Katalin Novák – homophobe State Secretary for Family will speak in California

Ms. Katalin Novák is 40 years old, a mother of three and Hungary’s State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs. She is coming to Los Angeles to give a talk entitled; “Family, Country, Growth” and the trip is sponsored by the Hungarian Cultural Alliance of Los Angeles and two local Hungarian Scout groups.

Poster of the event in Los Angeles.

Why would a non-profit cultural association sponsor a Hungarian State Secretary? And what do young scouts expect to hear from Ms. Novák? The reason I ask these questions because she is a racist homophobe and proud of it. (Read Eva S. Balogh’s excellent piece by clicking here.)

Novák fears that the country will be taken over by non-White non-Christian non-Hungarians. The government rejects immigration and Novák says that young white Christian Hungarian women’s duty to have more babies to avoid demographic decline. Prime Minister Orbán even talked about a “contract” between woman of childbearing age and the government to ensure the required number of babies. (Women who don’t have children are considered lesser value and one Fidesz politician, Mr. Péter Hoppál, circulated a poster with photos of childless European politicians, among them Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Judith Sargentini.)

Poster of childless European politicians was circulated by Fidesz politician.

Ms. Novák also thinks that gender studies should be replaced with “family studies.” Hungary banned gay marriage and prevents gays from adopting children. Novak praised “well-intentioned” quiet gay people but she has no patience with the “very loud” LGBT groups. She has called it ridiculous that the government has to defend itself on these issues, when it’s clear that Hungarian people are tolerant and everyone can live according to their religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Novák rejected an invitation to Budapest Pride.

In an interview she stressed that Hungarian Christian families can celebrate Christmas in security. She added: “We are not speculators, but a responsible government with stable values and clear goals” referring to Jewish George Soros. The Guardian reported that she was instrumental in inviting to Hungary a US-based anti-LGBT hate group. (Read the Guardian piece about Hungary’s anti-gay drive.)

Don’t misunderstand me, Ms. Novák is entitled to her views and free to voice them in Hungary. Bringing them to California is a different issue. Her anti-gay rhetoric might be labelled as “hate speech” and her crusade among Hungarian Americans could make her a “lobbyist.” According to US law foreign lobbyists must register in the US.

Gay marriage is legal and widely supported in California which has an inclusive society and laws to protect citizens from discrimination by race, religion and sexual orientation.

US Vice President Pence swearing-in openly gay new Ambassador to Germany Mr. Richard Grenell (The Bible is held by Grenell’s partner, Mr. Matt Lashey).

I hope that the Hungarian Cultural Alliance of Los Angeles and the Scouts are not endorsing the views of this homophobe Hungarian politician. If that is the case, they should make that clear. I personally find Ms. Novák’s efforts to control the child bearing decisions of Hungarian women overreaching, insulting and to be frank… bizarre.

György Lázár

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