nice to see “friends” of the Hungarian nation offering their verdict. There is definitely no shortage of such “friends” on this site.

      First of all, since the 2014 coup in Ukraine all of the hostile moves it made towards historical ethnic minorities are not directed at Orban, but rather at those people there. The behavior of the Ukrainians has nothing to do with Orban. Claiming so, only serves to whitewash their behavior. It has to do with the Ukro-Nazi roots of the coup, as well as with the self proclaimed voices of human rights in the Western World turning a blind eye to all of the abuses, which has been a green light for them to engage in the abuses they have been committing against all ethnic minorities. Hungarians are now being targeted in particular, because unlike Poland & Romania, Hungary did not give in to US pressure to abandon standing up for basic minority rights, while doing so got it criticism from its Western partners, which as I already pointed out speaks volumes about the Western partners, and it in fact encourages the Ukrainians to behave this way.

      As for comparing this garbage with the situation in Hungary, that is very dishonest to say the least! In the past 8 years, Hungary has done nothing to diminish historical minority rights in Hungary. Did it do anything to impede education in minority languages? Did it diminish their cultural autonomy? Did it station troops near areas where they make up a higher proportion of the local population?

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